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2016 Rave New Year Forecast
Price : $77.00

Wondering Why You Can't Keep Your
New Year's Resolutions?

Too Many "Weapons of Mass Seduction"
Taking Hold and Distracting You...?

Finally, there is something to guide you...

Announcing, the 2016 Rave New Year Forecast...
Plus, how YOU can be Prepared.


Dear Reader,

Did you know that the transit field always affects us – it is literally the cosmic weather?

It is not enough for advertising to be bombarding us with messages that we are affected by, but did you know there is an underlying Conditioning Force that can get hold of you too?

But not anymore (if you are vigilant) …

Learning to recognize the conditioning patterns that the transit field brings to your Design, can shed light on the way in which your mind is attracted to a particular theme or story.

It is precisely this theme that determines how your mind tries to run your life, demands your attention in the form of your inner dialog. Do you notice this inner dialogue?

You may only think of conditioning at the surface of our materialized reality - where it has leaked out and become a mentally driven decision, however, most takes place internally…

It thrives in the stories and conversations that take place inside your head, in the various voices that judge, criticize, drive and push us to want life to be a particular way that can lead you to mentally driven action…

What can YOU do...?

Knowing about the transits gives you the themes to watch for; the storms and weather patterns that life brings… And just like the weather, it is up to you how we interact with it.

Why do you watch the weather report…? To be informed and prepared, right?

Wouldn’t you like to be able to have intel that can help you combat these weapons of mass seduction… just as bringing an umbrella if you knew it was going to rain?


Now, imagine you could be confidently prepared for...

  • How the transits will influence you, and everyone else, on an individual level
  • The conditioning impact, and what to look out for
  • What events are likely to occur, and whether they’ll affect you
  • How you can be prepared, and continue living your unique life

... for the entire year of 2016!


So, why not inform yourself of the year ahead?




Erica Mae Yonge


I always look forward to Dharmen and Leela's insightful forecast for the year ahead, with that extra flavour of Reflector observations, as it's expressed in such a clear way, alluding to the bigger picture which appeals to me as a 6/2.

The way they highlight how potentially, conditioned patterns of behaviour could trip us up in 2016, is very helpful, and what we're going to experience in the homogenised world is useful guidance.

I appreciate being reminded about how the mind will play its games with the specific activations we're all going to experience in 2016. Thank you both for your love and dedication to this work.



The 2016 Rave New Year Forecast





The Dharmen & Leela Swann-Herbert 2016 Rave New Year Forecast

With over 30 years of combined experience, Dharmen & Leela explore the year ahead in an invaluable tool to assess and navigate the upcoming changes.

In 2007 Ra Uru Hu chose Dharmen & Leela to continue the work he had begun with The Daily Forecast for the Jovian Radio. And, in 2012 they began publishing the Rave New Year Forecast with us at Jovian.

Here’s what you get…

In 2016 Rave New Year Forecast you will receive 2 hours of recorded material in the following formats:


  • Video: Download as MP4
  • Audio: Download as MP3
  • eBook with Illustrations: Download as PDF
  • 18 Illustrations: Download as PDF




Dana Graves


The release of the Rave New Year Forecast, prepared and presented by Dharmen and Leela, is an annual event that I always look forward to and enjoy.

Their experience, knowledge, humor and enthusiasm for sharing the mechanics of the upcoming year empowers us to be aware of the signposts to observe in the potential upcoming global and even personal dramas.

When I observe the wild things going on around me I can just hear Dharmen's voice reminding me, "It's just the weather."



The 2016 Rave New Year Forecast




100% Risk-Free Jovian Archive Guarantee:

Your satisfaction, success, peace and surprise in using the Rave New Year Forecast by Dharmen & Leela Swann-Herbert is completely guaranteed:

I personally guarantee that if you listen and read this material in combination with looking at you and your loved one’s Human Design Charts, you’ll get a better grasp on what to expect in 2016, and how to be prepared.

If after a full ten days you believe I haven’t delivered on this promise, please let me know and I’ll issue you a prompt refund. 

It's easy to get started right away. Order now and take a journey into 2016 through the lens of Human Design.



The 2016 Rave New Year Forecast





Includes the following products:

This product participates in the Jovian Endowment Discount program.


Mastering the Material Plane
Price : $247.00


“Have You Ever Struggled Financially?” 

Ever Wondered Why No Matter How Much Money is in Your Account, you Always Want More… Or Experienced Frustration or Bitterness in Your Past Dealings with Money…?

It doesn’t have to be that way. Did you know you have a personal treasure map!? Want to know how to read it?


Dear Reader,

Admit it… we all have an attitude about money, right? We either don’t have enough, don’t like it… or love it… yes?

