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Bodygraph Formatting Energies
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Are You Abstract, Logical, Or Individual?

Do You Understand The “Format” Energies Defining You?

Dear Friend,

Think of the Human Design BodyGraph like a circuit board. “Circuitry” is one of the core concepts that can help you understand what links the Channel thematic together.

The Format Energies—the Logical and Abstract of the Collective Circuitry group, and the Knowing Circuit of the Individual Circuitry group—are the most powerfully influencing of all the Channels in the BodyGraph.

So much about what we call life has to do with the tribe—or more specifically, Tribal Circuitry.












If you look at Tribal Circuitry, which has at its foundation the relationship between the Sacral and the Heart/Ego Center, what you have is the basic life force. That is, the reproductive concentration that you see coming out of the Sacral.

On one side through the Spleen, the tribe takes us through all our material dilemmas, such as...

  • Our fear of failure, OR
  • Our fears concerning survival because we don’t have the capacity to make enough money to bring resources into our life

And then on the Emotional side, the tribe coordinates our...

  • Social interaction with the other
  • Whether that is our sexual interaction
  • The way we build our families
  • The way we make our bonds as partners
  • The way we live together
  • The rules we live by, the land we secure as territory
  • The environments we design and build for ourselves
  • The temples we construct and populate

All that is part of the tribe. When you get right down to it and you look at the seven billion humans on this planet you will see that we spend most of our time dealing with tribal circuitry. And one of the biggest concerns of the tribe is not being overrun by the collective and its need for progress, uprooting traditions and tribal values.

Why are tribal forces so resistant to globalization? It’s because they know they can lose that battle and be overwhelmed by the consciousness field, thereby losing ground to what is essential–not only to tribal life and its continuity–but to society at large: the fundamental drive to nurture, care, and support, to ensure humanity’s future through the preservation of life on Earth.












While the Collective’s focus is to experiment, always looking for ways to guarantee progress, and to share new experiences, the Individual simply says or does something completely new, bringing change and transformation. Both of these represent an equally challenging threat to the Tribe. Our constant drive for modernization and progress is a threat to our survival unless we preserve fundamental values.












Do you understand which format operates in you and how that impacts the way you live your life?

Special Offer

“Bodygraph Formatting Energies”

Abstract, Logic and Mutative Format Circuitry

Beyond just the initial introduction of your Type, Strategy, Authority, and Centers, Circuitry plays a large role in helping you understand your Human Design Chart. Studying the Formats is a highly practical way to continue your journey into exploring the nature of the BodyGraph and how it is put together.

Here’s a look at some of what Bodygraph Formatting Energies offers:

  • Learn why pressures from your Root Center meeting the immense power of your Sacral Center are given a special name: the Format Energies
  • Learn how defined Format energies impact a Chart—how they condition every single Gate & Channel
  • Discover the source of individuality and mutation, understanding and logic, sensing and abstract energies
  • Understand the profound relationship between the Root and Sacral Center
  • See how your Root pressures various elements of the bodygraph and why it is the essence of all of our genetic possibilities emerging through the Sacral

The information in this special offer is essential if you have any of the Format Gates or Channels defined. This package is also recommended for anyone studying Human Design at any level.



Bodygraph Formatting Energies

• Logic, Abstract, and Individuality Revealed •
Value: CAD 231 • Price: CAD 197
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Product Overview


Product #1: Formats & Transcendence - The Abstract, The Logic, and The Mutative
Audio Course - 10 hours 40 minutes
Value: $231.00

The 3 Formats, the Channels that operate between the Sacral Center and the Root Center, provide a foundation for understanding the streams, or circuits, of the BodyGraph.

This series covers these 3 Formats in great depth:

  • The Mutative System focuses on the channel 3 - 60, the foundation of the Individual Mutative circuit.
  • The Abstract System focuses on the channel 42 - 53, the foundation of the Collective Abstract circuit.
  • The Logic System focuses on the channel 9 - 52, the foundation of the Collective Logic circuit.

The series includes the following products:

  1. Formats & Transcendence: The Abstract System (Audios)
  2. Formats & Transcendence: The Logic System (Audios)
  3. Formats & Transcendence: The Mutative System (Audios)



Bodygraph Formatting Energies

• Logic, Abstract, and Individuality Revealed •
Value: CAD 231 • Price: CAD 197
Save: $34




100% Risk-Free Jovian Archive Guarantee:

Listening to and reading this material, you will gain a deep understanding of the Format Energies of the Human Design Bodygraph, including the Collective Logic and Abstract Circuits as well as the Individual Mutative Circuit.

As with all of Jovian’s promotional products, this offer comes with an unconditional ten-day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, please let us know and we’ll issue a full refund.

Warm regards,
Loki Krakower-Riley

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