Stories & Articles by Lynda Bunnell

  • A Human Design Thanksgiving
    Lynda Bunnell General

    A Human Design Thanksgiving

    The concept behind Thanksgiving is similar to the other celebrations around the world. There are many ways cultures come together to show thanks during the fall season.

  • The Not-Self! What is it?
    Lynda Bunnell Mind and Conditioning

    The Not-Self! What is it?

    What is the Not-Self according to Human Design? Is it a bad thing? No. Is it a good thing? No. It just is. It is something that we live with, that we co-exist with.

  • Profile Compatibility
    Lynda Bunnell Human Design Concepts

    Profile Compatibility

    I saw a recent post on Facebook asking about Profile compatibility, and this is the first time in a while I felt compelled to write a response.