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BodyGraph Basics
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What Blocks Your Energy Flow?

Discover How Energy is Designed to Flow
Through the Hubs & Streams of the BodyGraph.


Dear Friend,

As someone with the Channel of Rhythm (15-5), I need to be in the flow. If my energy isn’t flowing correctly, it tells me that something is wrong, and I get frustrated. At the same time, if my energy is blocked, it can also affect my environment and disrupt everyone else’s flow.

Everyone has their own way of experiencing flow, whether they have the Channel of Rhythm or not. Likewise, when we experience the opposite of being in the flow, we each have our own way of feeling blocked—which typically expresses itself through fits of anger, frustration, a sense of helplessness, or a compulsion to try to fix things.

Do you notice energy blockages or a lack of flow in your life or in your relationships?

Energy blockages can clearly be seen in our society where they play out on a grander scale: how conditioning hampers the life force, and its underlying rhythm.

It is this fundamentally harmonious rhythm of life which creates patterns that bind all life forms together. When the flow is obstructed, it creates a disconnect from nature’s rhythms, with far-reaching consequences. Instead of experiencing harmony and connectedness, we witness increasing fragmentation and conflict at a collective level.

To understand the underlying patterns of life is a pivotal aspect of Human Design knowledge, and one among many this system has to offer.

The beauty of Human Design is the graphical representation of your life force, which is contained within the BodyGraph. It reveals how energy flows within you, down to the minutest detail.

This is where the Quantum of You is seen—it’s where the magic happens.


Look at the world around you to see the Centers––the energy and information hubs of the BodyGraph––at work... for example

  • In your working environment, the constant pressure to figure things out, come up with new concepts, solutions, and get things done quickly (Open Head and Root Centers)
  • The addiction to seeking attention and public exhibits through various social media (Open Throat Center)
  • The dilemma of self-doubt and lack of self-worth resulting in the need to “overdo” and prove yourself, to perform well, which leads to burnout and eventually various health concerns (Open Heart Center)

This is the revelation of the Human Design BodyGraph; the nine Centers and 36 Channels describe the world we live in.

What BodyGraph Basics offers:

  • An in-depth analysis of the nine Centershow do they function, what are they in charge of?
  • A guide to the 36 Channelshow does the life force flow within us and what are the 36 unique qualities and keynotes?
  • How your life force flows through the Channels and Centers—what does this mean for you, and how does it affect the people in your life?

This material is ideal for anyone interested in a comprehensive understanding of the Human Design System, whether for personal development and self-study, or professionally.



BodyGraph Basics

• Explore the BodyGraph in this 9+ hour multimedia offer •
Value: CAD 389 • Price: CAD 297
Save CAD 82 •




Offer Overview

This special offer covers the Human Design BodyGraph in great depth:

  • The Rave BodyGraph Series is an in-depth (8+ hour video series) examination of each of the Centers, and explores how they are connected by streams of energy (Channels)
  • The Life Force: The Channels eBook (180 pages) gives you a perfect reference tool to each of the Channels, with further insights into the nature and function of each of the Channels
  • Open Centers without Activations lecture (1 hour) reveals the unique scenario of completely undefined Centers (no hanging Gates) and how this directly impacts the Not-Self Strategy of the conditioned mind

Product #1
The Mechanics of the Maia
The Rave BodyGraph Series: Centers & Streams
Video Series - 17 Videos: 8+ hours
Value: 340.00 CAD

The last time Ra taught the Centers of the Rave BodyGraph, he created this in-depth video series, as part of the Mechanics of the Maia series. (A series that includes foundational education about: Type, Definition, Authority, Profile, and more)

Let’s take a closer look at the 17 videos within this offer:


There are Four Video Series within The Rave BodyGraph Series

• The Solar Plexus Center: 4 Videos
How are Emotions and their Waves defined?
Learn about the Waves of the Solar Plexus Center and gain an in-depth understanding of how the Emotional wave operates, and the source of Desire, Need, Passion, and Chaos.

