The Mechanics of the Maia - Angles & Profiles Series

The Mechanics of the Maia - Angles & Profiles Series
  • Discover everyone's role, costume, and behavior
  • Know yourself and understand others
  • Finally accept and recognize people for who they are
  • The key to understanding your true purpose
  • Available Immediately - No Shipping costs

Discover Everyone's Role, Costume, and Behavior.

Are you puzzled about why others act they way they do, or curious about why you interact with the world in certain ways?

Do you find yourself criticized for your behavior—or feeling bad about it?

Have you ever been accused, for example, of being too self-absorbed, reclusive, or overly friendly and told that you should be different?

"Profiles & Angles are key to understanding your true purpose." 

"This series not only helped me deepen my own understanding of profiles from a technical perspective but more than that, it helped me appreciate the uniqueness of others by giving a guided tour of the entire closet of mythological costumes." Chaitanya FX

"I am just writing my November Newsletter about my experience healing a decision I made 34 years ago that was not in my nature and against my Human Design. It had to do with my profile. Healing blew me away. I love the coincidence!" Vera Novak

Imagine all you had to do was watch a half-hour video on the role you you're here to play and suddenly it clicked: what could be more meaningful than being you and playing this role?

Confusion and doubt arising from misunderstandings with others can be a tremendous cause of struggle in any interaction, in both your personal and professional relationships.

Being confounded by the questions of how to relate to others and how they relate to you doesn't have to cause you pain and insecurity—not anymore.

In “The Mechanics of the Maia - Angles & Profiles” you’ll not only discover your Costume, but learn about the Roles and Behaviors of others.

People from all over the world are talking about how understanding Profiles has helped them. Here are some more recent comments from Human Designers like you and me:

"When I started my process as a 6/2 profile I heard Ra say that I am here to regain my trust and my thoughts were "yeah right", and over the years as I experimented with S&A I found how true that was. Not the trust in other people, but I regained trust in my gut feeling and my spleen, I began to notice how my body 'knew' things ahead of me and I saw that Life was truly an ally, life is my friend in all this." Felicitas Driessen

"Watching profile 'in action' as an overlaying mechanic in the lives of others, and in my own life, has been a journey of observation that I'm still immersed in. I find that the distinct differences in profile can be both subtle and astounding. As all things Human Design, it's an 'undeniable mechanic'! It took me a while to 'see' my own 5/1 profile, and the ongoing investigation into how it is operating, continues to be a marvel for me." Abbey Jennings

"Knowing my profile and the ones of my friends has helped me (6/2) immensely in understanding how I misunderstood the other's 'messages', which turned out to be not a message for me but rather just how they operate. One in particular, a 5/1 (like RA) acted exactly as RA said a 5/1 would do!! It was so cool to be able to follow and figure out what was happening!!" Mary Ruth

Frustration, bitterness, anger, and disappointment are signs of resistance that not only show up when you are not operating in alignment with your true nature, but when others don’t “get” you because you don’t yet fully understand yourself.

Shame, blame, guilt, and fear can cause you to avoid being yourself and doing what is natural to you while you try to behave how you think you should according to the conditioning you experience throughout life. Sometimes it’s enough to make you want to run and start over somewhere new!

Watching the entire video series will provide you with the key to understanding and finally “getting” your own role as well as others’ actions in the world. Whether you’re interested in Human Design personally or professionally, understanding Profiles offers you highly valuable insights into yourself and others.

In “Mechanics of the Maia - Angles & Profiles” you get in-depth descriptions, by the founder of the Human Design System, on all 12 Profiles and 3 Angles.

That’s 7 and a half hours of educational videos spread across 15 lessons, available to you immediately and at any time!

"Before The Human Design System This Information Wasn't Available"

It took Ra Uru Hu 22 years to perfect the way he delivered this information, ultimately leading to the creation of these incredibly helpful videos.

