Welcome to Jovian Archive, the official site of the Human Design System and the work of Ra Uru Hu.

The Archive contains an extensive collection of Ra's teachings in the form of audio recordings, educational videos and digital books. We offer information and education on a wide selection of topics for newcomers to Design and advanced students or professionals. We also provide the official Human Design chart calculating software programs: Maia Mechanics Imaging and Jovian Mobile. For further information please contact us at office@jovianarchive.com

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Not-Self: Who's Really In Charge?

If I asked you… “Who’s In Charge Of Your Life?” - What would you say? Let's take a look at the world around us and at the human beings you know in this life. Imagine going up to any individual...


The Tribulations of Not-Self Generosity

Have you been indulging in Not-Self generosity?
Doing things because your mind says so, rather than moving forward in alignment with your true nature?


Bernie Sanders - Warrior of the Wa

Projector leadership is very different from the leadership style of the Manifestor. Would you like to read about how Projector Bernie Sanders is designed to lead?


IHDS: International Human Design School

The Official Gateway to Human Design Education HERE.
The 2016 IHDS Summer Brochure HERE.

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