Journey through the Centers of the Human Design BodyGraph - Part 8 - The G Center  




Let's continue our Journey through the Centers of the Human Design Bodygraph with what is at the very core of your being, playing a central role to your identity in life - your G Center. As the Center that provides your unique direction so that you can experience correct love in life, it is also the location of your magnetic monopole. Your monopole pulls the illusion of you together as a being separate from the totality, as well as drawing you along your path in life (or “trajectory in space” as Ra would put it). Your higher self is here, attracting beauty and love to you. When you surrender to living your design, you can experience the bliss of oneness without looking for love outside of yourself.


Your G center is positioned right beneath your sternum energetically. Imagine the pain of losing a loved one -heartbreak- where you feel it? That's your G Center, which biologically, governs your liver and blood. It is imperative to respect and love yourself enough to be correct with the use of alcohol, as this particular substance can damage your liver and, therefore, affect your sense of self and ability to love.


Undoubtedly the most extraordinary Center you have regardless of definition or lack thereof, your G Center is home to eight gates that divide the wheel of your Human Design Mandala into eight equal parts. If you take a look at each of those hexagrams of your G Center, you'll notice that they establish the foundation of the hexagram for the following seven gates. In other words, you can see in the wheel how the eight sections of the mandala share the same lower trigram.


Not only is your G the only Center that touches all quarters of the wheel, it also has all the gates of two crucial Incarnation Crosses within it. These are the Cross of the Vessel of Love and the Cross of the Sphinx, which is how we'll look at the G Center gates later in this article.




When your G is defined, you have a fixed and reliable identity, and you have the ability to love yourself and others without feeling dependent on them. Depending on your definition, you may try to lead or direct others incorrectly to follow your direction (imposing your direction on them) if you don't follow your Strategy and Authority. Alternatively, rejecting your personal direction can lead to loss of self-love and fulfilling your unique potential. Being able to see clearly when it’s time to follow your own path and letting others follow theirs can relieve you from the suffering that comes from trying to hold on or change the things you cannot control.


G Center Authority (Self-Projected Authority) must be honored if you have that yellow diamond defined but do not have your Solar Plexus, Sacral, Splenic and Heart Centers defined. Your G either empowers or shares your self-identity when defined to your Throat Center. To make decisions, wait to be recognized and invited first. Then, it is essential that you pay attention to what you say when you talk things over with another person that you trust. Find a good listener (perhaps invite another Projector like yourself), who you can request to reflect back what they heard come out of your mouth to help you to recognize your truth. Observe and honor what you find yourself saying with your unique voice (see article on the Throat Center) as this is your authentic energy being expressed. Be sure to pay no attention to your mind's manipulation or distortions of how it wants or thinks how things should be.


The most critical aspect to know about your G center if it is undefined within your Human Design bodygraph is that place is incredibly important to you. If you are not in the correct place, you cannot thrive. You cannot be correct in relationships, career or family if you are in the wrong place - even if you are with the correct people. Things just won’t work out. So following your Strategy and Authority is key for your life to unfold correctly, and not fixating on finding direction and love. Making your decisions about where to go using your unique inner guidance system can be an incredibly life-affirming and life-changing benefit that Human Design can bring you.


As you read about the G Center gates below, have your bodygraph handy to take special note of the ones imprinted in your Human Design. If your G Center is defined, those gates you have activated are the very specific ways you are designed to consistently experience your identity, direction and sense of transpersonal love.


If your G Center is undefined, the gates waiting to be activated are themes you are genetically programmed to experience when your G Center is activated by transits or people in your environment. Remember, this energy is not consistent and cannot be relied upon to make decisions, but provides a consistency in the lessons to be learned when you go to school in the world of love and direction.


As always, remember that Human Design is a dualistic system; the "this and that" of it all means that every gate can express as it’s opposite as well.


Gates of Love (Cross of the Vessel of Love)



The Gate of the Spirit of the Self

This first, original Love of Gate 25 "Universal Love" is not loving the universe but being loving in the universe; having a place to be loving towards what everything is. The archetype of the Priest/Priestess represents this non-personal love. Initiated into being, it is a romantic, individual, unrequited love for the great unknowable force. If you have this gate defined, you can be very loving, not necessarily loving of the other specifically. Your quality of loving sees everything deserving to be treated lovingly because, through loving, you experience your unique form of transcendent love. This love is often mutative and melancholic; as well as innocent notwithstanding the circumstances.


The Gate of Extremes

The Love of Humanity is characterized by Gate 15, "Modesty," a very specific transpersonal quality of love with the potential to care about humanity. This love of being human and humanity has a collective vision of how human beings are supposed to behave. When operating personally in the not-self world it can cause atrocities to organize society in the name of love for humanity. A politician characterizes this gate; sharing their logical moral standards, rules, and schooling so that humanity has the potential to be more loving to each other.


The Gate of the Determination of the Self

Carrying the determination to follow through, Gate 46, "Pushing Upward" is the Love of the Body. Your body is a magical temple and accepting its perfection comes with the territory when you live as yourself - then you naturally love yourself. If you have this transcendent gate defined, you are looking to discover the beauty of everybody's form. Massage therapists often have this gate defined, to share with others this wonderful love of the body. Remember this is a transpersonal kind of love.


The Gate of the Behavior of the Self

The love of being alive as yourself is the theme of Gate 10, "Treading" which is the gate of behavior. As the most self-absorbed, individual and melancholic aspect of the bodygraph, this is both transcendent and mundane loving of the world as it is, as what can be considered both good and bad. Surrendering to acceptance of everything and everyone, and grokking here that we are not in control of it is where you wake up. The underlying code of behavior of the self in humans are used as the Profile names in Human Design. These are:


Line 1 - Investigator Line 4 - Opportunist
Line 2 - Hermit Line 5 - Heretic
Line 3 - Martyr Line 6 - Role Model



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