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A Guide to Aware Parenting
Price : $147.00


“Is Your Child Dealing with Depression,
Prescription Drugs, or Other Difficulties?”

Are You Wondering If You’re Being a Good Parent?


Dear Friends,

If the Human Design System has only one use, then this is ultimately what the knowledge is for… RAISING YOUR CHILDREN.

I’ve had the serendipity of being raised according to my Design from a very early age, and Human Design has always been a part of my life.

Now, that doesn't mean I don’t have good days and bad days just like everybody else—life is too complex for that—but it was my good fortune.

Here are a few highlights from my experience…

  • Growing up with proper guidance led me to feel at ease and aware of myself and others
  • Understanding myself from a young age, and more important, when I was acting out of my openness (Oh the surprise, at 16, of suddenly noticing how powerful my open Throat was!)
  • Learning to trust myself, whether it comes to making decisions or simply responding to life

Life doesn’t always have to be a struggle. Granted, not everyone has an easy incarnation, but for the incoming generations there is nothing more valuable than being nurtured and allowed to grow up as oneself.

There are all kinds of parenting books (Dr. Spock, anyone?) out there that give you “THE solution” to raising healthy, happy kids.


But what if you could buy a book that was written about your child in particular?
Wouldn’t you choose that book instead of one written for all children in general?



If you raise your children according to their nature, they’re not going to have to get into the deconditioning business. They’re going to work through their life being able to see how to make decisions correctly as themselves.

It’s not about hammering them. I don’t propagandize my children, I never have. It’s not about that. It’s not about trying to be the great positive conditioning force. I want to be there to be able to remind them of their uniqueness.

This is my job. If I can constantly remind them of their uniqueness, if I can reward their uniqueness, if I can provide them with keys that are necessary for them in making decisions in their life, I’ve done a great job, because that’s the whole point.

~ Ra Uru Hu
A Human Design Guide to Parenting


Using Human Design, you’ll discover parenting is no longer the kind of struggle it once was. With the understanding it helps you develop, you can see your child for who they are, rather than what the world conditions them to be. Family conditioning (in Human Design, this is also known as Penta—3-5 people—conditioning), can be devastating. Why? Because this dynamic seeks homogenization… Behaviors that arise when people strive to fit in…

Just because you love your child doesn't mean you’re giving them the very best start in life—unless you know how to understand, treat and feed them, you could be doing unintentional harm.

For example…

  • Does your child have eating peculiarities? Some individuals are like that! Doesn't mean anything is wrong
  • Was your child slow to speak? Do measurements of your child’s progress like these make you anxious?
  • Does your child seem melancholic? Do you think that is ok?
  • What if they’ve got an “individual” channel, one that brings moodiness? Instead of guiding them to express their beautiful creative potential in those moments, do you treat them as though something is wrong with their nature and have the Doctor prescribe antidepressants because they are “depressed’?



How many children do you have in America now that are drugged, and I don’t mean with recreational drugs. The kinds of drugs that are so disorienting and detrimental to the development of these human beings.

It’s just about seeing their design. It isn’t about anything more profound than that. The moment that you can see clearly the differentiated potential of your child, then how can you not do anything but support that uniqueness regardless of what the neighbors say?

~ Ra Uru Hu
A Human Design Guide to Parenting


Parenting is ultimately what this knowledge is for, why it’s here and how it can really impact the world. Your child’s true strengths, talents and gifts can be nurtured in a way that wasn’t possible before Ra systemized the information into a framework that people could learn and use in a practical way.


Announcing… A Guide to Aware Parenting

Learning directly from the source of the Human Design System gives you an advantage, allowing you to hear exactly how this knowledge can and should be applied to children.

Parenting is about Awareness. Human Design provides the blueprint of what makes your child unique. Expanding your awareness of understanding how truly unique and special each child is can do wonders for your experience of parenting and family life.



It’s got to be clear to you that this is a question of consciousness. I will give you nice techniques. But really, you have to grasp this is about consciousness, it’s about being aware.

