Rave New Year 2021

Are you curious to know what 2021 holds for you, and for us as a collective? Each year since 2012, Leela and Dharmen Swann-Herbert have provided an overview of the upcoming year’s collective themes with the Rave New Year Forecast. The Forecast is based on the configuration of the planetary transit field at the time of the Rave New Year on January 21, and offers a thorough review of transit mechanics as they play out globally. Leela and Dharmen share their insights and perspectives as they shed light on global events, both current and unfolding, seen reflected in transit dynamics.

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  • The Rave New Year 2021 Forecast

    The Rave New Year 2021 Forecast

    The Rave New Year Forecast 2021 includes transits by Planet, Center and Gate. Learn to recognize your personal connections to 2021’s Design, and how these connections will impact your daily life.