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The Mechanics of the Maia - The Rave BodyGraph
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When people first discover Human Design, it can all seem rather complex. From the new terminology to the concepts that can be foreign to someone new to the system, Human Design is complex, but it is not complicated. Have you ever wished someone would guide you through the Rave bodygraph to explain how it all works?

In the Mechanics of the Maia - The Rave Bodygraph, the founder of the Human Design System takes you through a thorough description of how the Centers function. Delivered from the standpoint of how the energy flows to express the illusion we live in, Ra structures the knowledge grounded in the foundations of Human Design. With practical tips and a wealth of foundational Human Design information, we highly recommend this self-study video series. Anyone who is studying for personal discovery or as a professional can come away from this program with knowledge that enriches and benefits human understanding, acceptance, and love.

Join Ra for this comprehensive look at the Rave Bodygraph in this Series of 17 half-hour videos.

For more detailed descriptions as well as video previews, have a look at the individual videos by clicking here.

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Projector Endowment

Projectors are designed to master systems before they can truly recognize and be recognized.

Human Design recognizes the unique learning curve required by Projectors before they can fully begin to live out their experiment.

Unlike energy Types, Projectors require extensive education which can be expensive.

Jovian Archive is pleased to sponsor the Projector Endowment.

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As more and more young people are being attracted to the knowledge and its life transforming mechanics, Jovian Archive recognizes that younger students seeking to enter an educational program may face material obstacles.

Given this, Jovian Archive is pleased to sponsor the Saturn Endowment.

If you are under the age of twenty eight years you are entitled to a 20% discount on select Jovian products and services.

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