And it’s about seeing that the moment that you have the gift—it’s a gift—to be able to see the design of your children, your friend’s children, your grandchildren, whatever it may be, that in that gift of being able to see them you can give them something very special.

You can give them a guidance that will enrich the rest of their lives, and will allow them to stay within themselves despite what the world around them is. This is what it’s all about.

~ Ra Uru Hu
A Human Design Guide to Parenting


Here’s what A Guide to Aware Parenting helps you do:

  • Discover the 3 keys in your Child’s Human Design, and the strategies and techniques to nurture them accordingly
  • Understand your child’s uniqueness and why you most likely see the world differently. Just because you love your child doesn’t mean you’re truly supporting them
  • Become aware of your child’s needs including their sleep strategy, why drugs generally aren't the answer and what “depression” really is...



When you add the unhealthiness of the way they’re conditioned in their sleep pattern to the way they’re conditioned in their consciousness, it’s no wonder you have these children that have problems, children who are incredibly obese in the West. It’s not just America.

~ Ra Uru Hu
A Human Design Guide to Parenting



A Guide to Aware Parenting

Material valued at CAD 180, but available to you at CAD 147.




Product Overview


Product #1: Nurturing a Unique Being
Audio Course: 2 hours
Value: $97

Nurturing a Unique Being is a practical and inspiring audio course that teaches you how to raise your child correctly. Consisting of two one-hour lectures, it helps you learn about the Primary Health System nutritional strategies, as well as Design and Type guidelines


Product #2: A Human Design Guide to Parenting
Audio Lecture: 1 hours 18 minutes
Value: $47

A beautifully informative lecture in which Ra explains how to let your children grow up in a way that is correct for them. This lecture is an invaluable guide on how to see what your children need in their life according to their unique design. Ra covers the Types and Lines in depth, and touches on Angles and key Centers. You’ll receive strategies and techniques to benefit your parenting and your child.


Product #3: Raising Children According to their Design
Audio Lecture: 59 minutes
Value: $37

This 1-hour journey into raising your child correctly starts with you—the parent. It is about being present in their lives. Your responsibility is to be aware of their particular needs, not to mould and shape them in your image. Instead, watch the mechanics, be amazed, and nurture them.

Here’s a look at what Ra covers:

  • General techniques to analyze what is best for your child, even at the earliest stages
  • Advanced mechanics of the BodyGraph: Revealing the importance of Dietary Regimen and Environment
  • Based on Variables, the difference between Left and Right-minded children, and techniques to nurture them.
  • Detailed overviews of each Type and how to allow them to grow up correctly. 



For a long time, if I was in a bad mood--they fought. What I learned from Human Design was that I am the emotional barometer of the household, so if I was in a bad mood my kids felt it twice the degree. I had to learn to be emotionally responsible, and when I was in a bad mood I simply told my boys I was retreating to my studio, as this low is also a highly creative time if we use it wisely. I would emerge more balanced emotionally, and got a few new cool creations out of it too, and saw my boys fight way less.

Your kids are only as good as the captain of the ship--for one being emotionally defined and two being open. I learned to be responsible with my emotions when it came to their emotional well being.”

~ Christy



A Guide to Aware Parenting

Material valued at CAD 180, but available to you at CAD 147.




100% Risk-Free Jovian Archive Guarantee:

If you listen to and read this material in combination with looking at your child’s Human Design Chart you'll gain a deeper understanding of how to parent according to their unique design, and nurture them correctly.

If after a full ten days, you believe we haven't delivered on this promise of the Human Design System, please let us know and we'll issue you a prompt refund.

Order now and get started immediately on your path towards a deeper understanding of your child’s needs and a more rewarding parenting experience.

Warm regards,
Loki Krakower-Riley

P.S. Place your order by next Wednesday to take advantage these valuable bonus materials!


Includes the following products:

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Not-Self: Who's Really In Charge?
Price : $247.00


If I asked you…

“Who’s In Charge Of Your Life?”

- What would you say?


Dear Reader,

Let's take a look at the world around us and at the human beings you know in this life...

Imagine going up to any individual and asking them, “Who's in charge of your life?”

