Attention Emotional Survivors…

“So… You Think You’re Emotional…?”
“Is Donald Trump an Angry, Lying Control Freak…
... or Leader of the Tribes with a Killer Instinct?”

Dear Reader,

Whichever side of politics you lean towards, I bet, like me, you are fascinated by the rolling circus around the Trump Campaign…

Do you shudder to think that he may actually become President before waking up to his true potential to unite the different “Tribes” and solve their problems OR wreak havoc and lead the people down the garden path…

Would you like to understand what makes the Donald tick… and to understand how emotions really work…whether you are emotionally defined or not?

Have you ever said or done things in the heat of an argument you later came to regret?

Even the most cool, calm and collected of us are affected by the emotional wave

See, even if you are not consistently defined emotionally (about half are) you’ve got receptors to emotion and you amplify the pain, anger and sadness emotional people experience when they are down.

You can also amplify the pleasure, joy and elation at the high... as well as everything in-between.

Did you know you can look at a human design chart and see where desire, passion and need come from? Did you know they all have a different “wave” frequency?

Would you like to know how different emotional waves work? Would you like to be able to look at a human design chart and see what energies are there? Imagine a better understanding of yourself and your loved ones when it comes to emotions.

In relationships, sometimes more damage is done due to ignorance, misunderstandings and taking things personally. Understanding your own emotional wave and knowing why you are the way you are can be a huge relief

Emotions can be tough to live with. Would anyone really choose suicide if they didn’t feel powerful emotions…?


Announcing the… Emotional Survival Kit
A 3-and-a-half hour multimedia home-study offer


In this special offer, Ra Uru Hu explores the world of the Solar Plexus, our center for emotions. One of Human Design’s greatest gift to the world is an understanding of this volatile, mutating energy. Watch how much easier it is to not only live with, but also accept and love emotionality once you understand the thematics of you and those you love.

In this comprehensive Emotional Survival Kit you will:

  • Discover how Solar Plexus defined people make decisions correctly to avoid bad choices
  • Gain a deep understanding of Solar Plexus Channels and Gates… Knowledge which you can apply to yourself and others
  • Understand the different types of emotional wave frequencies affecting all of us

Whether you are emotionally defined or not, gaining a deeper understanding of the Solar Plexus Center can transform your life, and can have a tremendous impact on your relationships.

Read how understanding the Solar Plexus has changed others...



Has following your Strategy & Authority affected or changed your life?

“ has taken so much pain and suffering and burden out of my life that every day I'm really grateful to this person and to the life itself for giving me this wonderful knowledge.” ~ Ana

“Yes, following my strategy and Inner Authority has changed my life. I am an emotionally defined Manifestor. I have learnt to inform people who are going to be impacted by my actions - that has improved my relationships with people and I make decisions after gaining emotional clarity. I started to become aware of my emotions and their impact. I have learnt how to make right decisions which has brought me a lot of inner peace.” ~ Subramanyam Kalavala

“Yes, my timing was sometimes off. I now understand that I have emotional authority and never must my decision making be when I'm on a high or low. I have to wait and it has helped me so much. It’s becoming so much easier now.” ~ Sarel

Is there something else you would like to share—an event, story or insight?

“My friend was a mother of two teenagers. All of life had been a cycle of trying to fix the chaos of the home when the older daughter was acting out. "Seems bi-polar", the mother said. She learned that the daughter had an emotional wave, affecting the others who did not have it. The wave is mechanical, chemical and without blame or reason. After learning of this, there was a collective sigh of relief in the home. Now there is no need to fix or change. Harmony has been realized and life is truly, sweetly shared.” ~ N C Kennedy

“I also learned about the authority of the defined emotional center, this became clearly played out with me and my boys as they are both undefined.

For a long time, if I was in a bad mood--they fought. What I learned from Human Design was that I am the emotional barometer of the household, so if I was in a bad mood my kids felt it twice the degree. I had to learn to be emotionally responsible, and when I was in a bad mood I simply told my boys I was retreating to my studio, as this low is also a highly creative time if we use it wisely. I would emerge more balanced emotionally, and got a few new cool creations out of it too, and saw my boys fight way less.

Your kids are only as good as the captain of the ship--for one being emotionally defined and two being open. I learned to be responsible with my emotions when it came to their emotional well being.” ~ Christy


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Emotional Survival Kit
is valued at CAD 135, but available to you at CAD 97.




In “Emotional Survival Kit” you will receive:


Product #1: Inner Authority - Solar Plexus
29 min. video lecture - value of $20

Would you like the secret keys to achieve balance as a defined Solar Plexus being? In this video, Ra shares the various strategies on how to make decisions correctly as an emotional being, and bring emotional clarity to your life.


Product #2: Solar Plexus: Desire - From On to Off
31 min. video lecture - value of $20

The Channels 41-30 and 35-36 take center stage in this video. This is the stream of desire, the collective abstract circuit, and the human experiential way. Discover what it means for an abstract being to live correctly, and the potential beauty of such a journey.


Product #3: Solar Plexus: Need - From Field to Pot
28 min. video lecture - value of $20

Join Ra in this journey of the tribal stream through the Channels 19-48 and 40-37. There is always a “need” characteristic to each of those Gates, from the spiritual life and hunger, to the work required to provide.


Product #4: Solar Plexus: Passion - From Cool to Hot
27 min. video lecture - value of $20

The Channels 39-55 and 20-12 bring us to passion, a pulsing, individual, mutative stream. From the coolness and heat of passion, to a true transformation in the way we communicate, and Ra explores the dense and complex chemistry of these Individual Channels.


Product #5: Solar Plexus: Desire - The Waves of Chaos
29 min. video lecture - value of $20

What are the different emotional waves of the Solar Plexus Center, how do they work and where do they come from? How does 51% of humanity, over 3.5 billion emotionally defined people affect decision-making on this planet?


Product #6: Emotionality in a Time of Mutation
1 hour audio lecture - value of $35

One of the most fundamental aspects of being human has to do with the human experiential way running through the Solar Plexus. What is the mutation of the Solar Plexus about and why is it happening now? How does the mutation effect our emotional process, how it setting the stage for the future children who will be born very different creatures from us?


If you have a defined Solar Plexus, this offer will provide you with all the information you need to bring emotional clarity to your life. Your guide to surviving your emotional waves is just a few clicks away.

If you are unemotional, this material is the survival kit for living in an emotionally dominated world. There is no escape from it, but you can experience and embrace it without letting it define you.



Emotional Survival Kit
is valued at CAD 135, but available to you at CAD 97.

That’s 2-and-a-half hours of video 
and a 1 hour audio lecture.




100% Risk-Free Jovian Archive Guarantee:

If you listen and read this material in combination with looking at your Human Design Chart you'll gain a deeper understanding of the Solar Plexus, its Channels and Waves, and the emotional system overall. Whether you are emotionally defined or open, this is a survival kit for all. Plus, you'll have a much deeper grasp of the BodyGraph and Human Design in general.

If after a full ten days you believe we haven't delivered on this promise of the Human Design System, please let us know and we'll issue you a prompt refund.

It's easy to get started right away. Order now and get started immediately on your path to a more balanced emotional life.

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Loki Krakower-Riley