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  • Radical Transformations

    Radical Transformations

    Strategy and Authority set the foundation for wellbeing, but how do we go deeper? Discover the radical changes that we can experience through the 4 Transformations.
  • The Life Force: The Channels

    The Life Force: The Channels

    In this 11-lesson course, Ra offers an in-depth examination of the 36 Channels as a quantum expression of the 64 Gates, for newcomers as well as long-time students of Human Design.
  • Projector Empowerment | Part I: Lectures

    Projector Empowerment | Part I: Lectures

    The Projector’s vulnerability to the conditioning field can prevent their success and lead to bitterness. Join Ra In this 4-part, 3-hour, in-depth lecture dedicated to Projector empowerment.
  • The 64 Material Ways

    The 64 Material Ways

    Your BodyGraph’s Guide to Financial Success — Learn to attract wealth and well-being into your life through your BodyGraph.
  • Design Concepts

    Design Concepts

    Your Next Step in Understanding the Fundamentals of Human Design | Key subjects include General Mechanics, Strategy & Authority, and how to live your Design.
  • Manifestor Manifesto

    Manifestor Manifesto

    We live in a world of Generators, but the 9% that are Manifestors have significant impact. Join Ra Uru Hu as he reveals how this unique type designed for initiating can navigate their challenges and find peace.
Showing 7 to 12 (of 25 items)