If you ask any human being (not that they would say their wife or their lover or their husband or their friend or god, or whatever, because they wouldn't dare say that…)

...they would say, "I'm in charge. I'm in charge of my life." You ask just about anybody, that's what they'll really say to you. "I'm in charge of my life. Of course, I am."

And who is saying that?

Let’s have a closer look…

Now obviously, when you first come into the world, you’re helpless in that sense… And obviously, out of that helplessness and out of that dependency you look to the natural authority—your caregivers— who nurture you.

So, everybody is trained to give up authority from the moment they come into the world, correct?

And then, we take that natural shifting of authority, this nurturing authority that is there to help the young come into the world, and we keep that as a fixed pattern throughout life. The child, in essence, is never given its own authority. It is simply controlled by layers and layers and layers and layers and layers of authority.

So, through this handing over of authority, we become conditioned on how to think and act...

Do you still think you’re in charge?

Let’s dig a little deeper...

It is through your ‘Open’ or ‘Undefined’ centers and gates that you become conditioned by the ‘Other,’ whether an individual, the neutrino ‘weather’, or society as a whole.

Operating your life from this point of view is what we call “Not-Self.”

Think about what it means for the Not-Self being who lives in their mind and has given authority to their mind…

Now, as we’ve seen, your mind is based entirely on the conditioning that you receive from other human beings. It means in the moment you think you're making a decision as your own authority, in fact you’re not, never have, and perhaps never will… Because it's all based on the layers and layers of authority you have taken in that have controlled the very nature of your life.

Nobody is in charge there. The program is running your life, just as it’s running everybody else’s…

What does it mean to be in charge? It goes back to the very premise of this knowledge – it is about movement in space.

This is the true physics: everything is moving in space. Everything about our existence is about navigating. Those navigations are so, so subtle and yet they make the whole difference in life—do you do this or do you do that?

If you do that, you're going over there and if you do this, you're coming over here. These are different tracks, different journeys. And if you're going that way, you’ll see what you see over there. And if you're coming this way, you’ll see what you see over here.

And how do you decide between this and that, you who thinks you're in charge?

"I'm in charge; I'm going to go that way." Why?

  • Is it because of your open Heart/Ego and you wanted to prove that you're worthy?
  • Or is it because of your open Spleen that you're just holding on to the same old stuff?
  • Is it because you've got an open G and you're lost and you think you'll find something over there?
  • Or maybe because you've got an open Ajna Center and you're pretending that you're certain...

You don't know, because you're not in charge… You're not capable of being in charge… Mind is not.

Oh, mind is beautiful… in its place. And its place is not driving the vehicle (your biological form). It doesn't know where to go. And it means you're never in charge of your life. So, you don't get what's there for you. You don't get to see what's possible. The only way you can be in charge is by turning over the authority in your life to your vehicle.

And it's only about decision-making; remember that, it's only about decision-making.

The moment there is a decision in front of you, it has to come out of your inner authority. Otherwise, you’re not navigating as yourself. And if you’re not navigating as yourself, you're never going to get to that destination that is your right. It is the only way you can be in ‘charge’ of your life; the only way you can be fulfilled in this life.

Who do you trust? Who do you rely on to keep you alive? Who do you rely on to give you that sense of well-being? Who do you rely on for all those things you think you need? It is the other. And to the other you give that authority. Human beings are always giving away their authority. They do it all the time. They don't have any authority of their own.

Do you want to understand a better way?



What you can rely on you’ve never relied on in your life.
What you can’t trust you’ve been trying to trust all your life.
What you have been trusting has never been you.
What you’ve been ignoring has always been you.
Try to trust what's really you and see what happens.

~ Ra Uru Hu


If you want to live as your true self, it’s essential to discover who you are not—what your mind has tried to make you do and say your whole life.


Announcing… The “Not-Self: Who’s Really In Charge?” Manual
7 hours of multimedia material

Giving up your identification with your Not-Self mind’s reasons why you make the choices you do isn’t an easy thing. Your lifetime of behavioral patterns takes education and time practicing your Strategy and Authority to get back to the true you. This package solves your need for education. Do you have it within you to understand your mind and learn to observe it rather than take advice from it?

