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  • Being Right + Bonus

    Being Right + Bonus

    Limited-time offer | What does being “Right” mean? Join Ra in a thorough exploration of Right Variable, the 4 steps to transformation, and how to realize the true potential of differentiation and originality.
    $117.00 $224.00
  • Just About You Series

    Just About You Series

    Join Ra in exploring the Aura & Type connections, Open Centers, the Not-Self’s impact on shadow and relationships, and how to live with the Program without it having power over you.
    $147.00 $168.00
  • Mastering the Material Plane

    Mastering the Material Plane

    A comprehensive audio and video home-study package to help you discover money from a Human Design perspective and learn about your material success potential.
    $247.00 $321.00
  • Incarnation Crosses by Profile

    Incarnation Crosses by Profile

    This four-volume, 1200-page encyclopedia provides one of the most comprehensive explorations of the 192 Incarnation Crosses, Angles, and Profiles. Explore the quarters of Initiation, Civilization, Duality, and Mutation
    $247.00 $300.00
  • The Rave Cosmology Series

    The Rave Cosmology Series

    The Rave Cosmology Series is a collection of 7 Rave Cosmology courses taught by Ra Uru Hu. This 85+ hour series presents an in-depth elaboration of Ra's mystical teachings.
    $1,497.00 $2,079.00
  • The Personality Profile Lectures

    The Personality Profile Lectures

    Personality Profiles are derived from Lines of the I’Ching, and reveal the Roles we are each meant to fulfill. Discover how the 6 Lines and Color Motivations are guides to uniquely expressing Personality.
    $247.00 $329.00
  • The Wa Immersion | Complete Course

    The Wa Immersion | Complete Course

    This course is a comprehensive exploration of both fundamental and advanced aspects of the BodyGraph, examining Not-Self themes, DreamRave, cognitive potential, link Nodes, and the Penta’s conditioning force.
    $595.00 $695.00
  • The Rave History Package

    The Rave History Package

    History is marked with dates and events that were instrumental in shaping the world in which we live. Discover a different way of mapping out our past, and understanding it, through the Gates of the Rave Mandala.
    $347.00 $441.00
  • Primal Survival: The Splenic Center & Authority

    Primal Survival: The Splenic Center & Authority

    Have you ever wondered about your instincts and your fears? Have you ever gone against your instinct only for it to be revealed later that your inbuilt system was correct?
    $67.00 $76.00
  • Self-Projected: Guide to the G Center

    Self-Projected: Guide to the G Center

    Ra Uru Hu explores the G Center in depth, a valuable tool not just for Self-Projected Projectors but for anyone who wants to understand the function of this Center in their BodyGraph.
    $57.00 $76.00
  • Transit Forecast Yearly Package | Q3 2022 - Q2 2023

    Transit Forecast Yearly Package | Q3 2022 - Q2 2023

    NEW | Peter Schoeber’s Quarterly Transit Forecast yearly package offers a 12-month look at the planetary forces at work, their conditioning influence, and how to be prepared for their impact on our lives and the world.
    $127.00 $148.00
  • The Power of the Sacral Center

    The Power of the Sacral Center

    Understand the Generator Type and how to move from frustration to satisfaction, and discover the mechanics of the Sacral Center and how it dominates the frequency of the planet.
    $117.00 $140.00
Showing 1 to 12 (of 21 items)