"As a 3/5 learning about my Profile I finally got things about myself that I'd heard others complain about or that I'd been banging my head against the wall about for years. After getting over the initial Martyr reaction (why me?!) I began to fall in love with the beauty of my authentic Self. Understanding my Profile helped to dispel the near lifelong feeling I’d had that there was something terribly wrong with me.

I bought the entire Profile series a few years ago to help me with my understanding of others and it has been a tremendous resource for me as a Human Design Guide and as a Professional Analyst student. I highly recommend this knowledge to anyone who is seriously studying Human Design and wants to deepen their grasp of the system." Andrea Abay-Abay

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Products included in this special offer

  • The 6/3 Profile

    The 6/3 Profile

    Learn why this Profile goes through a difficult and at times chaotic period during the first 30 years of life. There can be great wisdom in a 6th line role model, because it never stops making discoveries.
  • The 6/2 Profile

    The 6/2 Profile

    Learn how the 6th line goes through a three-stage maturation process, and about the distinctly different qualities of each stage Why the 6/2 is a unique role model of living naturally as themselves.
  • The 5/2 Profile

    The 5/2 Profile

    The 5/2 is a natural from its 2nd line unconscious and is projected on with its 5th line personality. Learn how to manage the projection field and recognize the right call to externalize your natural gifts.
  • The 5/1 Profile

    The 5/1 Profile

    The 5th line has the gift of being able to universalize to strangers while living in the projection field. How to establish a firm foundation from their 1st line unconscious in order to offer practical solutions.
  • The 4/1 Profile

    The 4/1 Profile

    Learn the unique geometry of “fixed fate.” How does the investigator support the 4th line personality? Learn how they influence those they know in a uniquely fixed way.
  • The 4/6 Profile

    The 4/6 Profile

    Discover how the 4th-line opportunist personality is here to influence and externalize to those they know, and how the 6th-line body goes through its unique three-part life process.
  • The 3/6 Profile

    The 3/6 Profile

    Explore how the 3rd-line theme of trial and error creates resilience. Learn about the 6th-line role model and its potential for wisdom as it moves through its three-part life process.
  • The 3/5 Profile

    The 3/5 Profile

    The 3rd line is the ability to discover, adapt, and survive through a “trial and error” process. Learn how the 5th line is pulling a strong projection from others, which can have a far-reaching influence in the world.
  • The 2/5 Profile

    The 2/5 Profile

    Explore how the Projection field greatly impacts this profile. Learn how aloneness enriches the 2nd line’s natural talent and understand the seductive power of the 5th line, and the importance of practicality & reputation.
  • The 2/4 Profile

    The 2/4 Profile

    The 2nd line needs to be called out for its natural talents. Through the 4th-line network, it can find opportunities to share its gifts. Learn why this profile has great power as a “missionary.”
  • The 1/4 Profile

    The 1/4 Profile

    While the 1st line is making sure its foundation is solid, the 4th line is waiting for the right opportunity to share with others. Here to have great influence and impact on people within their network.
  • The 1/3 Profile

    The 1/3 Profile

    Investigator - Martyr Introspection - Adaptation. A self-absorbed profile that seeks a solid foundation before feeling secure. Exploring life through trial and error offers wisdom of what does and does not work.
  • The Left Angle

    The Left Angle

    Profiles: 5/1, 5/2, 6/2 and 6/3. The Geometry of Transpersonal Destiny. Discover why purpose is fulfilled through connection with others, and learn about the 5th and 6th lines’ roles in transpersonal karma.
  • Juxtaposition


    The Unique Geometry of Fixed Fate: Understand how the 4/1 Profile has a unique purpose to bridge the Left & Right Angle Profiles.
  • The Right Angle

    The Right Angle

    The Geometry of Personal Destiny. Learn why being self-absorbed in your own process supports your purpose, and explore how personal destiny has the potential to transform the whole.
  • Discover everyone's role, costume, and behavior
  • Know yourself and understand others
  • Finally accept and recognize people for who they are
  • The key to understanding your true purpose
  • Available Immediately - No Shipping costs