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Mechanics of the Maia - Definition (Video Series) (Special Offer)
Price : $77.00




Definition in of itself is an extraordinary thing because it is the life force.
It’s the life force that is at work within us.

Ra Uru Hu


Do you wonder why some people focus on relationships, and others on being independent?

Why is it that some people seek as many connections as possible while others are satisfied with a select few?

Would you like to feel at ease with yourself, and with others?

Human Design has the answers you may be looking for…


Introducing The 4 Types of Definition: Discover How You Are Designed to Connect With Others...

Plus, contained within the information is the discovery of your major "Not-Self" theme that you are probably living out of.




Think about what definition is: It is truly the basis of who you are. This is what you need to tap into.

This is the thing that's going to be there 24/7, all the time, until your last breath. The only thing that's going to be consistent in your life is your definition.

Ra Uru Hu


Definition is consistent and reliable within you. It is the foundation of every Human Design Chart.

Not only does it explain how you interact with, and what you look for in others. It also reveals the source of your conditioning, that is your ‘Not-Self theme”, and how to understand it.

Experimenting with this knowledge can finally bring insight and relief to your life…

Would you like to get clear on your own dominant “Not-Self” theme in your life, as well as discover YOU?




It wasn’t until I discovered what was my dominant “Not-Self” theme in my design; and how I had been living my life until that moment, that finally I had a major awakening, with many layers of illusion instantly shattered - I realised how to really live my life as a Projector

Peter F, Sydney Australia


Introducing: The 4 Types of Definition video package, “Mechanics of the Maia - Definition”, where you will discover...


  • Definition Strengths and Weaknesses, including your own
  • How you Operate, interact with, and what you Look for in Yourself and Others
  • A schematic of the way Energy Flows within you
  • How you are designed to process information
  • Practical Guidance and Tools to live life with less resistance




As a student and Guide myself, one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things I’ve found in life is to truly understand how people operate. The realizations in my life, as well as the positive feedback from the people who reach out to me for advice, have everything to do with the commitment and passion I have for this System and the time I spend immersed with it.

The information from the Definition videos and the two chapters on definition from Ra’s Four Views e-book helped me tremendously in understanding the mechanics of how different kinds of definitions function, and I know they can do the same for you.

Andrea Abay-Abay



Mechanics of the Maia - Definition




Included in the “Mechanics of the Maia - Definition” special offer are four 30 minute videos, each focused on one of the 4 Definition Types.

  • Single Definition: 42% of Humanity
  • Split Definition: 46% of Humanity
  • Triple-Split Definition: 10% of Humanity
  • Quadruple-Split Definition: 0.5% of Humanity




I would gladly recommend Human Design to anyone. Anyone, that is, who is ready to perhaps have their life change forever.

If you ask me, there is nothing more valuable than the process of peeling away the layers of conditioning and getting back to the core of who you are.

Christian Blom, Living Your Design Guide



100% Risk-Free Guarantee:

Your success in using these Definition Videos by Ra Uru Hu is completely guaranteed:

I personally guarantee that if you watch these videos in combination with looking at you and your loved one’s Human Design Charts, you’ll get a better grasp on how you are designed to connect with others, and where the conditioning comes from.

If after a full ten days you believe I haven’t delivered on this promise, please let me know and I’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund. 

It's easy to get started right away. Order now and get ready to discover the Four Types of Definition.



Mechanics of the Maia - Definition



Includes the following products:

  • Single Definition (Videos)
  • Split Definition (Videos)
  • Quadruple Split Definition (Videos)
  • Triple Split Definition (Videos)

This product participates in the Jovian Endowment Discount program.

The Mechanics of the Maia - Authority Series (Special Offer)
Price : $90.00

You are designed to be your own Authority. The neutrino imprinting that defines your definition determines your Type and Authority, giving you a Strategy for correct decision-making.

