What is Love?




Valentines Day is nearly here, filling our world with flowers, hearts, hot dates, marriage proposals and weddings. Romantic partnership love can be tricky or elusive, and sometimes downright confusing for many.


Ask a physicist, and they’ll tell you love is chemistry. Ask a romantic, and they’ll tell you it’s a yearning that drives all great fables. The psychotherapist will tell you there are several kinds of love. “Love” can be a generic term, for there are so many different nuances to the feelings of love.


One thing we can all agree on: it is impossible to thrive in life without love. Love can seem like an eternal mystery, the idealized myth of fairytales… but when you begin to look at love through the lens of Human Design mechanics, you’ll find that love is all about connectivity.


There are certain Gates in the Rave I-Ching that carry the frequency we call love. In Human Design we call these (hexagrams) the “Love Gates.”


Whether you have all the Gates of Love consistently defined in your bodygraph, none of them or something in between, the way you experience those feelings we term love is outlined in these ten gates.


There are two primary themes of love; Transcendent and Mundane. The four Transcendent gates of love are looking for love through the other, and are rather impersonal. Rarely do these gates carry the powerful, intense feelings of love that the Mundane gates do.


The seven Mundane gates of love are looking for love with someone, emerging according to the theme of that gate.


There is one gate (10) that carries both themes.


The Transcendent Gates of Love


Transcendent gates of love are the extraordinary, non-mundane kind of love associated with:




Gate 25 - Universal Love
Being loving in the universe; having a place to be loving towards what everything is


Gate 15 - Love of Humanity
Loving being human; caring about humanity and having a collective vision of how human beings are supposed to operate


Gate 46 - Love of the Body
Loving the body; recognizing the beauty of everybody’s form, understanding the beauty of each body as a unique vessel


Gate 10 - Loving being Alive (Transcendent)
Loving being alive in the world; loving the world as it is, loving one’s-self


Connecting to people who have these gates consistently active in their design, you experience them as naturally loving. It’s just the way they’re hardwired. Their way of searching for a greater love is to be loving - it doesn’t necessarily mean that they love you specifically; the love itself isn’t necessarily in their other.


In a relationship with these people, it can feel like they are looking beyond you for even greater love. This can be a possibly disturbing experience for others to connect to when attempts are made to make their impersonal loving personal… don’t get offended when they don’t love you back. Its just mechanics.


People with these Gates can be very nice to have around despite their love rarely feeling personal. Transcendent love doesn't have to be personal to feel good and give you that sense of joy and possibility of life with the other. These four gates have a transpersonal quality deeply rooted in the G Center.


Again, this love goes beyond simply identifying with another - it’s finding love through someone. Rarely ever felt as strongly as personal love, transcendent love gates make up the Cross of the Vessel of Love.


The Mundane Gates of Love


Mundane Gates of love are looking for love with somebody through the dynamic connection and unique expression particular to each gate. There is nothing more intense than the definitions in composite charts that involve these gates when they bring connections to each other.




Each of these Gates carries with it a demand for personal connectivity. It is through these seven Mundane Gates - 10, 44, 40, 58, 41, 28, 55 - that we get our illusions of personal love. It’s about experiencing love through these unique aspects of love with the other:


Gate 10 - Self Love through Others (Mundane)
Finding love of the Self through being loved by others


Gate 44 - Successful Love
Finding love through material success; the love of talent


Gate 40 - Earning Love
Finding love through work to earn appreciation; the love of work if the work is supported and the work supports the people they love


Gate 58 - Perfecting Love
Creating out of correction and challenge, perfect love; love that proves the strength of love.


Gate 41 - Dreams of Love
Finding love through fantasies and sexual experience


Gate 28 - Love with Purpose
Finding love through the struggle for purpose


Gate 55 - Eternally Indecisive Love
Mysterious, mystical, emotional Love that doesn't know if it really loves; unrequited love


Mundane gates of love operate through mundane terminology or keynotes - that is, this is the ordinary, every day, earthbound kind of love that finds love through these gate specific themes with another.


How We Connect


All these ways of connecting are part of our program of learning and evolution. Each and every one of us has multiple layers of connectivity to others. But whether we have a connection through these Transcendent or Mundane gates, we call the emotion we feel through those connections Love. Knowing these gates can help you understand and recognize why situations can be uncomfortable, and free you from repeating unhealthy behavioral patterns.


The Love Gates describe the many themes of love that we can experience with all the people in our lives. Because everything is a duality, these can also be gates of “I don’t love,” or even hate, as well.


Most of us have some of these gates consistently defined within us, and it’s through these gates that we can learn about love from our connection with others by being ourselves.


If you have an activated Love Gate in an open center, when someone comes along with the electromagnetic (the opposite gate completing that channel) you may experience that relationship as “The One” and most likely may feel a stronger sensation of love than the other feels for you.


If you have an activated Love Gate in a defined center, your love for the person who brings the electromagnetic simply isn’t as powerful or compelling. It’s still there, but you don’t have the same response. You’re naturally investigating other connectivities.




The moment that you can be yourself and see the love for what it truly is, you can accept the other for who they are and be with them without trying to change or fix them. Our unique capacity for love develops within us through following our Strategy and Authority; not only for the benefit of others, but also for ourselves.


Based on a fundamental transcendent love, Human Design is a tool that helps everyone to understand the various kinds of love, how it works, and ultimately find self-love.


There are so many ways that we connect with each other. See Better Relating through Human Design” and "How We Connect" for articles on the mechanics of connection and related resources.


By Andrea Abay-Abay


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