Human Design Software for Mobile Devices

Jovian Mobile is our web application for Mobile devices, it provides our latest offerings of free content: video programs, our radio show, articles from our contributors, as well as being a tool for creating Rave Charts anywhere without a computer.

Jovian Archive programs (Design Perspectives, Commentary and Ra Zen) will have its place as video content in Jovian Mobile, and the latest releases will be watchable directly on the device with superb quality. The 'Introduction to Human Design' video is available to serve as a point of entry into this knowledge for someone ready for it and with 16 minutes to spare.

Jovian Mobile serves as a mobile platform for creating Rave Charts. Here the Rave BodyGraph is presented in a new design format for the mobile phone environment. The new Body Graph includes built-in interaction so that it responds to clicks on defined Gates or Centers and displays their data. For users who are registered on our site (free), there is the added possibility of saving the charts in a convenient place for later retrieval.

How to install Jovian Mobile

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Jovian Mobile Overview

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