I know you understand that money is not the point of being here on this planet and you may even tell yourself that “money is unimportant to me…”

Then consider this… if you have children or elderly parents, doesn’t it mean something if you have enough to make a difference in their lives if they need it, or for your own choices in life? To finally be able to relax into who you are without stressing about money?

More than 3 billion people—nearly half of the world’s population— live on less than $2.50 a day. And did you know they are thinking some of the very same things about money that you are?

As you’re reading this, you are among the privileged few who not only have access to the Internet, but make far more, correct? So no matter how much you have or don’t have, do you want to understand about money and the treasure that is contained in YOUR Design?



“Mastering the Material Plane” ... a comprehensive audio/video home-study course to help you discover money from a Human Design perspective and learn about YOUR Material Success potential.

Here are some highlights…


  • You get insight into how your Not-Self gets in the way of your financial success, and how to turn it around to take advantage of the Not-Self

  • Discover the unique possibilities inherent in your design… You’ll be amazed when you see them

  • Get that deeply fulfilled signature of doing work you not only enjoy but also love

  • Understand how to live your purpose to reduce resistance (anger, frustration, bitterness, disappointment)

  • Finally understand how you're designed to make money on the material plane


Imagine no longer wondering how to master the money game. Can you picture yourself finally at ease with what you do for work, or how you make a living? Can you see yourself no longer staying up late at night agonizing over financial or business decisions but instead, sleeping peacefully and trusting in your life process?

With the information derived from your Human Design Chart and tools and techniques you’ll receive in our Mastering the Material Plane package, you can find your life’s material path, direction, and purpose so you don’t have to guess at success any more 

Would you like to stop guessing, agonizing, or struggling, and start living?





I have made many millions of dollars in my life… and lost it… stressed about it… Until I discovered the money keys within my design and aligned it with my Strategy & Authority. I can truly say that I am now fully relaxed… And making more in a few hours than I used to make in days or weeks… And really enjoying life.

Peter F., Sydney Australia



As a Manifestor with the benefit of being chosen as the messenger of the Human Design System, Ra Uru Hu said he was blessed and knew he couldn’t fail in his work. How did he know? By understanding the most material of the lines his BodyGraph… Plus understanding YOUR “Profit Centres”. 

What would it mean to you if you knew all about the ways you are designed to make money?

The secret keys to making money in a way that you find deeply fulfilling lie within the definition in your bodygraph and in your “Profit centers” …

By following your Type, Strategy, and Authority and the wisdom developed through your undefined centers, you can discover where your strengths are on the material plane.



Mastering the Material Plane




In Mastering the Material Plane here’s what you get:


  • The Money Game (Video - 52 Minutes)

  • Money: The Secret to Success on the Material Plane (Audio - 1 Hour)

  • The 64 Material Ways (Audio Course - 9 Hours)


That’s just under 11 hours of Human Design education from the founder, regularly sold for CAD 347 on Jovian Archive (discounted from the live events), and now available to you for CAD 247.




Ra Uru Hu


If you live out your type, you're going to have

the material abundance you need, Because remember.....

The moment you stop being in control of your life,

Your life is perfectly financed.



This package gives you not only a thorough description of the 64 Material Ways to Make Money but also a guided tour to the Nine Profit Centers in the Bodygraph. It’s delivered by Ra in his uniquely heretical way, with highly entertaining yet practical descriptions.

Did you know the open Centers in your design, especially those with dormant Gates, are where you have an ability to make money? Taking a guided look at the individual thematic of all 64 Gates from a material perspective according to their associated “Profit Centers” offers you a profound insight into your material potential. You’ll learn all this and more along with experiential wisdom imparted by the founder of the Human Design System himself. If you follow along while looking at your Human Design Chart, you’ll be able to read your treasure map of how you are here to Master the Material Plane.




Andrea Abay-Abay, 3/5 Projector


After many career changes, I was not happy with the way I was earning a living. I was at a crossroads as I knew what I was doing was not physically sustainable.

Then I got a full BG5 Career Analysis and my analyst integrated my money lines into the session. This experience radically enlightened my perspective of my material path. I altered my focus and took the plunge into professional Human Design education.

Within six months I began a business truly helping people and allowing me to be in control of how and when I do my “work”—which isn't, because I love it. For an open-hearted Projector with gate 21? Priceless.



Mastering the Material Plane




100% Risk-Free Jovian Archive Guarantee:

Mastering the Material Plane is completely backed by Jovian’s guarantee:

If you listen to and read this material in combination with looking at your Human Design Chart, you’ll get a better grasp on the ways your design is here to make money, how to profit from the Not-Self rather than be controlled by it, and a deeper understanding of yourself and Human Design in general.

