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  • We're Not Here to Conform
    Ra Uru Hu Group Mechanics

    We're Not Here to Conform

    This is my whole thing. My whole thing is we're not here to conform. We're here to be unique beings. We're here to fulfill our unique potential.

  • The Penta and Materialism
    Ra Uru Hu Group Mechanics

    The Penta and Materialism

    Philosophically, in my life I have listened to all sides of the discussion of human materialism, material societies, hyper material societies, material-less societies, the arguments back and forth about the nature of materialism.

  • Human Violence
    Ra Uru Hu Group Mechanics

    Human Violence

    It’s an amazing thing about the nature of human violence. It was one of the things in my own studies that I’ve tried to look at and see and discover many themes in the mechanics.

  • Trans-Auric Forms Condition Humanity
    Ra Uru Hu Group Mechanics

    Trans-Auric Forms Condition Humanity

    The reality is the world is dominated by trans-auric forms. Most of the things we think are ugly in human beings aren’t in your personal chart, have never been in your personal chart. But they come alive in trans-auric forms.