20 Signs You’re Waking Up to Your True Nature


Deconditioning a lifetime of behavioral patterns as we slumber in the thrall of our mind’s illusions is an important step to "waking up." Contrary to popular belief in an instant enlightenment, waking up is more often a slow, deep, sometimes painful, process. Your awareness expands and contracts, spiralling upward the further and further you surrender to living your design. With time you find it dramatically enlightening; both in the physical and spiritual sense.

It takes time to cultivate awareness of the patterns in your life that you are identified with and use as adaptive strategies to deal with the openness in your chart. Rooted in the “Maia” or illusions your mind creates, these behaviors are an attempt to control your life and protect these areas where you are vulnerable to conditioning.

We don't have a choice as to when and how we wake up to our true nature, but there are signposts that can tell us that we are on the right track. Here are twenty clear signs you're waking up to living authentically and are on the path of finding true fulfillment in living this life as yourself; which ones apply to you?


#1. You stop comparing yourself to others

You recognize that you are beyond compare, for you rest in self-love, celebrating your uniqueness. You take each situation as it comes, knowing you are doing the best you can with what you've got and ignore the nagging of your mind berating you for missing out on opportunities.

#2. You stop trying to change yourself to suit others

You recognize that you’ve stopped trying to change yourself to suit what your mind thinks you should be. You know deep down that it is not only okay to be who you are, in fact, you can't help but be who you are, adaptive behaviors and all.

#3. You stop trying so hard to fit in, be popular or well-liked

You notice that you no longer care so much about what other people think of you. Perhaps you can even laugh about what your mind thinks about you!

#4 You stop trying to answer everybody else's questions

You notice that the obsession with finding the answer to your questions to make sense of your confusion and doubts has lessened. You find your life and mother nature become your main source of inspiration instead of mainstream media.

#5 You stop trying to convince everyone that you are certain

You notice that you’ve stopped trying so hard to figure everything out. You no longer feel like you have to know all the answers in order to get rid of the chaos in your mind or your life. You don't hide your ideas or opinions because you don't fear being challenged or being considered weird or strange, but you don't give them unless you are invited to do so.

#6 You stop trying so hard to attract attention

You notice that you no longer make the decision to go places where you can get attention, or do things just to get noticed. You don't initiate conversations just because silence makes you uncomfortable. You no longer fret about not being able to manifest things - you trust that manifestation happens as part of the program and that you don't have to make anything happen.

#7 You stop looking for love or questioning the direction of your life

You notice you no longer agonize over wondering who you are, where you should go, who you should love or who is going to love you. You don't constantly worry about what you are going to do with your life or try to figure out where you should go. In fact, the word "should" slowly drops from your vocabulary when followed by the word "I".

#8 You stop trying to prove yourself

You notice that you are no longer saying or doing things to try and proving that you are worthy, smart, accomplished, wealthy, pretty, strong, or sexy enough. Rather than trying to improve yourself constantly, you have an inherent feeling of self-worth and only do things that make you happy. No longer are you feeling the need to work hard at proving your value, for you know you are perfect, just as you are, evolving with perfect timing.

#9 You know when enough is enough

You notice that you follow your body rather than pushing through, as you develop a sensitivity to knowing when to quit working, knowing when to say no, when to delegate, when to create boundaries, and when to let others take care of things is the rule rather than the exception. Instead of experiencing the frustration of misused energy or exhaustion from overcommitting your energy, the physical sense of satisfaction is the dominant frequency in your life.

#10 You stop holding on to what isn't good for you

You notice that you become more comfortable alone, feeling safe and secure without dependency on someone who isn't the best person for you to have in your life. You aren't afraid to let go of things that aren’t good for you, or move forward because of the possibility of failure or lack of depth, purpose or fear or the future, and you aren't afraid of authority, secure in your own.

#11 You stop always avoiding confrontation and truth

You notice that you are no longer afraid to upset someone if it means speaking up for yourself and your feelings when it's correct for you to do so. You don't fake smiles or try not to rock the boat or avoid hurting people's feelings if you need to stand up for your needs. Maybe you even go where the pain is without fearing rejection because you know that living a life of lies is no way to live at all.

#12 You cease hurrying to get things done

You notice that you are no longer rushing through things you enjoy, hurrying just to be free of the pressure. You’ve stopped initiating new experiences without proper timing or using your authority. You quit agonizing over how to get over limitations, what you should be passionate about, focus on, start or finish. You let go of trying to start new things until you can move forward in joy. Like the Druids of old, you trust that in not doing, the doing gets done.

#13 You've begun to get a sense of and understand your uniqueness

You notice as time goes on, that something inside of you has opened up and relaxed. Being makes far more sense than doing, and breathing and simply observing is a pleasure. Being yourself takes precedence, above all else.

#14. You enjoy watching the movie of your life

You notice that as the layers and layers of conditioning dissipate, the person you were always meant to be breathes in the breath of awareness and awakens to life. You are absorbed fully in the process of living.

#15. The way you make decisions changes

You notice that you feel more and more comfortable in your skin. Where before you may have given your authority to others or tried to have authority over others, you now respect yourself and others too much for that to happen ever again. You would never dream or making a decision that wasn't in alignment with your true nature.

#16 You are present, aware, and open to life

You notice you get a lot of compliments in recognition of who you really are. The way your cells function in your body have renewed and are pulsing in alignment with your true nature, resonating with a frequency that allows your body to live its life without resistance.

#17 Your body feels more vital and alive than you ever have

You are drawn to the correct intake of nourishment in the manner that is most beneficial to your body. You are drawn the correct places that nourish your being, furthering the process of deconditioning and differentiating into the unique perfection that you are.

#18 You find yourself completely surrendering to life

You cease believing everything your mind says and instead accept that if you get out of the way, your body does the right thing with the correct timing. You trust that life brings you what you need.

#19 You watch yourself loving and nurturing your whole being

You notice that you now trust in your own process and life, knowing that it will take care of you. Trust becomes the frequency you radiate, knowing that manifestation energy flows through you when timing is correct, without you having to control or manipulate anything or anyone.

#20 You know it is never too early or too late to begin living as yourself

You also notice that it is natural to support others when it's correct for you to do so. You remember to take care of yourself first so as to be able to have the energy and resources to help others as yourself.



Can you relate to any of these signposts above? If you don't yet feel more often fulfilled than not, not to worry. There are many reasons for life's struggles. Do you want to discover a tool that can help inform your awakening, help you to differentiate and be the person you were born to be?

There's a way to facilitate the deconditioning process. It's called BEING YOURSELF, and until relatively recently, there wasn't a clear, comprehensive map to know how to do that.

Are you ready to really get to "Know Thyself" - paying no attention to the opinion of others about your choices, and making decisions that are correct and according to your authentic nature?

Human Design is a powerful tool that informs your awakening process. Millions of people use their Human Design Strategy and Authority to achieve levels of awareness and fulfillment that they never thought possible in all areas of life. Would you like to investigate further and discover your treasures that lie buried under layers and layers of conditioning?

You'll be glad you did. After all, what do you have to lose? A life of conditioned behavioral patterns, misunderstandings and unnecessary suffering? Imagine instead, your life lived with joy, filled with truth, authenticity, vitality and fulfillment.

Our hope for you is to discover the fulfillment of seeing what it's like to live life as the magnificently unique being that you are designed to be.

Isn't it time you woke up to your authentic nature and lived the life you truly were born to enjoy?


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by Andrea Abay-Abay


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