Benefits of the Not-Self: Who's in Charge?:

  • Experience a breakthrough in your self-awareness
  • Reveal the inner workings of your Mind
  • See why it is so life-changing to follow your Strategy and Authority




My open heart and my mind punished me for years. It was SO hard and painful. Human design showed me the Not-Self talk of the open heart. I learned to accept it, and rather quickly, the pain fell away.

~ Wade Pajares
Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner




Oh yes, I would dearly recommend Human Design to anyone. Anyone, that is, who is ready to perhaps have their life change forever. If you ask me, there is nothing more valuable than the process of peeling away the layers of conditioning and getting back to the core of who you are.

~ Christian Blom
Living Your Design Guide



“Not-Self: Who’s Really In Charge?”
Includes 7 hours of audio/visual material




Product Overview


Product #1: The Wa Immersion - The Not-Self Series
2 hours and 50 minutes of video presentation - $75

How are you conditioned? How can you avoid getting caught up in the mind’s control trip? This 3-part course includes how to recognize and understand the Not-Self, and further, how to identify the major conditioning fields in your life, or the life of others.

The audio recordings of this live course have been edited into three videos, each supplemented with visual material to help you easily follow the lecture.


Product #2: Not-Self Purpose - Or the Madness of Being Normal
1 hour 1 minute audio - $45

Are you curious about the homogenized world and the false purposes that both drive and control humanity? Discover the immense impact being “Normal” can have on your life.


Product #3: Open Centers without Activations
1 hour 2 minute audio - $29

Are there any completely Open Centers in your BodyGraph (No Gate activations whatsoever)? Would you like to regain control of your life and find out why you may be abdicating your authority to others?


Product #4: The Not-Self
57 minute video - $35

The insights in this video are profound! Among them Ra shows you:

  • The deep conditioning of your openness, and why it can be so seductive
  • How to turn your shadows into gifts when openness becomes a source of wisdom through living your Strategy & Authority
  • How to use your mind to watch your Not-Self, taking you a huge step toward awareness and self-love


Product #5: Never Mind
28 minute video - $20

Mind vs Body… Ra explores the traps of the Not-Self mind in this video from the book of letters.


Product #6: Attraction & Resonance
26 minute video - $20

Ra explores the basic duality of our genetic programming and offers guidance in your process of becoming your unique, true self.


Product #7: The Madness of the ‘Normal’ Mind
27 minute video - $20

What are the effects of your openness? How does the program impact you daily? What is the “normal” processing through the open Centers?

Conditioning is not your enemy—ignorance is your enemy. When you understand and recognize the forces of conditioning, you can use your Authority to navigate your life.


Product #8: Who is in Charge?
27 minute video - $20

One of the most important questions when it comes to self-transformation… Who’s in Charge?

We are conditioned from the moment of birth to think our mind is correctly in charge, but in fact, most of the time your mind is making decisions based on the openness in your Design, not what you authentically are here to be.



“Not-Self: Who’s Really In Charge?”
Includes 7 hours of audio/visual material






I use the Human Design system when I am counselling clients. In the beginning, by comparing my thorough analysis of the problems with the chart of my client, guess what: HD describes the Not-Self, and it shows the problems that my analysis revealed.

~ Heidi Nuis
Coach, Counselor, Healer & Reader




Following my Strategy and Authority has shifted how I relate to people. I know what my role is and how to be with others. In the past I was coming from my conditioning, like an open throat, always trying to get attention. Now that I know that about me, I rest in being quiet and wait until it is time to speak or not. My relationships in life have also been affected by having fewer people but higher quality and more pleasurable experiences with others.

~ ReGina Concotelli
Professional Coach and Facilitator



100% Risk-Free Jovian Archive Guarantee:

If you listen to and read this material in combination with looking at your Human Design Chart you'll gain a deeper understanding of your mind, openness, and conditioning.

If after a full ten days you believe we haven't delivered on this promise of the Human Design System, please let us know and we'll issue you a prompt refund.

