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Not-Self: Who's Really In Charge?
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If I asked you…

“Who’s In Charge Of Your Life?”

- What would you say?


Dear Reader,

Let's take a look at the world around us and at the human beings you know in this life...

Imagine going up to any individual and asking them, “Who's in charge of your life?”

If you ask any human being (not that they would say their wife or their lover or their husband or their friend or god, or whatever, because they wouldn't dare say that…)

...they would say, "I'm in charge. I'm in charge of my life." You ask just about anybody, that's what they'll really say to you. "I'm in charge of my life. Of course, I am."

And who is saying that?

Let’s have a closer look…

Now obviously, when you first come into the world, you’re helpless in that sense… And obviously, out of that helplessness and out of that dependency you look to the natural authority—your caregivers— who nurture you.

So, everybody is trained to give up authority from the moment they come into the world, correct?

And then, we take that natural shifting of authority, this nurturing authority that is there to help the young come into the world, and we keep that as a fixed pattern throughout life. The child, in essence, is never given its own authority. It is simply controlled by layers and layers and layers and layers and layers of authority.

So, through this handing over of authority, we become conditioned on how to think and act...

Do you still think you’re in charge?

Let’s dig a little deeper...

It is through your ‘Open’ or ‘Undefined’ centers and gates that you become conditioned by the ‘Other,’ whether an individual, the neutrino ‘weather’, or society as a whole.

Operating your life from this point of view is what we call “Not-Self.”

Think about what it means for the Not-Self being who lives in their mind and has given authority to their mind…

Now, as we’ve seen, your mind is based entirely on the conditioning that you receive from other human beings. It means in the moment you think you're making a decision as your own authority, in fact you’re not, never have, and perhaps never will… Because it's all based on the layers and layers of authority you have taken in that have controlled the very nature of your life.

Nobody is in charge there. The program is running your life, just as it’s running everybody else’s…

What does it mean to be in charge? It goes back to the very premise of this knowledge – it is about movement in space.

This is the true physics: everything is moving in space. Everything about our existence is about navigating. Those navigations are so, so subtle and yet they make the whole difference in life—do you do this or do you do that?

If you do that, you're going over there and if you do this, you're coming over here. These are different tracks, different journeys. And if you're going that way, you’ll see what you see over there. And if you're coming this way, you’ll see what you see over here.

And how do you decide between this and that, you who thinks you're in charge?

"I'm in charge; I'm going to go that way." Why?

  • Is it because of your open Heart/Ego and you wanted to prove that you're worthy?
  • Or is it because of your open Spleen that you're just holding on to the same old stuff?
  • Is it because you've got an open G and you're lost and you think you'll find something over there?
  • Or maybe because you've got an open Ajna Center and you're pretending that you're certain...

You don't know, because you're not in charge… You're not capable of being in charge… Mind is not.

Oh, mind is beautiful… in its place. And its place is not driving the vehicle (your biological form). It doesn't know where to go. And it means you're never in charge of your life. So, you don't get what's there for you. You don't get to see what's possible. The only way you can be in charge is by turning over the authority in your life to your vehicle.

And it's only about decision-making; remember that, it's only about decision-making.

The moment there is a decision in front of you, it has to come out of your inner authority. Otherwise, you’re not navigating as yourself. And if you’re not navigating as yourself, you're never going to get to that destination that is your right. It is the only way you can be in ‘charge’ of your life; the only way you can be fulfilled in this life.

Who do you trust? Who do you rely on to keep you alive? Who do you rely on to give you that sense of well-being? Who do you rely on for all those things you think you need? It is the other. And to the other you give that authority. Human beings are always giving away their authority. They do it all the time. They don't have any authority of their own.

Do you want to understand a better way?



What you can rely on you’ve never relied on in your life.
What you can’t trust you’ve been trying to trust all your life.
What you have been trusting has never been you.
What you’ve been ignoring has always been you.
Try to trust what's really you and see what happens.

~ Ra Uru Hu


If you want to live as your true self, it’s essential to discover who you are not—what your mind has tried to make you do and say your whole life.


Announcing… The “Not-Self: Who’s Really In Charge?” Manual
7 hours of multimedia material

Giving up your identification with your Not-Self mind’s reasons why you make the choices you do isn’t an easy thing. Your lifetime of behavioral patterns takes education and time practicing your Strategy and Authority to get back to the true you. This package solves your need for education. Do you have it within you to understand your mind and learn to observe it rather than take advice from it?

