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  • Sailing Neutrino Seas
    Ra Uru Hu General

    Sailing Neutrino Seas

    It began in the imagination of Wolfgang Pauli. I mean, he was trying to solve some basic principles of physics and couldn't come up with a solution and basically invented something that would satisfy the demands of the equation.

  • Unnecessary Pain
    Ra Uru Hu General

    Unnecessary Pain

    The moment that anybody can give up attaching reasons to chemistry is the moment that you really begin the journey of an aware being on this plane. It is such a beautiful thing to be aware. You do not have unnecessary pain.

  • A New Epoch
    Ra Uru Hu 2027 and Global Cycles

    A New Epoch

    The next epoch will take with it what it takes with it, but it will live what is programmed. We have 20 years to close the door. There’s 20 years for science to verify the monopole. There’s 20 years for me to prove incarnation.

  • Passenger Consciousness
    Ra Uru Hu General

    Passenger Consciousness

    The beauty of this process at its deepest level is to reconnect you with you. And what I mean by that is the moment that the mind stops being your decision maker it has to be busy with something; mind is always busy, it's watching.

  • The 2nd Tone: Attuned to Mutation
    Ra Uru Hu Human Design Concepts

    The 2nd Tone: Attuned to Mutation

    This is the whole thing about the 2nd Tone. It's the thing that makes us so mysterious as creatures because it's the only thing we have that can recognize something that's never been recognized before.

  • The Transformation of the Form
    Ra Uru Hu The Four Transformations

    The Transformation of the Form

    What happened to me in this process is that I took the dualistic trail; I'm a dualist. On one side, there is the mystery of the Design Crystal. It is truly an incredible thing, the way in which the form principle unfolds.

Showing 7 to 12 (of 166 items)