• The Splenic Center: 3 Videos
What are the sources of Survival Fears?
Explore the Splenic Center, our most ancient awareness center and the source of intuition, well-being, and fear – and take a journey from Ambition to Egoism, and Vitality to Identification.

• The Power Column - From Sacral to G & G to Throat: 2 Videos
What is the Power Column and where are the Tantric Channels?
Discover the various Expressions of Identity, and the phenomenon of the roles between the G and Throat Centers. Plus, take a look at the auric power of the Channels between the Sacral and G Centers.

• The Mind - From Ajna to Head: 3 Videos
Where do Confusion and Doubt originate?
Learn about the Mind – and the mental pressures we deal with – through the Channels between the Head and Ajna Centers, the source of Detail, Tales, and Knowledge.


There are Five Individual Videos within The Rave BodyGraph Series

• The Root: To be or not to be
What’s all the Rush about?
Join Ra as he explains the Root pressures that demand we live a physical life, each Gate expressing one of the nine essential ways the vehicle must operate. The body is here to live the beauty of this life. It is here to be pressured by the Root, but not to be conditioned or destroyed.

• The Sacral: Generating the World
How does the Sacral “generate the world”?
Ra explores the aura and potential of the Sacral Center in this two-part video. Ultimately, Sacral beings, if operating correctly, can transform the world. If it’s not operating correctly, you can witness the frequency of the incorrect Generator world on the news every single day.

• The Heart of the Matter
What gives you Willpower?
Understand the enormous impact of the Ego Center, with one of the most complex and devastating not-self strategies on the planet affecting over 65% of us. What does this mean for you whether your Ego is defined or not? Ra explains the mechanics of each Gate and their biological associations.

• The G: The Diamond at the Center of Being
Where is your Higher-Self?
Ra explores the mechanisms and potential roles of the 8 Gates of the G Center, where they are in the wheel of the Mandala and their relationship to the whole, including some astrological references. Defined G or not, discover the theme(s) of your direction in life.

• The Throat: The Voices of Babel
Look who’s really talking?
Where does your voice come from? The way you speak is a mechanism of your Throat Center, which also frames the way you express yourself and manifest in the world. What are your unique voices? How is your voice conditioned? Ra explains the mechanics and beauty of the 11 distinct voices in the very complex Throat Center.

In “BodyGraph Basics” we’re including two bonus products.
Would you like a detailed overview of each Channel in eBook format?
Did you know open Centers have different effects when there is no activation?
These bonus materials answer those questions:

Bonus #1
The Life Force - The Channels
eBook: 180 pages
Value: CAD 20.00

This 180-page eBook offers an in-depth examination of the Channel as a quantum expression of the Gates. Understanding your Channels helps you grasp the specific ways your definition functions. This course is designed for newcomers as well as long-time students of Human Design.


Bonus #2
Open Centers without Activations
Audio: 1 hour 2 minutes
Value: CAD 29.00

Are there any completely Open Centers in your BodyGraph (No Gate activations whatsoever)? Would you like to regain control of your life and find out why you may be abdicating your Authority to others? Discover the unique occurrence of an Open Center without any dormant Gates and the impact this has on the Not-Self Strategy of that Open Center.



BodyGraph Basics

• Explore the BodyGraph in this 9+ hour multimedia offer •
Value: CAD 389 • Price: CAD 297
Save CAD 82 •




100% Risk-Free Jovian Archive Guarantee:

Listening to and reading this material, you will gain a deep understanding of the Human Design BodyGraph, including an in-depth knowledge of the Centers, Streams, and Channels.

As with all of Jovian’s promotional products, this offer comes with an unconditional ten-day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, please let us know and we’ll issue a full refund. Plus, the bonuses are yours to keep regardless.

Warm regards,
Loki Krakower-Riley


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