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Each person has a unique way of achieving their material potential. Understanding your design from a material perspective is like reading a personal treasure map. The products recommended on this page show you how to actualize your potential for material success based on your unique design. 

  • Money - The Secret to Success on the Material Plane

    Money - The Secret to Success on the Material Plane

    Does your work bring you peace, satisfaction, success or surprise? What does it mean to be truly successful, and how do you get there?
  • The 64 Material Ways

    The 64 Material Ways

    Have you ever struggled financially? Discover the unique possibilities inherent in your design. Get that deeply fulfilled signature of doing work you not only enjoy but also love. Find out how to read your personal treasure map, and achieve your material potential.
  • Profiting from the Not-Self

    Profiting from the Not-Self

    How does the not-self get in the way of your material success? Learn how dealing with the not-self strategies of our open Centers transforms our lives. Take back your life and live your authenticity with ease.
  • The Money Game

    The Money Game

    What does it mean financially and economically that the ‘Cross of Planning’ is fading away? Explore how this change will affect the material world. Learn how you can gain mastery of the material plane.