Projectors - Are you ready for the ride of your life?


I want you to experience the true power of the Human Design System.

We are at a critical moment in history. You are being called to take on your role as a leader. There is a huge shift taking place in the frequency of this planet, which as you may know changes completely in less than 12 more years.

So, how are we here to be the leaders?

The secret and our super-power lies in the way our aura functions. Your capacity to focus, penetrate and absorb gives you a unique ability to energetically “taste” the frequency of others. You can recognize the other being’s true essence. And as a Projector you can only take in one person at a time.

What your aura focuses on is the core of the G Center (the other’s identity) which creates a recognition in you and the other. Your Aura is what works, not your conditioned mind - which in most of us has been twisted since childhood to become addicted to and to value what we are not. One of the most helpful keys I can give you which is highly effective at the beginning of your experiment is to be quiet. Really. Whether your Throat Center is undefined or defined, likely you do far too much talking, which is a waste of energy unless you feel clearly invited to speak.


Let your aura do the talking, instead of your mind.


It reduces so much of the problems that we create for ourselves. The things that you say to try and attract recognition or guide others simply tends to fall on deaf ears and at best, you waste your energy. At worst, you waste your energy AND become bitter from misunderstandings or through being taken advantage of.

Because we are so deeply susceptible to conditioning, with our busy homogenized minds running our lives, we tend to be some of the most disturbed beings on the planet when operating as not-self. Bitterness is a tough thing to live with, I know.

I want to help you relax into this process. I want you to know that this is not some quick fix; you won’t have instant gratification. Mastery of a system, earning recognition in that system and the success that comes with it takes TIME.

Relax into the acceptance that no matter how hard you’ve worked on yourself, there’s no exception to the seven-year timeframe of deconditioning. You can’t rush your process no matter how many classes you take or what you do. It's about how you BE. Accept that this is a seven-year process of committing to your education and experiment of be-ing - of living as a Projector.

This is not about changing yourself. It’s about being the authentic you, instead of the homogenized version of you.


We urgently need you to see as yourself - to wake up.

A Human Design education, whether you do self-study here on the Jovian site (see the products we recommend for you alongside this article) or via live classes, allows you to eventually see clearly the depth of your conditioning. Proper education in this vastly complex system takes dedication - it could take the rest of your lifetime to master. I hope you are as excited about this as I am!

You are a naturally gifted learner. You are extremely intelligent in your recognition capacity, and you have an innate ability to master systems.

You could spend the rest of your life happily delving deeper and deeper into Human Design, though none of your studying matters if you don't live the experiment. Should you feel the call to become an Analyst or Teacher, attend one of the official Human Design schools - the transformation that comes with investigation of this magnificent system is truly extraordinary

The primary purpose of a Projector is to guide. The only way you can do that is if you learn how to play this game, this illusion, which we call life, that we call REALITY. The Mechanics of the Maia, aka the Human Design System, is the nuts and bolts of the mystical rule-book of how to play this game.

As soon as you grasp how your game of Life works, the instant you discover your true power as a Projector, life becomes sweeter. Fulfillment comes to YOU, when you are with the right people, in the right place, doing the right thing, eating the correct way for your vehicle, and it comes at exactly the right time for you. You can’t speed it up because memory (conditioning) is stored in the cells, and you can’t make your cells turn over faster. You don’t even have control of whether you’ll be able to commit fully to this process or not. It’s not a path that everyone can travel.

But for those of you who are ready? Those of you who are waking up in this illusion of separateness that we all live in, those of you who can smell the potential of true fulfillment... oh boy, are you in for the ride of your life!


The signature of a correctly functioning Projector is SUCCESS.


This transpersonal victory comes from the correct bonds made with correct people for you and MUST come from correct recognition (which is a two-way street) with your authority having the final say.

The most important thing I know I can do for you is to encourage your studies of Human Design. Because if you are reading this now, you have a special interest in this System, which is the most accurate and complex system available on the planet today for understanding who the other person is.

And that is what you are here to do. Recognizing the other is where you find your opportunities to Guide.


There is an enormous potential for you here in Human Design.

