The Four Transformations: Body and Mind

While Strategy & Authority is the catalyst for wellbeing, experimenting with the Four Transformations can lead to profound change physically and psychologically. In these courses and lectures, Ra covers Dietary Regimen, Environment, Perspective, and Motivation.

Note: Advanced Imaging (available online at or for Windows desktop through the MMI Advanced Imaging Extension Module) is necessary to view the advanced BodyGraph and transformation keynotes.

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  • You and Your Way

    You and Your Way

    A detailed account of each of the six kinds of digestive or assimilative dietary regimens and environmental conditions that are keys for personal transformation, and provide optimal health when followed.
  • PHS and Awakening the Body

    PHS and Awakening the Body

    Is there an approach to health and nutrition that works consistently? Discover how Primary Health System is the first step in transforming your body and optimizing your brain’s cognitive potential.
  • Radical Transformations

    Radical Transformations

    Strategy and Authority set the foundation for wellbeing, but how do we go deeper? Discover the radical changes that we can experience through the 4 Transformations.
  • Environment and Differentiation

    Environment and Differentiation

    Every living creature is built for specific environments. Discover how your Design Nodes determine which environment is healthiest for your differentiation.
  • The Five Signposts: Measuring Transformation

    The Five Signposts: Measuring Transformation

    The five signposts are steps in the nine-centered being’s process of transformation. Join Ra in exploring transformation and the signposts of deconditioning that guide us in this process.
  • Perspective and Enlightenment

    Perspective and Enlightenment

    Are you seeing correctly? Learn how link nodes make it possible for the Personality to reach its potential for the right perspective and “enlightened” awareness.
Showing 1 to 6 (of 7 items)