Journey through the Centers of the Human Design BodyGraph - Part 1


 width=Care to Join Us for a Mystical Journey through the Mechanics of your Being?


Who you are is written in both pen and pencil.


Penned is your genetic imprint, the definition in your Human Design chart. Definition is how we map out the expression of your DNA.


That part of you written in pencil? That's conditioning. Sometimes it’s not only hard to erase the layers and layers of deeply grooved lines carved into the paper…it’s impossible. Through Human Design, you come to see the beauty of the whole picture, as it is, and that there is nothing to do but be the perfection of you. Your Strategy and Authority allows you to find true fulfillment - as the witness in the vehicle (body), watching the pencil lines morph to nourish and enhance the masterpiece that is you.




There is an incredible impact the Human Design language has when taken in deeply and contemplated over time. Think of it like de-programming and re-programming to bring you back into alignment with your being. This language helps to unlock our human potential via epigenetics, bringing to the surface of our awareness certain truths about ourselves.


Everything is moving, and everything is vibrating. We are all unique combinations of frequency patterns. When you are operating incorrectly, your frequency pattern is dysfunctional.




Human Design is a very precise combination of word frequencies given to Ra Uru Hu in a highly mystical way. For a true taste of the language and the impact it can have on you, we recommend you check out "The Mystic Monologues". Allow Ra's words to penetrate your form and initiate you into a new perspective for a Mystical experience in and of itself.


We hope to inspire you to explore your own Center characteristics by delivering a series of articles in the mystical yet practical language Ra gave us for Human Design.


In Human Design, “Centers” are what we call the geometric shapes located inside the Rave BodyGraph. Nine Centers are responsible for specific functions in our lives and are each associated with particular biological functions of our physical form.


Similar to, but not the same as, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra System, Centers are hubs of energy, where information is both received, emitted and transmuted.


Understanding the role and theme of each individual Center, as well as the signposts of how they function correctly or influence behaviors when they are operating incorrectly, can help you tremendously in living out your potential.


Designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery through each of the Centers of the BodyGraph, our progressive exploration through the Centers will delve into the concepts and describe the key terminology associated with each.


We hope this series of articles will give you not only an overview of how Centers function, but also a comprehensive look at key concepts that can help you understand their purpose and power. Each article will also direct you to further resources that can be of benefit to your journey of deconditioning and the awareness of what is really going on in your world.


Each month, as we progress through the realms of the Human Design BodyGraph, we invite you to contemplate the Center we are highlighting. Consider its characteristics from your personal perspective.


If the center carries consistent definition in you, do you recognize this energy as a part of your true nature?




If the center is open or undefined, do you recognize your mind’s behavior in the commonly experienced “Not-Self” strategies?




An open center in your BodyGraph is one of the primary receptors of conditioning - or outside influences taken into your being. This receptor impacts your mind's decision-making process and creates what the Human Design System calls the Not-Self. The Not-Self leads you to make decisions based on strategies derived from the conditioning rather than your true self.


Conditioning is neither bad nor good - it simply is a fact of life you cannot avoid nor would you want to. Ignorance is the only detriment here. If you are unaware of the way you are deeply conditioned through your open centers, it can overwhelm who you are. It can take away the possibility of you living out your true potential. However, when you are operating correctly, and your mind is no longer making life decisions, open centers can be an incredible source of wisdom over time.


When you are not operating in alignment with your Human Design, you may experience resistance. Resistance shows up in the form of the Not-Self Theme according to your Type: anger as a Manifestor, frustration as a Generator, bitterness as a Projector and disappointment as a Reflector.


Understanding your conditioning is the first step to leading a life as yourself; without resistance, confusion and pain.


Using myBodyGraph, you can discover all the key elements of your Human Design chart, including where you are vulnerable to potential conditioning.


Centers are the primary focus of the Living Your Design Awakening Program taught by Certified LYD Guides around the globe. It is the only spiritual program in the Human Design Educational system designed for everyone who is interested in experiencing the benefits that Human Design can bring. If you're ready to get personal help in living your design, see our database of over 360 IHDS Certified Living Your Design Guides to find one who speaks your language. Ra recommended that you find a Guide that has the same Aura Type as you for this particular experience; are you ready to find a Guide you resonate with?


Whether you are on the path to self-knowledge or mastery of the Human Design System, we invite you to join us on this journey through the Centers of the Human Design BodyGraph. We welcome your interaction, comments and feedback on our Facebook Page - would you care to join in the conversation?


by Andrea Abay-Abay


Certified LYD Guides


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