I’m personally recognizing and inviting you into this Human Design world to help you understand others. When you see enough others with aspects of your design, you’ll finally be able to get a handle on understanding yours. That is just the way that it works for you. Your energy only focuses outward. We Projectors are not here to know ourselves. We are here to understand and Guide the other. That is our unique potential. That is both our gift and our super-power.

However, when you are not operating with awareness, this super-power aura functioning is also your weakness. It is a weakness in that you cannot help but focus on the other and be conditioned by them. If they are within range of your Aura, which is approximately two arms length from the body, you are simply being conditioned. You are designed that way; there is no escaping it. Conditioning is not bad - you can’t avoid it - you wouldn’t want to, it’s what you learn from. Your gift of recognizing goes hand in hand with your awareness of what happens to you in the presence of others.

Develop this awareness of the hooks that are locked into your system by conditioning. Just be aware, and watch. You are not here to be self-absorbed in suffering. You have the power to recognize interference and dysfunction in the others you come into contact with.

You are being conditioned by people, even through walls, especially when you are sleeping. You are being conditioned even more so by people you spend a lot of time with or have personal relationships in life.

Being correct in who you allow into your personal space is of the highest importance to you, as you are going to find yourself in the other. YOU truly are here to see and to know the other.


Your life is about the other.

When you were a child, it’s highly likely that you suffered deeply at the hands of your well-meaning but, unfortunately, unknowing parents. Likely you were told what to do from birth, rather than being recognized and invited. No fault, no blame in how you were raised, but with understanding comes awareness and acceptance. You are worthy of being honored for the uniqueness that shines forth. I want you to feel empowered in knowing that it’s never too late to develop awareness.

Our society, our culture places a high moral and ethical value on hard work and making things happen - both things we can be really good at inconsistently while damaging our health. We were raised to be Manifestors; we were trained to be Generators. It can be enormously devastating to our psyche to try to be what we are not, as we are not designed with consistent Manifesting or Generating power.

So you might have gotten to your 40's, 30's or even mere teens and 20's simply exhausted. You might be very highly trained to be a super slave, perhaps bitterly disappointed in the way your life turned out. You might be addicted to the powerful lure of the Sacral world, and not know how to get off the hamster wheel of the Generator lifestyle.

I know that if you can dedicate yourself to learning this knowledge, to living this experiment for yourself, that you are going to move through life with more ease and much less resistance. Likely, you’ll end up healthier and happier too. Potentially, you’ll hit incredible success in the form of deeply fulfilling and very personal joy in all aspects of life that are important to YOU.

The deeper you delve into this body of work as Ra Uru Hu manifested it into the world, the more empowered you can be in making decisions that are right for you. This empowerment leads to being recognized correctly for your uniqueness.

Your potential, your role, your gifts and your contribution is something that is only recognized by the other. You have no control over when or how or where or who will recognize you. The only thing you can do is wait and as you decondition, make decisions correctly and begin to see as yourself.


Making the big decisions in life

What to do for work, who to bond with, and where to live are the big questions that as a Projector, need to be considered carefully via two critical processes. First, you must wait for the correct invitation.


Who invites you? What are they inviting you to do? Do they see you for who you are? Does the invitation match your unique strengths, talents, gifts?

Then, you MUST make the decision if that invitation is right for you using your authority.

You can practice this with everyday experiences if you like, but remember the key is not to make decisions about yourself with your mind. Don’t trust anything your mind says about you! To enter into this experiment fully, you must honor your Strategy and Authority.

Taking in food correctly as well as living in the correct environment that nourishes your being can help tremendously in your deconditioning experiment if it is correct for you.

Knowing how you are designed to see correctly and what your correct motivation is, can provide valuable signposts that point our your correct path.

These additional tools - also known as the Four Transformations - make such a huge difference to Projectors and are available to you through the advanced details of your Human Design Bodygraph. Knowing what the signs are when you are in distraction (the counterpoint of your correct perspective) or transference (the counterpoint of your correct motivation) can be positively eye-opening and of huge benefit in your process. I highly recommend the Projector Empowerment Package to help you grasp how vital these concepts can be to informing your awakening process.


We don't have the audible sounds of the sacral to guide us, moment by moment, like Generators do. So take advantage of the tools Human Design offers to unlock your true potential.

