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Sacral Conditioning: A Guide to Non-Sacral Beings
Price : $35.00

In this special, Ra Uru Hu highlights the most crucial points in maintaining your life as a non-Sacral being, and the beauty it can offer your life in this Sacral-dominated world.

You will discover the source of these addictions within your BodyGraph, and how to come to grips with them.

Are you ready for a radical perspective of seeing non-Sacral beings and the Sacral world in a new light?

Here are some of the highlights this special offer will reveal…

  • Tips on how to look after and protect your aura and body
  • If you have hanging Gates in your open Sacral Center, you will be able to Identify them and their addictive energy traps
  • You will gain a foundational understanding of Human Design in general
  • Learn how to successfully interact with Generators, and find out what advantages you have in this world dominated by Generators
  • And, discover the most important thing for you, as a non-Sacral being…

Discovering your unique non-Sacral gifts allows you to navigate the pitfalls of the tremendous conditioning of the Generator world.

If you’re a Generator or Manifesting Generator and you’ve read this far, you’ll be happy to know that this offer provides a profound understanding of how life is shaped by the powerful Sacral Center.

You’ll discover the power of the Sacral Center, the themes and effects of its 9 Gates, and how you impact all non-Sacral beings.

This product participates in the Jovian Endowment Discount program.

This product is also included in these special offers: A Beginners Guide to Non-Sacral Beings , The Power of the Sacral Center


2027 Global Cycles and the Great Mutation
Price : $37.00

The World is Changing.

Everything we take for granted–schools, hospitals, police, banks–the support mechanisms we rely on are slowly falling apart.

The Cross of Planning has been our background frequency (Global Cycle) since 1615, creating the global community we all recognize. But in 2027 the energy that fueled all of these community structures comes to an end, to be replaced by the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix which will have an entirely different effect...

At the 9th annual Human Design event in Toronto, 2010, Ra Uru Hu gave a detailed analysis of our changing world. To summarize, this live lecture shows you the:

  • Effects of the Cross of Planning, and what else we can expect to live without after 2027
  • Impact of the upcoming Global Cycle, and how to be prepared for the future
  • Great mutation of the Solar Plexus, and the resulting Rave beings who will begin to appear post 2027

A Life Story
Price : $97.00

Through following "A Life Story", you have the benefit of seeing the various matrices that are worked with in Human Design: The various ways we can graphically look at a life form, and see how this form interacts with others.

A Life Story is a five hour exploration of a woman's life, from birth until death, through the perspective of Human Design. In this profound journey Ra examines the relevant Rave Charts, Composites of her relationships, Family Pentas and finally, the moment of death. This is the true story of Eva. 

Recorded in May 2008, these five 1-hour lectures are provided in their original classroom format, which includes the mp3 and illustrations in ppt as well as jpg.

This product participates in the Jovian Endowment Discount program.


Introduction to Color
Price : $17.00

Color is one of the most interesting areas of study in Human Design. Color operates very differently on Personality and Design sides:

  • Design Color is the basis of the Primary Health System
  • Personality Color is the basis of Rave Psychology

This introductory lecture is an important first step in understanding the potential impact of Color and Color Transference on your form.

This product participates in the Jovian Endowment Discount program.


The Six Motivations of the Not-Self
Price : $47.00

The Six Motivations of the Not-Self is an examination of the impact of Color Transference on Humanity and how it distorts the basic drives of our collective personalities.

The Six Motivations of Personality Color are:

  • Fear
  • Hope
  • Desire
  • Need
  • Guilt
  • Innocence

Are you living your potential, or are you caught in the trap of living your opposite–or harmony–like the vast majority of humanity?

It’s called transference, and if you aren’t living correctly, as yourself, you aren’t living out your potential. The intelligence package, the sensory capacity, the cognitive potential… True intelligence and awareness is not possible unless you live correctly.

This 1 hour lecture is a highly recommended resource for anyone interested in psychology and particularly for students who are studying Color, originally $175.00.

This product participates in the Jovian Endowment Discount program.


The Type Transformation Series
Price : $197.00

While Strategy & Authority put you in touch with your body-centered intelligence, Color is a tool for understanding how your mind works. It is a filter your mind operates through, and determines what motivates you to act, and how your Profile can be expressed. Through Color, you can watch for signposts to bring your mind into balance with your body, while allowing you to see what happens when others impact you.

This advanced aspect of the knowledge teaches how your body needs to be nourished on the inside through correct diet and on the outside by the correct environment—how you personally are designed to see and perceive clearly, and be motivated to action.

Part of this audio course focuses on your Personality, detailing three important keys:

  • Perspective: Understand that your view of life is “framed” and that you see through unique “filters”
  • Motivation: Discover how you are designed to be motivated to action
  • Transference: Realize that both your Perspective and Motivation are skewed by conditioning, resulting in tendencies opposite to your nature

This course includes four audio lectures, one on each Type, approx. five hours of material. In addition to the three keys listed above, each Type is covered in detail, investigating Aura relationship mechanics with many strategies and guidelines shared throughout:

1. Generator Transformation: The Color of Envelopment
The Color of Envelopment is a detailed guide to the Generator aura and its unique relationship to each Type. The theme is conditioning through Color Transference and explains how varied this phenomena is for Generators. This lecture will offer insights and tools to aid your Generator transformation process.

2. Manifestor Transformation: Motivation and Impact
Motivation and Impact examines Manifestors through Aura and Color. This is a deeper exploration of the Manifestor process and a guide to correctness for Manifestors and those who are impacted by them.

3. Reflector Reflections
Reflection is vital for Reflectors, or the parents of Reflectors. This is a practical guide to understanding the Reflector process and purpose along with new tools for aiding them in their experiment.

4. Projector Transformation: Color Transference Recognition
This lecture is of great value to Projectors experimenting with their Design and studying the knowledge. This is about the practical value of understanding the impact of your Personality motivation and Color Transference, and about the tremendous difference this understanding can make in a Projector's life. Learning from this audio, you can gain some of the deepest insights into your Projector process and potential.

This product participates in the Jovian Endowment Discount program.

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The Jovian Endowment is a special educational service of Jovian Archive.

Projector Endowment

Projectors are designed to master systems before they can truly recognize and be recognized.

Human Design recognizes the unique learning curve required by Projectors before they can fully begin to live out their experiment.

Unlike energy Types, Projectors require extensive education which can be expensive.

Jovian Archive is pleased to sponsor the Projector Endowment.

If you are a Projector you are entitled to a 20% discount on selected Jovian products and services.

Saturn Endowment

As more and more young people are being attracted to the knowledge and its life transforming mechanics, Jovian Archive recognizes that younger students seeking to enter an educational program may face material obstacles.

Given this, Jovian Archive is pleased to sponsor the Saturn Endowment.

If you are under the age of twenty eight years you are entitled to a 20% discount on select Jovian products and services.

How to Register

To register for a Jovian Endowment please send us an email with Projector Endowment or Saturn Endowment as the subject with your Birth Data included, and a scanned copy of your ID to verify your birth date to: office@jovianarchive.com.


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