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  • You and the Other

    You and the Other

    How does Type influence how we relate to others? How can we understand the connection between two people based on their Type and auras? Join Ra in this 1- hour lecture on Type-for-Type connections.
  • Introduction to Crosses - Part 1: Lectures

    Introduction to Crosses - Part 1: Lectures

    What’s your purpose? In Part 1, Ra introduces the mechanics of Incarnation Crosses and how it determines your life purpose
  • A Look at the Rave

    A Look at the Rave

    What did Ra prophesize about the arrival of the Rave? What can we expect in 2027? Join Ra as he explores what these new beings will mean to our world as we have known it.
  • Rave Cosmology IV: The 2027 Semester

    Rave Cosmology IV: The 2027 Semester

    With the coming of 2027 comes humanity’s potential awakening. Join Ra in exploring the changing of the cycle that will affect each of us and shape our future, and the emergence of the conscious Penta.
  • Sex and the Generator

    Sex and the Generator

    Generators (70% of population) are a great energetic force that conditions how we experience sexuality. Discover the impact this has on your life.
  • You and Love/Sex/Friendship

    You and Love/Sex/Friendship

    How can we experience fulfilling love, sex and relationships? Join Ra for this new release, and discover how to free yourself of conditioning influences and remain uniquely yourself in relationships.
Showing 31 to 36 (of 40 items)