It's easy to begin right away. Order now and get started immediately on your path toward a life of more mental ease.

Warm regards,
Loki Krakower-Riley



Includes the following products:

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Past • Present • Future
Price : $197.00

What Do The
Past, Present, & Future
Mean To You?

Does the Present Feel Chaotic and Uncertain?

Wondering Where this Build-up of Tension in the World is Heading?

Dear Friend,

The recent events of “Brexit” are yet another indication of large bureaucratic structures breaking down. Did you know the UK doesn’t have its own Constitution just now? Why? Because after relying on the EU for so long, now they have to govern themselves again.

Everything we take for granted–schools, hospitals, police, banks, governments–the support mechanisms we rely on, are slowly falling apart. You can see it happening with online education, global networks replacing the very things that we thought would always be there.

Truth is, it’s no one’s fault… There’s simply no stopping it. However, through understanding what is going on, you can be prepared for what else is coming.

The teachings of Ra Uru Hu through the Human Design System finally explain why it’s happening, how it got to this point, and where it’s all heading...

A little background:

Humanity is influenced by something called the Global Cycles. Since 1615 our global background frequency has been the Cross of Planning. In summary, the last 400 years have basically revolved around establishing and supporting communities, seeking out talent and gaining as much knowledge as possible.

But in 2027, this 412-year cycle our world is built on will come to an end. Not only does this bring an end to something we’ve become very accustomed to and rely on, but the next Global Cycle is entirely different...


We cannot live in this world today and not realize that something is really breaking down. Everything points to this. We are living in changing times and all of us are being affected deeply. When I see what is happening around the world, I see the bigger picture at work: The Global Consciousness Program.

~ Mary Ann Winiger

Ra said it repeatedly: This knowledge is here for future generations.

Once you understand where we’re heading, this statement truly starts to make sense. We’re approaching an age when relying on–and trusting–yourself becomes paramount to your survival.

We can see this if we care to notice. The technological revolution in solar power and battery technology will enable us to be far more independent from the “system.”

With future Internet connections covering every square millimetre of the planet and a flight between Sydney & London only taking one hour; what possibilities might exist for us?

Unless we bring something unique to our fellow man (by living correctly as ourselves, plus expressing our unique “outer authority”), it will likely be a difficult future for many.

The signs are there. Would you like to have a peek to understand more fully what is going on around us?


Presenting the...

“Past • Present • Future” special offer

Ra’s love for and knowledge of history makes this an inspiring journey through the ages, from as far back as 1615 and as far into the future as 2027 and beyond. If you’ve ever wanted a comprehensive look at how the Human Design System explains the multiplicity of forces at work that shape us and our world, this is it.

Here’s a look at some of what Past • Present • Future offers:

  • Explanations for the explosion of the industrial age and all the societal accoutrements it brought, and why it’ll all slowly fade away
  • Understand why a new Type of human (us) was born in 1781…
  • See in Intricate detail the factors contributing to the Solar Plexus Mutation and its impact on our species
  • Gain insights into why autism is more common today
  • A deep course on Pluto and its psychological effect on us as a species, entire generations at a time
  • Prophecy on the coming “Raves”—humans as different from us as we are from our ancestors



Past • Present • Future

• 20+ Hours •
Value of CAD 441 • Available to you at CAD 197
Save $244 •




Product Overview

Product #1: The Rave History Series
3 Audio Courses - 15 Lectures: 14 hours 51 minutes
Current Value: $291
Original Value: $1,875

The World is Changing.

The Cross of Planning has been our background frequency since 1615, giving rise to the global community we all recognize. But, in 2027, the energy that fueled all these community structures comes to an end—to be replaced by the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix, which will have an entirely different effect.

What does this mean for us? Has this happened before? How deeply has our world been affected by global programming?

The Rave History Series delves into all this and much more, revealing the truth of our history from an entirely new angle. As Ra said:

“No one had ever looked at history from the perspective of the program, the way history was programmed, the way incarnation expresses itself and affects the world we live in.”


