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  • The Memory Network | RA1.8

    The Memory Network | RA1.8

    Ra takes a deeper look at the nature of memory as a support in living our Design by holding us together and giving us the potential to transform. This lesson gives a deeper understanding of how collective memory functions, and of the importance of memory in our lives.
    $29.00 $37.00
  • The Splenic Streams | RA1.9

    The Splenic Streams | RA1.9

    Streams are the bedrock of understanding the BodyGraph and its energy flow, and can give us a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. Ra looks at the influence of Individual, logical Collective, and Tribal Circuity.
    $29.00 $37.00
  • The Ajna Streams | RA1.10

    The Ajna Streams | RA1.10

    The BodyGraph’s Gates, Channels, and Streams are the limitations that lead to differentiation, and give each of us our unique style. Learn how to live out the full potential of your style.
    $29.00 $37.00
  • The Solar Plexus Streams | RA1.11

    The Solar Plexus Streams | RA1.11

    The Solar Plexus System is the emotional Authority of the majority of beings on the planet, and a great deal of distortion permeates its energy field. In this lesson, Ra uses the Solar Plexus Streams to illustrate the beauty of aware Emotionality.
    $29.00 $37.00
  • Type Sexual Signatures

    Type Sexual Signatures

    Ra reveals how honoring our Aura Type is the key to avoiding negative interaction, and to attaining our unique sexual potential by entering into intimacy correctly.
  • Sex and the Generator

    Sex and the Generator

    Learn how the Generator can engage in the most fulfilling sexual experience through the correct understanding and utilization of Sacral response.
Showing 19 to 24 (of 34 items)