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  • The Perfection of Being

    The Perfection of Being

    Do you ever wonder if something is ‘wrong’ with you? The perfection of your being is not measured against some outside standard. Embrace the process of learning to trust and be yourself.
  • The Dream State Revealed

    The Dream State Revealed

    Do you ever wonder what happens to you in the dream world, and after you wake? Learn how the components of the dream state work. Explore the 15-gated dream state mechanics.
  • Inner Authority - Sacral

    Inner Authority - Sacral

    Learn why responding to life moment to moment brings satisfaction. Explore the deeply spiritual nature of the Generator who trusts their responses to life.
  • Attraction and Resonance

    Attraction and Resonance

    Explore the basic duality of our genetic programming. Learn how our genes manipulate us to ensure the survival of our species. Why does our genetic imperative attract us to what we are not?
  • The Sub-structure: The Color

    The Sub-structure: The Color

    Color carries all the basic ingredients that determine our ability to survive. Learn how Color works on the Design and Personality side, and witness the not-self signposts that distort the mind.
  • The Mind: From Confusion to Tales

    The Mind: From Confusion to Tales

    Explore the abstract mental stream of awareness from the Head & Ajna to the Throat. Do you feel under pressure to make sense of the past? Learn the value of this process and how it leads to ideas, beliefs, and storytelling.
Showing 25 to 30 (of 32 items)