Better Relating Through Human Design


by Andrea Abay-Abay


Have you ever been driven to that lost, lonely, confused place where you are completely fed up, ready to just throw in the towel and give up on relationships?


Relating is quite possibly one of the biggest challenges we have as human beings.


As anyone in the midst of a heartbreak knows, nothing can drive you as deep into the depths of despair like losing a relationship you came to depend on. And nothing can drive us as crazy as the misunderstandings and mishaps that happen when we aren’t able to relate correctly to our family, friends and co-workers.


With the winter holidays approaching, now would be a great time to see if your authority agrees that some Human Design education on relationship dynamics would be appropriate preparation for spending time with the others in your life.


Human Design provides a look at the inner workings that drive each of us. When we can see each other through the framework of our mechanics, understanding, compassion, and forgiveness can become realities instead of lofty ideals.


Understanding the mechanics of relationships between the Aura Types can be an invaluable tool when moving towards achieving harmony in your personal and professional life. Recognizing the various forms of connectivity - Electromagnetic, Compromise, Dominance and Companionship - can give you key insights into relationship dynamics that can shed new light on your understanding of why things happen the way they do.


Like everything in the totality, there is a basic duality in our genetic programming. We are highly attracted to what we are not. Cleverly manipulating us to bond and mate with those who are vastly different from us in order to guarantee our species’ survival, we are at the mercy of our genes and their genetic imperative.


"We are all helpless and incompetent."
Ra Uru Hu


“Helpless and Incompetent” was written on the top of one of Ra’s favorite ball caps that he wore. The longer we study Human Design and implement experimentation with testing the knowledge in our lives, deconditioning ourselves of not-self behavior, the more we realize the truth in this.


Ra was able to provide a solid foundation of 25 years of teaching and thousands of hours of recordings to establish Human Design in the world. By synthesizing elements of both eastern and western astrology, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra system, the Zohar or Kabbalah, and the I’Ching, combined with the science of reading the genetic code, he universalized the knowledge into a logical system that enables us to be empowered in our helplessness.


Human Design opens the door to the potential of self-love, a love of life and the love of others through understanding. Ra Uru Hu


I know that the longer I study my own design and the designs of others I interact with regularly, the more I realize the value of being able to comprehend and transcend the deeply conditioned not-self mind that rules most of our lives. Without Human Design, I’d still be struggling with self-love, failing to understand others and missing out on a true love of life in all its myriad forms and frailties.


There is truly magic in the world and it is not something that I would have ever believed. The magic is in who we are, embedded into our own marvelous bodies like a rich vein of gold just waiting to be discovered. When we find this magic and tap into it's power, it is as if we are suddenly plugged in to life at last. Finally, we can live our greatness, in peace, in grace, in power, by living our design, our Human Design. Ra Uru Hu


When we can give ourselves and others the gift of understanding, we realize that there truly is "no choice". When aligned with our Human Design, we can realize our unique, individual signature expression, moving through time and space with the peace, satisfaction, success and surprise that we were born to live.


We invite you to check out this special package we’ve created just for you below on Relating. We hope you can glean from it the information that will help you reach an understanding in relationships that can make all the difference in how you relate to the others in your lives.

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