Product #2: The 2027 Series
5 Audio Lecture: 5 hours 42 minutes
Value: $150

Very few subjects are as fascinating as the coming emergence of a new species. The 4-step mutative process of the Solar Plexus, the resulting emergence of a new species, and the phenomenon of increasing cases of Autism all tie together.

Explore this new stage of evolution and the factors driving it as we get closer to 2027, and discover:

  • Why Autism is becoming more common
  • The vast changes that will impact humanity through the 19th Gate post 2027
  • What the relationship and mythology of Pluto, Eris, and Sedna have to do with 2027
  • Why the path of the Eden and the Service generation were born between August 2005 and January 2006
  • The mechanics of the Cycle and the closing of this ‘Door,‘ and what lies ahead



Past • Present • Future

• 20+ Hours •
Value of CAD 441 • Available to you at CAD 197
Save $244 •




100% Risk-Free Jovian Archive Guarantee:

Listening to and reading this material, you will gain a deeper understanding of our evolutionary movement as a species—past, present, and future.

As with all of Jovian’s promotional products, this offer comes with an unconditional ten-days money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, please let us know and we’ll issue a full refund.

Warm regards,
Loki Krakower-Riley


Includes the following products:

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Revealed Secrets of the Dream State
Price : $247.00


“Are You Living the Dream?”

Maybe it’s Time to Reconsider What’s Going On
While You Are Asleep...


Dear Reader,

Have you ever seen the movie ‘The Matrix’? It’s a favorite for many (including Ra) and a fantastic analogy for “what we think is real.

You’ve heard about conditioning in general, but what happens when you sleep? Dream State conditioning takes place on another level while you’re in a very vulnerable state.

Did you know your chemistry is different while you sleep?

This is because you actually have a different design when you’re asleep. It’s called a DreamRave. The BodyGraph matrix changes when you’re in an unconscious state and you become susceptible to the program.

And you would think that when you wake up in the morning, you leave the dream and its conditioning forces behind… Well, no, you don’t. Your dream is literally your daily programming instructions.

One of the most fascinating things when you understand this mechanism is that you can watch the transits of your sleep and you’ll be able to see precisely what’s coming.

This is what’s so fascinating about mechanics. You cut through the illusion about the dream and the dreamer and you get to see the programmer and the programmed.



One of the things to grasp about the waking state is that the only way one can maintain one’s correctness is you have to follow that Strategy and Authority, the decision making process from the moment you awaken until the moment that you lie down. 

In that way, whatever the dream programming is, this is not something that is conditioning you. You are a vehicle of it, it moves through you as everything else, but it does not have to have a hold on you.

It does not become part of the layers and layers and layers of homogenization. And you can only break with that by operating correctly in the awakened state.

~ Ra Uru Hu


So what else can help you?

  • Going to sleep correctly for your Type and sleeping in your own aura prepares you to enter into the dream state so what you take from it is of value to you
  • Sharing your dreams with others can be a way of dispelling nightmares
  • DreamRave study is a rewarding way of analyzing dreams that can empower you to let go of what isn't your authentic waking truth

As with everything in Human Design though, in the end, it comes back to one thing: “Follow Your Strategy and Authority.


So, what does Human Design have to offer you in terms of understanding the forces you meet every night, whether you consciously remember what happened or not? Do you want to discover

  • how you are—just as everyone else is—impacted by the program?
  • how the program can influence you from your dreams, even while you’re awake, challenging your ability to connect with your unique purpose?
  • whether your dreams are coming from the “Light Field,” the “Earth Plane” or the “Demon Realm”?
  • or a combination of all three?


Get ready to have one of the most profound insights into how deeply you are conditioned by the transiting neutrino program—not when you’re awake, but when you’re most vulnerable—in your dream state.



It’s the way the program keeps us all aligned.

But this is a not-self planet. This is a world we live in where the level of consciousness is frightening. And you take it in, and it programs you while you sleep.

The chaos, the lack of awareness, all of the deep, deep problems that go with every type who doesn’t function correctly—the anger, the frustration, the bitterness, the disappointment, how profound it is. And it’s programming us. And you wake up as not-self, and this is what you’re carrying inside of you.