Strategy and Authority are the keys to correct decision making. In the Mechanics of the Maia - Authority Series, Ra describes the many different forms of Authority. These five half-hour Human Design Videos on the Solar Plexus, Splenic, Sacral, Ego and Self to the Minor Authorities, as well as No Direct Inner Authority, explain everything you need to understand about Authority.

Includes the following products:

  • Inner Authority - No Direct Inner Authority (Videos)
  • Inner Authority - Minor Authorities (Videos)
  • Inner Authority - Sacral (Videos)
  • Inner Authority - Splenic (Videos)
  • Inner Authority - Solar Plexus (Videos)

This product participates in the Jovian Endowment Discount program.

The Wa Immersion - The Not-Self Series (Special Offer)
Price : $75.00

This course provides an insight into how the open areas in your chart cause you to see and react to the world around you in a specific way.

Ra explains how we are conditioned in each of these open areas, and how we can avoid getting caught up in the process.  

This 3-part course is essential for understanding the basics of reading a Human Design chart and identifying the major conditioning fields in your life.

The audio recordings of this live course have been edited into just under 3 hours of video, with additional visual material to supplement the teaching. 

Includes the following products:

  • The Not-Self - Part 3 (Videos)
  • The Not-Self - Part 2 (Videos)
  • The Not-Self - Part 1 (Videos)

This product participates in the Jovian Endowment Discount program.

Ra's Guide to The Movie (Special Offer)
Price : $75.00

Take a journey with Ra Uru Hu as he explores "The Movie".

Ra's Guide to The Movie is a 4-hour journey in which Ra discusses how the program has affected the way we all live our lives. The world around us is our movie and it conditions us all the time. It transforms us, mutates us. Makes us want to be like him or like her, have this or have that... Let go of all of that. Take this journey with Ra and you have an opportunity of discovering who you are and what you are designed for.

Ra wanted this course to be a perfect way to begin ones Human Design journey. With that said, those of you with an extensive knowledge may not find this course overly informative, it would be more of an entertaining story. This is the perfect way to begin to understand the mechanics of the bodygraph and how it relates to our lives.

This 4-hour course was recorded live in January 2011 as a celebration of 24 years of Human Design. It has never before been released. Enjoy the ride.

Includes the following products:

  • Ra's Guide to The Movie: Plots (Part 3) (Audios)
  • Ra's Guide to The Movie: Lines (Part 4) (Audios)
  • Ra's Guide to The Movie: Roles (Part 2) (Audios)
  • Ra's Guide to The Movie: An Introduction (Part 1) (Audios)

This product participates in the Jovian Endowment Discount program.

Manifestor Package (Special Offer)
Price : $35.00

This package has been recently updated and put together specifically with the Manifestor in mind and includes the following items at a special reduced price of $35 for a savings of $20.

The Jovian T.V. film; Manifestor
The Digital Book; Design Concepts

Includes the following products:

  • Design Concepts (eBooks)
  • Manifestor (Videos)

This product participates in the Jovian Endowment Discount program.

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The Jovian Endowment is a special educational service of Jovian Archive.

Projector Endowment

Projectors are designed to master systems before they can truly recognize and be recognized.

Human Design recognizes the unique learning curve required by Projectors before they can fully begin to live out their experiment.

Unlike energy Types, Projectors require extensive education which can be expensive.

Jovian Archive is pleased to sponsor the Projector Endowment.

If you are a Projector you are entitled to a 20% discount on selected Jovian products and services.

Saturn Endowment

As more and more young people are being attracted to the knowledge and its life transforming mechanics, Jovian Archive recognizes that younger students seeking to enter an educational program may face material obstacles.

Given this, Jovian Archive is pleased to sponsor the Saturn Endowment.

If you are under the age of twenty eight years you are entitled to a 20% discount on select Jovian products and services.

How to Register

To register for a Jovian Endowment please send us an email with Projector Endowment or Saturn Endowment as the subject with your Birth Data included, and a scanned copy of your ID to verify your birth date to: office@jovianarchive.com.


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