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  • The Signature Question

    The Signature Question

    Do you experience anger, frustration, bitterness or disappointment? Explore the signposts for each of the 4 Aura Types’ Signatures. Learn how the simplicity of Strategy and Authority can transform your life.
  • Fallen Angels

    Fallen Angels

    Discover how Generators can change from frustration to satisfaction. Explore the power of surrender and tapping into your life force. Learn how generators dominate the frequency of the planet.
  • Manifestor Encore

    Manifestor Encore

    What does it mean to be a Manifestor in a time of great change? Learn the Type hierarchies. The role of the Manifestor in our evolutionary movement.
  • Projectors: A Clarion's Alert

    Projectors: A Clarion's Alert

    Why you are needed as a resource of information for the future. Learn why Projectors need to master systems. The ascendancy of the Projector and its role as guide and administrator.
  • The Truth about the Moon

    The Truth about the Moon

    How do you take in experiences? This is a process ruled by the Moon. Learn to be free from our mind’s interpretation of our experiences. How you can awaken and surrender to what it is to be you.
  • Distraction: The Great Deluder

    Distraction: The Great Deluder

    The mysteries and mechanics of the ‘Nodes of the Moon’. Learn how we are distracted from our lives into the delusions of the not-self. Why our specific environment establishes our quality of life.