~ Ra Uru Hu


Would you like to understand how each of us is uniquely programmed while we sleep?


Introducing...“Revealed Secrets of The Dream State” - The Dream Rave

DreamRave conditioning is powerful. But understanding how dreams function and what to do to alleviate their influence on you can be highly empowering.


DreamRave offers you fascinating mechanical knowledge:

  • The Type changes and what they all mean to you
  • The Night (Programming) Forces and their “propaganda” revealed: The Light Field, The Earth Plane & The Demon Realm
  • 49 Gates disappear when you go to sleep, 15 remain
  • 4 Centers also disappear when you go to sleep, 5 remain


The profound benefits of "Revealed Secrets of the Dream State":

  • Discover how you are programmed in your sleep, gate by gate
  • Receive you own DreamRave Chart (Just send us your birth data)
  • See how you are conditioned by your DreamRave design, and the impact this has on your waking life
  • Finally understand how humanity is influenced to fulfill the program while we sleep



Revealed Secrets of The Dream State
Includes 9+ hours of multimedia material valued available to you at CAD 247.




Product Overview


Product #1: DreamRave Introduction: The Design of a Dreamer (Night Forces)
Home-Study Course: 6 Audio Lectures, 5 hours and 56 minutes
eBook: Proofed, Edited, Illustrated, 88+ pages
Value: $197

A potent, magical and practical journey into the mechanics and interpretations of DreamRave mechanics. The Night Force series delves into the details of the dreamscape - The Light Field, The Earth Plane, The Demon Realm. Discover your dream persona and how this affects your waking Rave


Product #2: The DreamRave
Audio Lecture: 1 hours and 15 minutes
Value: $27

How are you designed in Sleep? Ra gives us an informative and practical introduction to sleep and the mechanics of the DreamRave.


Product #3: The Dream State Revealed
Video Lecture: 26 minutes
Value: $20

How do we break through the shroud our dream state cocoons us in while we Sleep? Ra shares a view of what is the deepest conditioning we go through in our dreams—very different from what you think dreams are. Here are the principles of the mechanics of the DreamRave.


Product #4: The Dream Rave
Video Lecture: 57 minutes
Value: $35

Ra covers what the DreamRave is not—and what it is. When we wake, our individual “weak points” powerfully point us toward what is not correct. Learn how to go to sleep correctly and protect yourself according to your design.




Revealed Secrets of The Dream State
Includes 9+ hours of multimedia material valued available to you at CAD 247.




100% Risk-Free Jovian Archive Guarantee:

If you listen to and read this material in combination with looking at your Human Design Charts you'll gain a deeper understanding of The DreamRave, including how you are programmed in your sleeping Design, and how this affects your waking design.

If after a full ten days you believe we haven't delivered on this promise of the Human Design System, please let us know and we'll issue you a prompt refund.

It's easy to begin right away. Order now and get started immediately on your path toward a deeper understanding of dream mechanics.

Warm regards,
Loki Krakower-Riley


Includes the following products:

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The Gods and You
Price : $147.00


Your Guide to The Gods…

Do You Know Which of the
16 Key Archetypal Gods (The Godheads)
Are Controlling Your Life

Dear Reader,

Have you ever wondered, like I have many times, why so many gods have dominated human consciousness throughout history in EVERY culture?

In fact, there are nearly four thousand weird and wonderful Gods, Supreme Beings, Demons, Spirits and Fabulous Beasts from all over the world, including ancient legends and folklore, with Gods of everything from Fertility to Fluff…

I mean, really… even I (Loki), am named after a Norse god... 

Just about all of our action movies reflect the collective consciousness, like Star Wars, The Avengers… They all engage in a battle between good and evil, or show the Hero’s journey.

Admit it, we love our Super Heroes, don’t we? Are you even hoping for superpowers, or sometimes engrossed with these mythological creations because you seek God-like abilities, along with the power they bring?


If you do not know the Godheads, you don't know what conditioning really is, where it comes from, how come it has become so all-pervasive.

In my 18 years of study with Ra I have done more courses than anyone can imagine, including me, but very few struck and delighted me like this one, transforming forever the way I look at everything in the relationship between the Rave Chart and the Rave Mandala.

