The Mystic Monologues

The Mystic Monologue series consists of ten half-hour videos where Ra shares key elements pertaining to a broad spectrum of subjects in Human Design.

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  • Fallen Angels

    Fallen Angels

    Discover how Generators can move from frustration to satisfaction. Explore the power of surrender and tapping into your life force. Learn how generators dominate the frequency of the planet.
  • The Madness of the 'Normal' Mind

    The Madness of the 'Normal' Mind

    Are you feeling overwhelmed in your openness? Learn how your Authority can help you navigate through life. Recognize the forces of the conditioning field and the Moon’s impact.
  • The Dream State Revealed

    The Dream State Revealed

    Do you ever wonder what happens to you in the dream world, and after you wake? Learn how the components of the dream state work. Explore the 15-gated dream state mechanics.
  • The Signature Question

    The Signature Question

    Do you experience anger, frustration, bitterness or disappointment? Explore the signposts for each of the 4 Aura Types’ Signatures. Learn how the simplicity of Strategy and Authority can transform your life.
  • Change is in Play

    Change is in Play

    Are you ready to prepare for great global change? Explore the transformation possible for those who implement this knowledge. Guidelines for how to be healthy and prepared for the future.
  • Introduction to Variable

    Introduction to Variable

    The Four Transformations: Digestion, Environment, Perspective, and Awareness. A clear, practical map for your transformation. Explore an overview of the 16 variable groupings.
Showing 1 to 6 (of 10 items)