You have a magnificent potential for awareness, the potential of Seeing, the potential of true Communion with the other. Through the precious gifts of your unique design, you are called to recognize. Through being recognized to impart your outer authority - your Guidance is the gift you give the other.


That’s the power of you. That’s the power of your Type.

It is my hope to empower your transformation and witness you step into your power.

I hope you begin to see your world clearly.
I hope you begin to recognize who is correct for you.
I hope you begin to experience the resistance of bitterness drain from your being.
I hope you begin to witness conditioning neutralized in your decision-making process.
I hope you begin to recognize others correctly, and in turn are recognized.
I hope you begin to know the feeling of true fulfillment.
I know you can be the frequency of your signature of Success.

I created a video for Human Design Projectors, about our Aura and my share a bit of my story, to hopefully continue to inspire you if you have not yet experienced a Living Your Design Awakening Program. I invite you to begin your Awakening to your Human Design with me or another Guide you choose to mentor you in your Human Design Experiment. Please browse Certified Living Your Design Guides from all over the world to find the perfect Guide for you.

I wish you the very best on your Human Design Journey, fellow Guide.

by Andrea Abay-Abay

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Motivation. Perspective. Transference. Penta. Wa. The upcoming background frequency change. These concepts are all critical aspects of the movie that, once grasped, can be quite enlightening when you get to see them play out.

For Projectors, these tools can make the difference between enjoying watching their movie with awareness, or being trapped in that state of bitterness that flavors their experiences when operating from the not-self. To see the big picture and others clearly, to see things for what they are and to Guide when invited from that unique perspective - Projectors are the natural leaders intended to express this full potential to their fractal.

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Projectors are a non-energy Type and represent just over 20% of the population. As a relatively new form, they are only now beginning to come into their natural power and position.

Join Ra in this 30 minute video as he discusses how Projectors operate in a very unique way.

What is the purpose of the Projectors penetrating and focused aura? How do they become allies and guides for others since they are not designed to initiate or generate?

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Projectors: A Clarion's Alert

Projectors, your focused and penetrating aura is needed through invitation to take in knowledge bases and master the systems that organize and hold humanity together. You are needed as an enormous resource for information in the future.

When the advent of the nine-centered being came about in 1781, the way Types operated relative to each other changed. On the ascendancy were the newly arrived Projectors. Manifestors were the dominant leaders of the seven-centered being in its strategic goals of dominating the planet.

The Projector is entirely different, as a non-energy Type with very specific gifts to maintain dynamic single relationships. Join Ra in this 30 minute video as he explains how the Cross of Planning cycle that we are in now establishes an interdependency of just about every creature on this planet, rooted through a very complex infrastructure—a systems science.

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The Art of Reading Projectors package is an invaluable audio experience for anyone interested in the art of Human Design overview and wanting a deeper insight into the Projector Aura Type.

Each overview is approximately 30 minutes, anonymous and performed live in a classroom setting. We’ve included the list of the different readings within the detailed product description so that you can see the variety of BodyGraphs covered within the Type.

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Join Ra in this one hour lecture as he takes a deeper look at the mechanics of Sex and Love for the True Self. Note "True Self", not "Not-Self" love, which most of us are familiar with.

Ra takes us into the mechanics, which includes looking at the global cycles and its affect on on how we are programmed to love, how we have been conditioned to feel emotionally, and the intense emotional conditioning that surrounds each and every one of us.

The global cycles, the powerful background frequency, deeply conditions our relationships, sexuality, and potential of love. This lecture is an all round analysis of those various factors.

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Seeing, Seeing, Seeing

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The not-self mind is ruled by the openness and therefore can not truly see.

Join Ra as he investigates perspective, the “ground floor of awareness” and discusses how we can each be transformed to truly see unique to our own nature and commune with others at the most exalted level.

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The Sub-structure: The Color

Color is the exit frequency from the crystals of consciousness where the surface and the sub-structure meet.

Color takes the information of Base and of the architecture of Tone and transfers that information so it can be captured by the Magnetic Monopole, and then the illusion that is us is suddenly held together.

Color carries all the basic ingredients that are going to constitute whether or not in this life you're going to be intelligent enough and aware enough to be able to survive, quite literally. Join Ra in this 1 hour video as he explains how Color works on the Design and Personality sides, including the not-self signposts which distort the mind.

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