And of course, all the students I had after knowing this have benefited from it as well. One should not die without knowing this.

~ Alokanand Diaz


Would you like to discover how you are influenced by your own godhead and how you can use this to your advantage? Understanding the mythical forces at work in your life can have a powerful effect on your transformation.

The “forces,” these Gods, condition and shape our world. Though we are powerless to change that, we don’t have to be a mindless slave to them. They control our perceptions and actions. They impact our reality…


The Gods and You
(Including a free download)

An introduction to the godly themes at work in each quarter, giving you the context for an exploration into the mythology of your personal Godhead.

This offer gives you a grounding in how how you are here to fulfill your life purpose. Plus a special bonus just for you…

In The Gods and You:

  • Gain a basic understanding of the 16 Faces of the Godheads, and a thorough overview of the 4 Quarters of the Mandala
  • Discover the impact the Gods (or Forces) have in your life, and how they potentially condition you
  • Most importantly, discover how you are influenced by your own Godhead


The Gods and You
Product Overview

You will receive the 5 essential parts to understanding the Godhead:

  • The Faces of the Quarter of Initiation
  • The Faces of the Quarter of Civilization
  • The Faces of the Quarter of Duality
  • The Faces of the Quarter of Mutation
  • The End (Final lecture)

That’s five 1-hour lectures valued at $150.

And if you haven’t already, please download the Introduction Lecture completely free of charge, or listen to it now:

Additionally, you will receive:

Product #6: The Program and the Godhead
1 hour video - values of $35

You cannot fight “the Program,” or prevent these forces from influencing you, but you can free yourself from the potential impact this has on your decision making.


Special Bonus: Your Godhead
1 hour audio lecture - value of $30

With a foundational understanding of the impact the Godheads have on our lives, discover the influence your particular Godhead has on yours.

Send us your chart, your Personality Sun, or your Godhead and we’ll add your unique Godhead lecture to your account.



The Gods and You includes 7 hours of educational material
valued at CAD 215, but available to you at CAD 147.





Once you understand the basic quality of each of these 16 Faces it becomes an insight into the way in which a human being is mystically programmed by specific forces.

~ Ra Uru Hu


100% Risk-Free Jovian Archive Guarantee:

If you listen and read this material in combination with looking at your Human Design Chart you'll gain a deeper understanding of the ‘Forces’ or Gods at work from a mechanical perspective, the Human Design Mandala, and the Quarters. Plus, you'll have a much deeper grasp of the BodyGraph and Human Design in general.

If after a full ten days you believe we haven't delivered on this promise of the Human Design System, please let us know and we'll issue you a prompt refund. Plus, the bonus is yours to keep regardless.

It's easy to get started right away. Order now and get started immediately on your path to an understanding of the great mysteries of life.

Warm regards,
Loki Krakower-Riley


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Myths, Mysteries and Forces of the Gods

Myths, Mysteries and Forces of the Gods includes all of the above, and much, much more... Providing the most comprehensive Human Design package on Gods and Mythology ever offered.

You will discover:

  • Everything there is to know about the 16 Faces of the Godhead, including how to deal with the deep conditioning from your own
  • The “Forces” you (and everyone else) are designed to meet, and the impact this has on your life… Gods, Aliens, Angels, Demons, Ghosts…
  • Your Role, and the guidance to successfully navigate your life. What is your purpose, and how do you get there?
  • The foundation and history of mysticism, the framework of spirituality, our relationship to God, and what drives you towards awakening
  • All the Gates, Angles, Incarnation Crosses, and Profile knowledge that you can apply to your life and that of others

For more information please click here.


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Projector Endowment

Projectors are designed to master systems before they can truly recognize and be recognized.

Human Design recognizes the unique learning curve required by Projectors before they can fully begin to live out their experiment.

Unlike energy Types, Projectors require extensive education which can be expensive.

Jovian Archive is pleased to sponsor the Projector Endowment.

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Given this, Jovian Archive is pleased to sponsor the Saturn Endowment.

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