You Should Probably Give Up Now  

by Andrea Abay-Abay



Identified with who you are not, your mind might want to give up right now.


As a 3/5 Profile; a "Martyr/Heretic" learning through inevitable mistakes, I find the yammering of mind can be very hard to ignore. The “Not-Self” seems to take a long time to tame. Not-Self is a term we use to describe deeply conditioned behaviors as a result of our response to the energies of others and the neutrino transit program we encounter every moment of every day.


Your not-self mind is so very powerful. Without awareness, it's a nightmare that you don't even realize you are dreaming in.


And with awareness?


Well, sometimes it can be even more horrid to observe. Imagine realizing the dream you are in is a nightmare - and your eyes are wide open. While no matter what you do, you just can't seem to wake yourself up.


Until you follow your Strategy and Authority in decision-making consistently, all the Human Design education you can handle does you no good. Until you live your Design, education means nothing. Until you "Just Do It" - which ironically in most cases begins with a strategy of waiting for life to come to you rather than initiating - you'll never get to live the uniqueness that you were designed to be.


Oh, I've seen this first-hand, how very hard it is to stay committed and focused on your experiment. "But... but... but; I want, I need, I have to; I should do this, I should do that; mine, mine, mine...." Good grief, how bossy our busy not-self mind can be! How can you not think, want, need, and be passionate about everything your mind thought you've always wanted or wanted to be?


Only a very small percentage of the people who come to Human Design are likely to take it to the furthest extent possible. Meaning, very few adults get to live up to their fullest potential.


Really, this knowledge is for children. To help parents guide their little ones to be empowered so that they can make decisions for themselves, as themselves. In the coming years, especially after 2027 you'll see how terribly important it is that this knowledge is passed along to our kids as soon as possible.


But whether or not you follow the original version of this knowledge as delivered by Ra and certified analysts; or if you get pulled into one of the offshoots of Human Design.... either way, it's all ok. I hope that you won't be, but if you're locked deep in the illusion of Maia (the mire of mind!), likely you are someone who won't make it to full differentiation. But hey, you get what you get, and it's all ok.


Whether you end up living out your uniqueness and purpose in life or simply reduce the suffering from trying to be what you are not, you have no choice. But, all in all, your life can be positively impacted when you experiment with your Human Design.


Though, your mind may not like it. Nope, not one bit.


I'm not telling you all this to deter you from experimenting with Human Design or "trying to wake up" though trying really is futile. Yes, I do want to share that no matter how hard you may study or try, it won't help. Again, you get what you get, and it's all okay. You're not in control of any of that, and I'll explain why in a bit.


I know that if you are new to design, likely your mind is going to compare your design to others. Your mind is very good at measuring - how does your design look or function compared to theirs? How long have they been experimenting with following their design compared to you?


Your personality likely will have design envy, wishing you had this or that channel, this or that center, this or that gate, this or that profile instead of the one you have. Your mind may immediately ask if there's anything that can be done to change your design, or - this one is common - how you can become a Manifestor if you weren't born as one.


You're likely going to feel totally overwhelmed at first when you join the social networking groups, wondering what the heck 98% of the conversations are talking about most of the time.


All the while, as you learn about your design, something is whispering deep inside you; "This might be the solution. Human Design just might be the thing that helps me fix what must be wrong with me. Human Design just might help me get control of my life once and for all. Human Design just might help me become the person I always wanted to be."


Prepare for those expectations to be shattered in an unexpected way.


Website after website, you may find that you search the internet like a gold-crazed treasure hunter, looking for details on the Human Design system and reading all the books you can find.


Article after article, audio after audio, video after video, something becomes clearer and clearer the longer you immerse yourself in the words of Ra Uru Hu. The more you expose yourself to his frequency and that of the people you resonate with who share the spark of Human Design with the world, you watch the evidence mount to support one unbelievable concept.


Slowly, this one thing stands out, that when first came upon was laughed at and dismissed immediately... if it didn't turn you off to Human Design completely.


Two small, simple words that no one would believe if they didn't see the evidence day in and day out of the complete and absolute truth:


No Choice.


"No Choice, said the Voice," was the first time I'd seen those words in reply to one of my posts on social media. It flew in the face of something I'd been deeply conditioned to believe. And that was the concept of Free Will and all the related beliefs I'd attached to in the homogenized world.


What do you mean, no choice? I wondered. How on earth could that be possible?


Sometimes, something comes along that makes your whole world turn upside down.



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