Peter Schoeber's Transit Forecast

Jovian is excited to collaborate with Peter Schoeber to bring you a quarterly transit forecast. Peter is a 3/5 emotional Generator who began exploring Human Design in 1992, has been a professional analyst and teacher since 1995, and offers IHDS education in German language. He has been working with transits for over 25 years and brings profound insight on the impact of planetary forces as they move through the Gates of the BodyGraph. Peter has been offering a quarterly transit forecast in German since 2013. Now, through Jovian, he is offering this forecast in English for the first time.

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  • Transit Forecast | Q2 2021

    Transit Forecast | Q2 2021

    NEW | Peter Schoeber’s Quarterly Transit Forecast offers a 3-month look at the planetary forces at work, their conditioning influence, and how to be prepared for their impact on our lives and the world.