If after a full ten days you believe we haven’t delivered on this promise of the Human Design System, please let us know and we’ll issue you a prompt refund. 

It's easy to get started right away. Order now and begin immediately on your path to success.



Mastering the Material Plane



Includes the following products:

This product participates in the Jovian Endowment Discount program.

Mechanics of the Maia - Definition (Video Series)
Price : $77.00




Definition in of itself is an extraordinary thing because it is the life force.
It’s the life force that is at work within us.

Ra Uru Hu


Do you wonder why some people focus on relationships, and others on being independent?

Why is it that some people seek as many connections as possible while others are satisfied with a select few?

Would you like to feel at ease with yourself, and with others?

Human Design has the answers you may be looking for…


Introducing The 4 Types of Definition: Discover How You Are Designed to Connect With Others...

Plus, contained within the information is the discovery of your major "Not-Self" theme that you are probably living out of.




Think about what definition is: It is truly the basis of who you are. This is what you need to tap into.

This is the thing that's going to be there 24/7, all the time, until your last breath. The only thing that's going to be consistent in your life is your definition.

Ra Uru Hu


Definition is consistent and reliable within you. It is the foundation of every Human Design Chart.

Not only does it explain how you interact with, and what you look for in others. It also reveals the source of your conditioning, that is your ‘Not-Self theme”, and how to understand it.

Experimenting with this knowledge can finally bring insight and relief to your life…

Would you like to get clear on your own dominant “Not-Self” theme in your life, as well as discover YOU?




It wasn’t until I discovered what was my dominant “Not-Self” theme in my design; and how I had been living my life until that moment, that finally I had a major awakening, with many layers of illusion instantly shattered - I realised how to really live my life as a Projector

Peter F, Sydney Australia


Introducing: The 4 Types of Definition video package, “Mechanics of the Maia - Definition”, where you will discover...


  • Definition Strengths and Weaknesses, including your own
  • How you Operate, interact with, and what you Look for in Yourself and Others
  • A schematic of the way Energy Flows within you
  • How you are designed to process information
  • Practical Guidance and Tools to live life with less resistance




As a student and Guide myself, one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things I’ve found in life is to truly understand how people operate. The realizations in my life, as well as the positive feedback from the people who reach out to me for advice, have everything to do with the commitment and passion I have for this System and the time I spend immersed with it.

The information from the Definition videos and the two chapters on definition from Ra’s Four Views e-book helped me tremendously in understanding the mechanics of how different kinds of definitions function, and I know they can do the same for you.

Andrea Abay-Abay



Mechanics of the Maia - Definition




Included in the “Mechanics of the Maia - Definition” special offer are four 30 minute videos, each focused on one of the 4 Definition Types.

  • Single Definition: 42% of Humanity
  • Split Definition: 46% of Humanity
  • Triple-Split Definition: 10% of Humanity
  • Quadruple-Split Definition: 0.5% of Humanity




I would gladly recommend Human Design to anyone. Anyone, that is, who is ready to perhaps have their life change forever.

If you ask me, there is nothing more valuable than the process of peeling away the layers of conditioning and getting back to the core of who you are.

Christian Blom, Living Your Design Guide



100% Risk-Free Guarantee:

Your success in using these Definition Videos by Ra Uru Hu is completely guaranteed:

I personally guarantee that if you watch these videos in combination with looking at you and your loved one’s Human Design Charts, you’ll get a better grasp on how you are designed to connect with others, and where the conditioning comes from.

If after a full ten days you believe I haven’t delivered on this promise, please let me know and I’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund. 

It's easy to get started right away. Order now and get ready to discover the Four Types of Definition.



Mechanics of the Maia - Definition



Includes the following products:

This product participates in the Jovian Endowment Discount program.


PHS - Year 1, 2 & 3
Price : $349.00

Please Note: This is advanced knowledge. To purchase these books you must be taking, or have completed taking part, in one of the following IHDS programs:

  • PHS Year 1 (Course)
  • Differentiation Degree Program (Course)

Regularly available for $405, this offer includes all 9 proofed trascripts at $349:

  • Year 1: Semesters 1-3
  • Year 2: Semesters 1-3
  • Year 3: Semesters 1-3

Includes the following products:

This product participates in the Jovian Endowment Discount program.

Primal Survival - The Splenic Center
Price : $47.00

I hear it over and over again... “I just knew that was going to happen!”, and “Why didn't I trust my instinct!”...

My Splenic friends have uttered those lines many times. They were warned, but more often than not there was some reason to ignore the hunch...

It sounds incredible to me as an emotional person with an open Spleen, to have this instantaneous notification to guide you through life.

