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  • Partnership Analysis

    Partnership Analysis

    When 2 people come together, a partnership is automatically formed. Learn the complex dynamics of your relationships through in depth analysis, and discover the mechanics that exist between you and the other.
  • The Story Lines

    The Story Lines

    Do you feel you are in the right environment to mature into your life’s purpose? Learn the major themes to your unique story and how you are attuned to see through this perspective.
  • The Decoding of the Hexagram - The Six Lines

    The Decoding of the Hexagram - The Six Lines

    In this transcript of a six lecture series, Ra looks at the lines from the perspective of their number continuity and their relationship to the themes that lie below the line—the Base, Tone and Color.
  • Your Own Authority - A Beginners Guide to Human Design

    Your Own Authority - A Beginners Guide to Human Design

    What is Human Design, and could it be advantageous for you? Are you new to Human Design and excited to learn how to navigate as yourself? This is the perfect introduction for friends and family.
  • Variables


    This foundational material from PHS and Rave Psychology analysis discusses Variable, it’s relationship to Tone, and how the tonal level is the bedrock of the architecture of cognition.
  • Life Cycles Analysis

    Life Cycles Analysis

    Do you have a 6th line in your Profile? “The 6th Line Being has Three Different Kinds of Lives” - Ra Uru Hu - Explore example analysis of the natural cycles we experience...
Showing 7 to 12 (of 13 items)