The DreamRave


What does Human Design say about our Dreams?

We spend about a third of our lives asleep. Dream Interpretation and the role of nighttime dreams are viewed quite differently in the Human Design System from how they are portrayed in mainstream science of dream interpretation.

Standard Dream Theory

Most people interested in dreams have heard of Jungian dream theory, which states that dreams reveal more than they conceal. Carl Jung rejected Sigmund Freud’s dream theory interpretation—Freud believed dreams were mainly a product of discharging sexual (tabooed) impulses. He maintained that our dreams held important clues to be interpreted for insight into how our minds think.

 width=The Human Design System’s DreamRave Design

Unlike Jung and Freud's theories, Human Design's DreamRave element is not about teaching us how to interpret our dreams for personal meaning. DreamRave is also not dependent on us remembering or not what happened.

The DreamRave knowledge is yet another compelling aspect of the Human Design System that is astounding in its accuracy. Your DreamRave chart identifies your sleeping design to provide you with valuable data about why you dream what you do. The insights into what Ra called the "Night Forces" can be quite profound and hard to swallow as not being personal if you've spent a lifetime identifying with your dreams as “yours.”

Another tool to help you become empowered in your life, your DreamRave gives you data about your nighttime illusions the way no other system can. Created from the same data that calculates your waking Human Design, your DreamRave illustrates the thematics of the conditioning you receive from the neutrino program while you sleep. Your DreamRave chart can show you what's holding you back from being empowered in your waking life—something you cannot see from your regular or even Advanced Human Design Chart.

Your DreamRave may have an area of pressure called a "weak point." Some people have a weak point in their sleeping Design. A weak point shows where you are vulnerable, susceptible to certain influences that are not you. When your DreamRave Gates are bridging Gates in your waking Design, they represent areas of weakness that can filter into daytime awareness. If you are not aware of this, these areas can cause you to make decisions that are not in alignment with your true nature. Strategy and Authority are your protection from the weak point.

For example: Say Gate 50 would bridge your waking Design’s split definition (two areas of colored in centers separated from each other) as Gate 27 is hanging in your defined sacral center. Now imagine in your DreamRave Chart, Gate 27 is not there but Gate 50 is—then Gate 50 would be the deepest area of weakness for you. Together gates 27-50 create the Channel of Preservation, having nothing to do with sex in the waking Design—but in the sleeping, mammalian-like Design, it governs reproduction. So you might have dreams with fearful, sometimes sexual themes.

The DreamRave can show you what’s holding you back from living your design. Let’s change the example above slightly—say you have both gates 27 and 50 (the Channel of Preservation) during sleep but your Human Design chart does not have that channel defined, and your authority is Solar Plexus. The dilemma here is that you might be deeply conditioned to behave in a Splenic (spontaneous) way, rather than cultivating the patience necessary in decision-making as an Emotional being.

The understanding derived through your DreamRave can bring relief from the confusion that identifying with those dreams can bring. 

The Design of a Dreamer

"What happens to us when we go to sleep? We change."  Ra Uru Hu

Everyone has a unique DreamRave design that differs from their waking Human Design. When you compare the two, you can immediately see the contrast.

Also, you'll notice that the Design of a dreamer is much simpler. The Head, Ajna, Ego and Solar Plexus centers are switched off when we sleep. So your DreamRave appears as a 5-Centered Design, as opposed to 9-Centered, with just 15 Gates instead of the usual 64. For these reasons, many people often see a Type change between their waking and sleeping designs.

Take a look at the statistics of Type by DreamRave:

  • Generator: 16.64%
  • Manifesting Generator: 0.72%
  • Manifestor: 0.16%
  • Projector: 14.93%
  • Reflector: 67.56% 

The benefits of understanding your DreamRave

“What you get in the dream can poison your waking consciousness.”  Ra Uru Hu

People who have delved into their DreamRave report increased ability to notice the conditioning pressures at night. By understanding the dynamics at work, you are less likely to be held in the thrall of night time conditioning.

Many people who have experimented with implementing a strict routine of following their Primary Health System with their first meal of the day have also found tremendous benefits in terms of increased awareness and ability to follow their Strategy and Authority.

Going to sleep correctly for your Type and sleeping in your own aura prepares you to enter into the dream state so that what you can take from it is of value to you.

DreamRave study is a powerful and rewarding way of analyzing dreams that can empower you to let go of what isn't your authentic waking truth.


One of the things to grasp about the waking state is that the only way one can maintain one’s correctness is you have to follow that Strategy and Authority, the decision making process from the moment you awaken until the moment that you lie down.

In that way, whatever the dream programming is, this is not something that is conditioning you. You are a vehicle of it, it moves through you as everything else, but it does not have to have a hold on you.

It does not become part of the layers and layers and layers of homogenization. And you can only break with that by operating correctly in the awakened state.

~ Ra Uru Hu


We hope you enjoyed this introduction to the Human Design DreamRave. We have a very special offer available soon for those of you who would like to delve into the realms of what Ra called the DreamScape. DreamRave knowledge offers us keynotes for each of the Gates, categorized into three groups; the Light Field, the Demon Realm, and the Earth Plane. Discovering your dreamscape and the persona you don at night helps you comprehend the depth of your nighttime conditioning. With DreamRave, you can see how these influences affect you while you sleep. The residual imprints on your consciousness when you awaken can be understood through this knowledge.

If you have the Maia Mechanics Imaging Software, here’s where to buy our Human Design DreamRave extension. Also If you would like a DreamRave chart for self-study of our Human Design home-study DreamRave courses, find all certified DreamRave Analysts here and contact one to inquire about a professional DreamRave reading.

Andrea Abay-Abay

Andrea Abay-Abay, a 3/5 Emotional Projector on the Cross of Contagion, enjoys sharing her discoveries and feelings as a creative role model.


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