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  • You and the Other

    You and the Other

    Type is an important element in determining the quality of a relationship. What other aspects affect how we relate to others? Join Ra in this one hour lecture on Type-for-Type connections.
  • PHS and Awakening the Body

    PHS and Awakening the Body

    Is there an approach to health and nutrition that works consistently? Discover how Primary Health System is the first step in transforming your body and optimizing your brain’s cognitive potential.
  • The 16 Orientations of Awakening

    The 16 Orientations of Awakening

    What if there was a way to understand humanity based on different aspects of Awareness? Discover the 16 variations of awakening through the variable consciousness field.
  • The 64 Material Ways

    The 64 Material Ways

    Is there a way to make money based on your design? Discover the 64 Money Gates and 9 “Profit Centers” in the BodyGraph, and learn to naturally attract wealth and well-being in your life.
  • Basic Edition — Rave New Year Forecast 2020

    Basic Edition — Rave New Year Forecast 2020

    What is the Rave New Year? Human Design offers unique insight into yearly cycles through the lens of planetary transits. Follow conditioning themes for 2020 to discover how planetary forces can impact your individual design, and how they will affect the world around you.
  • Split Definitions and Relationships

    Split Definitions and Relationships

    Anyone with a split definition is naturally inclined for relationships. Discover how split definitions are essential for teaching success in relationships.
Showing 1 to 6 (of 34 items)