Definition vs. Open

Who you are is written in both pen and pencil.


Penned is your genetic imprint, the definition in your Human Design chart: Everything you see colored in, in your BodyGraph. Definition is what is fixed and reliable within you, and determines how you express your particular traits and skills.

That part of you written in pencil? That is conditioning. It can seem hard to erase the layers and layers of deeply grooved lines carved into the paper, and it is not always possible. Through Human Design, you come to see the beauty of the whole picture, as it is, and that there is nothing to do but be the perfection of you.

Any area in the BodyGraph that is white, not colored in, is not fixed or reliable within you—it is open. Openness represents the places where you are designed to be receptive to life. Your openness is highly interesting to your busy mind and can be sensitive due to conditioning. Your mind develops adaptive strategies here that can lead you away from your true nature—when you make decisions from the openness.

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