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Discover how it all works–From Cosmology to Evolution, Awareness to Conditioning.


Dear Reader,

Recently, I heard a joke, and I couldn’t help chuckling. It went like this:

“PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE walked into a bar… It was VERY tense !!!”

Do you see it, too? Our lives are changing as long-familiar institutions and structures break down. Everywhere, it seems, people are concerned, frustrated, and tense in the present moment, and uncertain about what the future holds.

But with a healthy dose of understanding and awareness, we can discover ways to relieve the mental suffering and pressure our surroundings sometimes produce in us.

The accuracy and reach of the Human Design System never ceases to amaze me—even beyond the understanding of human nature it offers, opening up a new way of comprehending the dynamics of life.

It truly is remarkable how the revealed body of knowledge that comes to us through Human Design describes the mechanics of the universe, and our individual and collective lives, in such accuracy and detail.


Over all these years I've seen how extraordinary a gift that was. Not simply a gift to me, one that I embrace as a privilege every day of my life, but the gift that it has brought to all kinds of human beings on this planet, this revealed mechanics.

It's fascinating, because on one side is the bizarre. All mystical stories are bizarre in their nature... And then on the other side is this incredible logic.

~ Ra Uru Hu
The Beginning Before the Start

Ra Uru Hu, the Human Design System’s founder, was not someone to simply accept this revelation. (Especially not with a physics background.)

But in the end it was his own experiment that provided the proof he needed:



It was almost like I could feel doors opening and closing. I could feel it start, I could feel it flow, and I could feel it come to an end. It was through that experience that I understood quite clearly that we are in fact all being conditioned and that we have been unaware of it because we had no way of measuring it or seeing it or attuning to it.

This is one of the most extraordinary gifts that you get in mechanics; you get this ability to see what it is, to understand it, to get attuned to it and slowly but surely within your awareness to be transformed through the very knowledge of it.

~ Ra Uru Hu
The Program: The Transits

With doubts being removed, it became clear to Ra that the mechanics of how things worked were incredibly accurate, explaining more than he thought they would.



Think about it as a science fiction movie, for example. You're living on a planet and you have all these aliens that used to live there and you're still living the way they did, but they're not there anymore. It's kind of insane, if you know what I mean. It's what we're living. The homogenized world, the way the homogenized not-self world operates is that it is operating as a seven-centered being strategic creature, and we're not. We haven't been for a long time, and it is indeed time to wake up.

~ Ra Uru Hu
The Seven-Centered Being

For the first 10 to 15 years after the revelation, Ra dedicated his time to revealing the surface knowledge of Human Design, allowing anyone to discover the essentials within their Design.

He had to start with the simple, the immediately effective, before he could get into the detail work—preparation for the advanced teachings that would eventually lead to deeper awareness and potential.



You get to find out who you are, because the story is not written on the surface. It's just a director's movement, a guideline. But you will fill that out with what is your underlying nature. You will fill that out with what is your underlying power, your underlying cognitive potential. It's all underneath. You don't find any of this on the surface. The surface is a costume.

~ Ra Uru Hu
The Substructure: Base

The last time Ra Uru Hu gave a complete overview of this profound system, he divided it into five themes:

  • Cosmology
  • Evolution
  • Conditioning
  • Mechanics
  • Awareness

Breaking the knowledge of the Human Design System into these themes is beneficial to anyone trying to understand the whole system; these are essential for any serious student of Human Design to grasp. Studying this system leads you on a profound journey into not only what makes you (and others) tick but also into the awe and delight of discovering how our world really works:



Human Design is the mechanics of the Maia. It is the manual for how you live in this Maia. And once you understand the mechanism, it is simple to live correctly. And to do so is truly to transform your life. The BodyGraph is an amazingly revealing thing. It shows you the magic and it shows you the horror. And it gives you the opportunity to live in a way that is correct for you.

~ Ra Uru Hu
The Perfection of Being


“Living correctly leads us to our highest purpose;
our soul’s journey, and ends with us discovering
the ultimate truth of our being.

It’s all about awareness.
You get to see the magic, wonder, and mystery
of what’s really here for you when you live your Design.”


A Complete Guide to Human Design

This offer is about gaining a complete understanding of Human Design, including the way it helps us think about cosmology, evolution, and our conditioning through helping us understand the mechanics of the entire system—as well as the bodygraph.

Here’s a look at some of what A Complete Guide to Human Design offers:

  • Understand the mechanics of life itself
  • Take a look at our evolution, including what we’re heading toward in 2027
  • See the 3 forms of conditioning, and how this impacts you, your friends, and everyone else
  • Finally “get” the Human Design BodyGraph mechanics from top to bottom: The surface and substructure...



A Complete Guide to Human Design

• 15 Video Series •
Value of CAD 525 • Available to you at CAD 397




Product Overview

Product #1: The Human Design System - A Complete Guide
15 Video Series: 13 hours 56 minutes
Value: $525

After twenty-one years of teaching Human Design, Ra Uru Hu took the opportunity to lay out a guide to the full spectrum of its knowledge.

  • Cosmology: Juxtaposition and the New Order
  • Evolution: Homo Sapien, Homo Sapien in Transitus and Rave
  • Conditioning: The GodHead, the Program and the "Not-Self"
  • Mechanics: Strategy, Inner Authority and Decision Making
  • Awareness: Correctness, Orientation and the Perfection of Being

Filmed in 15 segments, the Complete Guide to the Human Design System is a grand overview from Cosmology to Correctness.



A Complete Guide to Human Design

• 15 Video Series •
Value of CAD 525 • Available to you at CAD 397




100% Risk-Free Jovian Archive Guarantee:

By viewing this material, you will gain a deep understanding of the Human Design System, from cosmology to awareness, evolution to conditioning, and of course the mechanics of the BodyGraph.

If, after a full ten days, you believe we haven't delivered on this promise of the Human Design System, please let us know and we'll issue you a prompt refund. 

Order now and get started immediately on your path toward a deeper understanding of yourself, the people in your life, and life itself.

Warm regards,
Loki Krakower-Riley


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