Approximately 80 thousand years ago our Splenic Center awareness developed. Today 10% of humanity is designed to trust this ancient awareness Center as their personal Authority…



Introducing… Your Spleen: Insecurity and Fear... Survival and Instinct... Immune System, and the Source of your Well-Being.



Have you ever wondered about your instincts and your fears? Have you ever gone against your instinct only for it to be revealed later that your inbuilt system was correct?

Are you sometimes struggling with rational or irrational fears that can be overwhelming?

In this package, you will discover…


  • Why you may feel insecure in the world and understand why…and it is generally not what you think…
  • A more thorough understanding of Survival Fears, including your own
  • More about survival, instinct, intuition
  • If you are Splenic, and want to understand how Your Authority works
  • Your genetically encoded fears
  • Which fears are you here to be wise about?



Primal Survival: The Splenic Center




Suppose you could watch a few videos and understand your primal fears of survival, and how they are designed to keep you safe, including the fears of


  • Failure, Authority, Responsibility & Inadequacy
  • The Past & The Future
  • Death


The Human Design System can help you understand the purpose of these fears, and how to deal with them


"When the mind tells you something, it can tell you the same thing all your life. But not your Spleen. Your Spleen only speaks once.” Ra Uru Hu


Feeling secure and having a sense of well-being in our lives are fundamental needs and whether you have a defined or undefined Splenic Center, you can have a sense of healthy security no matter your definition… as long as you are honoring your true nature.

Well-being is the domain of a healthy, properly functioning Splenic Center.



Introducing…Primal Survival: The Splenic Center


Ra Uru Hu created three 30 minute Rave Bodygraph Series videos (Intuition, Instinct, and Judgment) in which you will explore the Splenic Center, the very first Awareness Center, and all the connected gates and channels.

Which of these powerful secrets are you designed to be wise about to tame your survival fears?


  • Awareness of Potential Solutions to Logical Problems?
  • Awareness to hear Truth and Intuition in the Now?
  • Awareness (Instinct) for the Talents and Potentials of others?
  • Awareness to be Responsible for the Preservation of Others?
  • Awareness of what Can Be Transformed to Support Your Tribe?
  • Empowerment of When to Struggle for Purpose in Life?
  • Awareness of Patterns that Need to Be Corrected… plus lots more?



You'll also get the 30 minute Splenic Authority Video, a helpful insight into how Splenic people are designed to follow their Personal Authority.


"You go into any accident ward in a hospital and you’re going to find Splenic people who will say to you, ‘I just knew it. I knew it was going to happen.’ Yeah. It only tells you once." Ra Uru Hu


How much for this package, you may ask…? Well seeing that the holiday season is close, we decided that everyone could benefit from "Primal Survival: The Splenic Center" and priced it at $47 (normally valued at $80).


Human Design has not only given me the last piece of the puzzle, but also the path I should be on… My degree is in Psychology and I have no idea how anyone in that field could do their clients justice without considering their Human Design chart. Again…it's the missing piece of the puzzle…one that we simply cannot do without.” Jan Erickson



Primal Survival: The Splenic Center




100% Risk-Free Guarantee:

Your success in using these Splenic Center Videos by Ra Uru Hu is completely guaranteed:

I personally guarantee that if you watch these videos in combination with looking at your Human Design Chart, you’ll get a better grasp on why you have Primal Survival Fears and the potential for Awareness that is imprinted deeply within your being.

If after a full 10 days you believe I haven’t delivered on this promise, please let me know and I’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

It's easy to get started right away. Order now and get ready to understand the Primal Survival Fears.






Primal Survival: The Splenic Center



Includes the following products:

This product participates in the Jovian Endowment Discount program.

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The Jovian Endowment is a special educational service of Jovian Archive.

Projector Endowment

Projectors are designed to master systems before they can truly recognize and be recognized.

Human Design recognizes the unique learning curve required by Projectors before they can fully begin to live out their experiment.

Unlike energy Types, Projectors require extensive education which can be expensive.

Jovian Archive is pleased to sponsor the Projector Endowment.

If you are a Projector you are entitled to a 20% discount on selected Jovian products and services.

Saturn Endowment

As more and more young people are being attracted to the knowledge and its life transforming mechanics, Jovian Archive recognizes that younger students seeking to enter an educational program may face material obstacles.

Given this, Jovian Archive is pleased to sponsor the Saturn Endowment.

If you are under the age of twenty eight years you are entitled to a 20% discount on select Jovian products and services.

How to Register

To register for a Jovian Endowment please send us an email with Projector Endowment or Saturn Endowment as the subject with your Birth Data included, and a scanned copy of your ID to verify your birth date to: office@jovianarchive.com.


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