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Design Concepts Lesson One

Design Concepts provides the basic concepts of the Human Design System for newcomers and students of Human Design. This free download is the transcript of Lesson One ~ ‘The Mechanics of the Maia’ that Ra Uru Hu taught in the Fall of 2006.
The complete transcript of all ten ‘Design Concepts’ lessons is available for $25.

Nine-Centered Awakening

Nine-Centered Awakening - A New Being and A New Way of Life

Human Design reveals that more than any other malaise, humanity suffers
from clinging to an evolutionary past. Emerging in 1781, the nine-centered
being is revolutionarily different from its predecessor. Ra provides a
profound insight into the true nature and mechanics of our kind and the
transformation possible through Human Design.

This is a transcript of the free lecture given by Ra Uru Hu on May 4, 2008.

The Clarion's Call: Neptune's Trap

This is a transcript of a talk Ra gave in February 2009 on the effects of Neptune’s long- term transits moving from Gate 49 to Gate 30 (until late 2011) and the impact this has on the Human Experiential Way.

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