Benefits of the Not-Self: Who's in Charge?:

  • Experience a breakthrough in your self-awareness
  • Reveal the inner workings of your Mind
  • See why it is so life-changing to follow your Strategy and Authority




My open heart and my mind punished me for years. It was SO hard and painful. Human design showed me the Not-Self talk of the open heart. I learned to accept it, and rather quickly, the pain fell away.

~ Wade Pajares
Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner




Oh yes, I would dearly recommend Human Design to anyone. Anyone, that is, who is ready to perhaps have their life change forever. If you ask me, there is nothing more valuable than the process of peeling away the layers of conditioning and getting back to the core of who you are.

~ Christian Blom
Living Your Design Guide



“Not-Self: Who’s Really In Charge?”
Includes 7 hours of audio/visual material




Product Overview


Product #1: The Wa Immersion - The Not-Self Series
2 hours and 50 minutes of video presentation - $75

How are you conditioned? How can you avoid getting caught up in the mind’s control trip? This 3-part course includes how to recognize and understand the Not-Self, and further, how to identify the major conditioning fields in your life, or the life of others.

The audio recordings of this live course have been edited into three videos, each supplemented with visual material to help you easily follow the lecture.


Product #2: Not-Self Purpose - Or the Madness of Being Normal
1 hour 1 minute audio - $45

Are you curious about the homogenized world and the false purposes that both drive and control humanity? Discover the immense impact being “Normal” can have on your life.


Product #3: Open Centers without Activations
1 hour 2 minute audio - $29

Are there any completely Open Centers in your BodyGraph (No Gate activations whatsoever)? Would you like to regain control of your life and find out why you may be abdicating your authority to others?


Product #4: The Not-Self
57 minute video - $35

The insights in this video are profound! Among them Ra shows you:

  • The deep conditioning of your openness, and why it can be so seductive
  • How to turn your shadows into gifts when openness becomes a source of wisdom through living your Strategy & Authority
  • How to use your mind to watch your Not-Self, taking you a huge step toward awareness and self-love


Product #5: Never Mind
28 minute video - $20

Mind vs Body… Ra explores the traps of the Not-Self mind in this video from the book of letters.


Product #6: Attraction & Resonance
26 minute video - $20

Ra explores the basic duality of our genetic programming and offers guidance in your process of becoming your unique, true self.


Product #7: The Madness of the ‘Normal’ Mind
27 minute video - $20

What are the effects of your openness? How does the program impact you daily? What is the “normal” processing through the open Centers?

Conditioning is not your enemy—ignorance is your enemy. When you understand and recognize the forces of conditioning, you can use your Authority to navigate your life.


Product #8: Who is in Charge?
27 minute video - $20

One of the most important questions when it comes to self-transformation… Who’s in Charge?

We are conditioned from the moment of birth to think our mind is correctly in charge, but in fact, most of the time your mind is making decisions based on the openness in your Design, not what you authentically are here to be.



“Not-Self: Who’s Really In Charge?”
Includes 7 hours of audio/visual material






I use the Human Design system when I am counselling clients. In the beginning, by comparing my thorough analysis of the problems with the chart of my client, guess what: HD describes the Not-Self, and it shows the problems that my analysis revealed.

~ Heidi Nuis
Coach, Counselor, Healer & Reader




Following my Strategy and Authority has shifted how I relate to people. I know what my role is and how to be with others. In the past I was coming from my conditioning, like an open throat, always trying to get attention. Now that I know that about me, I rest in being quiet and wait until it is time to speak or not. My relationships in life have also been affected by having fewer people but higher quality and more pleasurable experiences with others.

~ ReGina Concotelli
Professional Coach and Facilitator



100% Risk-Free Jovian Archive Guarantee:

If you listen to and read this material in combination with looking at your Human Design Chart you'll gain a deeper understanding of your mind, openness, and conditioning.

If after a full ten days you believe we haven't delivered on this promise of the Human Design System, please let us know and we'll issue you a prompt refund.

It's easy to begin right away. Order now and get started immediately on your path toward a life of more mental ease.

Warm regards,
Loki Krakower-Riley



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