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Do you want a deeper understanding of the Human Design BodyGraph? In this category find audios covering Centers, Channels, Circuitry, Conditioning, and more.

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  • You and the Shadow

    You and the Shadow

    Our Open Centers can draw us into living through the distortions of the Not-Self – but understanding them offers us access to our own unique wisdom.
  • The Undefined Ego

    The Undefined Ego

    "The Curse" — No other open Center attracts more painful psychological conditioning. Understand the deep challenges of maintaining a healthy Ego and how to achieve well-being with an undefined Ego.
  • The Gates of Fear

    The Gates of Fear

    Fear is a part of our human process. Gain insight into the potential for awareness found within the different types of fear by understanding the Gates of Fear within the Spleen, Ajna and Solar Plexus Centers.
  • Rave Psychology: Conditioning and the Not-Self

    Rave Psychology: Conditioning and the Not-Self

    What is the source of our mental conditioning? Learn how the “Not-Self Deck” helps organize the effect each open Center has on your thinking and decision making.
  • The Life Force: The Channels

    The Life Force: The Channels

    NEW | In this 11-lesson course, Ra offers an in-depth examination of the 36 Channels as a quantum expression of the 64 Gates, for newcomers as well as long-time students of Human Design.
  • Open Centers without Activations

    Open Centers without Activations

    Are there any completely open Centers in your BodyGraph? Discover how to regain control of your life instead of abdicating it to others.
Showing 1 to 6 (of 20 items)