Welcome to the 25th Anniversary Event Index of Classes, Lectures and Workshops

Important note: Human Design Concepts has created a beautiful Event Brochure which displays everything that will be offered during the event. Please take full advantage of our Interactive Brochure: CLICK HERE.

To students who wish to have their chart used during the workshop discussion: Please prebook through jovian and submit your birth data to office@jovianarchive.com before the beginning of the event.

Monday 2nd April

Tuesday 3rd April

Wednesday 4th April

Thursday 5th April

Friday 6th April

Saturday 7th April

Extra Information

As the time grows nearer more and more information is being shared amongst the Human Design Community. From teachers introducing themselves in-front of the camera, to documents outlining costs of flights, restaurants and transport. We are trying to think of everything. Below are a couple of useful links:

Event Brochure Translation