Videos matching: Rave New Year Forecast 2014

  • The Rave

    The Rave

    Join Ra in taking a multi-faceted look at the mutations we are currently experiencing. Understand the four stages of mutation of the Solar Plexus Center and how they will eliminate the emotional wave.
  • The Dream Rave

    The Dream Rave

    How do we take in information while we are asleep? How does it affect conditioning? Learn how to sleep correctly and protect your aura according to your design.
  • The 6/2 Profile

    The 6/2 Profile

    Learn how the 6th line goes through a three-stage maturation process, and about the distinctly different qualities of each stage Why the 6/2 is a unique role model of living naturally as themselves.
  • The 3/6 Profile

    The 3/6 Profile

    Explore how the 3rd-line theme of trial and error creates resilience. Learn about the 6th-line role model and its potential for wisdom as it moves through its three-part life process.
  • IBI09 Variables - PRR DRL

    IBI09 Variables - PRR DRL

    Select your Variable, Discover its Beauties and Dilemmas. What does it mean to be part of an evolutionary movement and to bridge what is coming? The importance of your relationships that define your process.
  • The G: The Diamond at the Center of Being

    The G: The Diamond at the Center of Being

    The wonders of the G Center and how it controls the Rave Mandala wheel. Learn about the Magnetic Monopole, our sense of identity and direction. Explore the mechanisms and roles of the 8 gates of the G Center.
  • Beginning Without Intent

    Beginning Without Intent

    What would it be like to live in a world without winners and losers, and without ego strategies? Discover the new way of uniqueness and differentiation which lead to personal transformation.
  • Projector


    Learn why 20% of the population is ‘not here to work’ and what it means to be truly recognized and invited. Understand the gift of mastering systems and how to move from bitterness to success.
  • IBI09 Variables - PRR DLR

    IBI09 Variables - PRR DLR

    Select your Variable, Discover its Beauties and Dilemmas. How to align a busy, active brain with a receptive Mind/Personality. Learn why you are designed to be calm, passive, and in a natural flow.
  • IBI09 Variables - PRL DRR

    IBI09 Variables - PRL DRR

    Discover how you are designed to have a new and different kind of cognition. How to properly nourish your receptive brain. Learn how to support your uniqueness through passively taking in information.