The Gates of Melancholy + The Gates of Fear

The Gates of Melancholy + The Gates of Fear

You can purchase The Gates of Melancholy along with The Gates of Fear at a special rate under this limited-time offer.


The Gates of Melancholy

Feelings such as Melancholy and Sadness are often interpreted as a sign that something is wrong. This can lead to looking for reasons or seeking out professional help for ways to fix those feelings. But what if experiencing these feelings serves a greater purpose?

In Human Design, melancholy is the result of the chemistry that comes with Individual Circuitry. Because Individual Gates and Channels dominate the BodyGraph, humanity has a great potential for experiencing personal transformation — as well as a potential for depression from the states of sadness that are regularly experienced.

Join Ra in this recently released 2-hour audio as he discusses the topics of melancholy and creativity in the context of every Gate and Channel in the Individual Circuits of the Bodygraph. Discover how we can fully realize our potential for creative transformation.


  • Explore the 22 Gates of Melancholy
  • Learn which Center has the most potential for depression
  • Investigate the 3 different Individual Circuits and their unique themes of melancholy
  • Understand the difference between experiencing Melancholy through a Gate vs a whole Channel

The Gates of Fear

Fear is a primal response, one that is instinctive and often beyond reason or understanding. When faced with sudden threat, our bodies react to fear by going into protection mode — what some refer to as “fight or flight” — by releasing adrenaline and increasing heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate. This deep and ancient fear goes back to a time before we were human, and these physical responses have aided us in fighting what threatened us, or in running away.

But as we evolved, so did other types of fear — more subtle and more lingering, such as mental anxiety over futility or chaos. These fears don’t trigger an immediate bodily response, but rather may lurk at the edges of our thoughts during the day and lead to sleepless nights.

Whether we experience fear as an immediate threat or a lingering concern, it is an unpleasant feeling. Certainly fear can be useful, warning us of a threat to our survival. But fear can also take over our lives in a way that seems to have no useful purpose, robbing us of our focus and peace of mind, and leading to feelings of helplessness.

Such unpleasant feelings can make us believe we must be doing something wrong, or fear wouldn’t be so overwhelming. But, as Ra Uru Hu says, no human being is free of fear, fear is simply part of the human process. In this new release, The Gates of Fear, Ra expands upon the different types of fear, and how they operate.

We get to look at the nature of fear through the Fear Gates found in the Spleen, Ajna and Solar Plexus. These three Centers hold fears that are of the body, of the mind, or emotional, and for each there are specific approaches to recognizing and managing these fears.

As Ra explores the nature of each type of fear, it becomes clear that fears can be debilitating when approached through the Not-Self; but they actually benefit us if we rely on our Strategy. When we are living out our nature, fears attune us to greater potential in ourselves and others, and inform our expanding and evolving awareness.

What would it mean if you could transform your relationship with fear in a way that was true to your Design? To find out, consider taking advantage of this limited-time offer which includes The Gates of Fear, a newly released one-hour audio plus eBook transcript (here's an excerpt).

Discover what changes for you when you understand fear as an element of your journey as a human being living out your Design.

“By being the student that is there in your Definition, by not being the Not-Self, whatever aspect you carry within you is going to operate correctly. It is not about being overwhelmed by such a fear, but about being enriched by its capacities.” — Ra Uru Hu, The Gates of Fear

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  • The Gates of Melancholy

    The Gates of Melancholy

    Limited-time discount | Everyone has mutative potential. Discover how melancholy from Gates and Channels of the Individual Circuitry can bring transformation through creative endeavours.
    $47.00 $97.00
  • The Gates of Fear

    The Gates of Fear

    NEW | Fear is a part of our human process. Gain insight into the potential for awareness found within the different types of fear by understanding the Gates of Fear within the Spleen, Ajna and Solar Plexus Centers.
    $27.00 $37.00

You can purchase The Gates of Melancholy along with The Gates of Fear at a special rate under this limited-time offer.