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Advanced: Base Theory (Audio)
Price : $315.00

Base Theory: Facets and Frequencies

The source of activations down through the layers is Base.

The Crystals of Consciousness have five facets. These facets are what are referred to as Base. The Base is the entry facet for neutrino programming. It remains the same throughout the life and in the case of the Personality Crystal, the Base is relatively eternal.

This 11-hour home study course is the most ambitious exploration into the nature and mechanics of Base ever offered. 

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The Sub-structure: The Base (Video)
Price : $35.00

Ra introduces us to the depths of the underlying sub-structure below the surface of the bodygraph. The surface operates as a deconditioning tool for a realignment and cleansing process, taking you to the doorway for understanding your potential. Sub-structure represents an incredible journey down into the very core of your imprinting. Underneath every single Line is a Color and beneath the Color is a Tone and beneath the Tone is a Base, thus each Line having thousands of variations. We’re programmed from the bottom “Base” up to the surface. Here, Ra beautifully illustrates the mechanics of how the crystals of consciousness filter the neutrino ocean, organizing the data relative to your consciousness.

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This product is also included in these special offers: The Human Design System - A Complete Guide Series

Base , Color , Planets , Tone

Lunar & Planetary Color (eBook)
Price : $45.00

Lunar & Planetary Color introduces how sub-structure operates through planetary and lunar activations and its impact as Determination on the Design, and Motivation on the Personality side. Ra also looks at the significance of Color and its analytical application in the Rave chart. This specialized course from Fall 2007 is recommended to students and professionals who already have a background in Color analysis.

To purchase this book you must be taking or have completed taking part in one of the following IHDS programs:

  • PHS Year 2 (Course)
  • Rave Psychology Year 2 (Course)
  • Differentiation Degree Year 1

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Base , Beginner , Color , Hexagram , Lines , Tone

The Decoding of the Hexagram - The Six Lines (eBook)
Price : $35.00

The foundation of Human Design Analysis is the hexagram and its structure. The Lines of the hexagram have always been taught from the surface. The line is the surface. Anybody who gets an education in Human Design receives information about the nature of the lines and certain values that have developed over time. In the Spring of 2008, Ra introduced us to an in-depth interpretation of Lines that goes beyond the surface and explores the underlying substructure. 

In this transcript of a six lecture series, Ra takes us on an adventure of looking at the lines from their number continuity and their relationship to the themes that lie below the line—the Base, Tone and Color. Deep underneath is the cognition that dictates how lines will be played out, and it will be different from anybody else’s line. In addition, you will learn that each of the values that Ra describes have a specific quality in relationship to the Personality and a different nuance when you look at them in terms of the Design. 

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The Human Design System - A Complete Guide Series (Special Offer)
Price : $390.00

After twenty-one years of teaching Human Design, Ra Uru Hu took the opportunity to lay out a guide to the full spectrum of the knowledge.

This Video Series was originally taught across 5 weeks in the Fall of 2008, and each week of the program featured a specific theme examined in the three consecutive classes of that week:

  1. Cosmology: Juxtaposition and the New Order
  2. Evolution: Homo Sapien, Homo Sapien in Transitus and Rave
  3. Conditioning: The GodHead, the Program and the "Not-Self"
  4. Mechanics: Strategy, Inner Authority and Decision Making
  5. Awareness: Correctness, Orientation and the Perfection of Being

Filmed in 15 one-hour segments, the Complete Guide to the Human Design System is a grand overview from Cosmology to Correctness. All videos can be streamed directly from your Jovian Archive account immediately upon purchase.

Includes the following products:

  • The Dream Rave (Videos)
  • The Program: The Transits (Videos)
  • The Sub-structure: The Base (Videos)
  • The Sub-structure: The Tone (Videos)
  • The Program and the Godhead (Videos)
  • The Seven Centered Being (Videos)
  • The Nine Centered Being (Videos)
  • The Rave (Videos)
  • The Not Self (Videos)
  • The Perfection of Being (Videos)
  • Orientation (Videos)
  • Nutrition (Videos)
  • The Sub-structure: The Color (Videos)
  • The Beginning before the Start (Videos)
  • The Global Orchestration Directories (Videos)

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The Jovian Endowment is a special educational service of Jovian Archive.

Projector Endowment

Projectors are designed to master systems before they can truly recognize and be recognized.

Human Design recognizes the unique learning curve required by Projectors before they can fully begin to live out their experiment.

Unlike energy Types, Projectors require extensive education which can be expensive.

Jovian Archive is pleased to sponsor the Projector Endowment.

If you are a Projector you are entitled to a 20% discount on selected Jovian products and services.

Saturn Endowment

As more and more young people are being attracted to the knowledge and its life transforming mechanics, Jovian Archive recognizes that younger students seeking to enter an educational program may face material obstacles.

Given this, Jovian Archive is pleased to sponsor the Saturn Endowment.

If you are under the age of twenty eight years you are entitled to a 20% discount on select Jovian products and services.

How to Register

To register for a Jovian Endowment please send us an email with Projector Endowment or Saturn Endowment as the subject with your Birth Data included, and a scanned copy of your ID to verify your birth date to: office@jovianarchive.com.


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