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  • Rejection in a Manifestor’s Life
    Ra Uru Hu Type

    Rejection in a Manifestor’s Life

    There's an enormous amount of rejection in a Manifestor's life and not all has to be real. That is, not all of it has to be obvious rejection.

  • Generators and Satisfaction
    Ra Uru Hu Type

    Generators and Satisfaction

    But if you're a Generator, only when you are working in your life at something that is satisfying, only then do you have a chance in this life to find your Signature.

  • Addictions to the Sacral
    Ra Uru Hu Type

    Addictions to the Sacral

    One of the ways I want to look at this today is to take a kind of radical perspective to see the relationship between non-Sacral beings and the Sacral world as an addiction. I think it’s very important that non-Sacral beings really understand how powerful the addiction to the Sacral Center actually

  • Sacral Availability
    Ra Uru Hu Type

    Sacral Availability

    When you’re looking at the nature of the Sacral, what I really want you to see are two things: The most important thing is the magnetic power of the Sacral aura.

  • Projectors: One Person at a Time
    Ra Uru Hu Type

    Projectors: One Person at a Time

    You have to understand what you are as a force. There is nothing like being one-on-one with a Projector. If you have to get something off your chest, there is nothing better than having a Projector in front of you...

  • Manifestor Strategy: To Inform
    Ra Uru Hu Type

    Manifestor Strategy: To Inform

    Manifestors are told that their strategy is to Inform. That seems so simple: Tell people what you're going to do before you do it, and you won't meet resistance. But that's not what life has taught them...

Showing 1 to 6 (of 14 items)