The Mechanics of Death


In the knowledge that I received in 1987, a great deal of information was given about the nature of being—Rave Cosmology—and the way in which consciousness formed and moved and was directed; how the incarnation of consciousness onto this plane, and into this form principle, took place.

I was given the design, or the mechanics, of the various forms: the forms of bio-life, inanimate forms and trans-auric forms. I was also given something else, which was the knowledge about the mechanics of death.

Death is a touchy subject for humans. Given our self-reflected consciousness, we are deeply aware of its potential very early in life, and carry that awareness with us throughout our lives. There are so many taboos associated with death in the various cultures throughout the world because it’s something that we have difficulty dealing with.

My mother is 93 years old and she is weakening. And I guess that fact, in and of itself, reminds me of how important it is to mention the mechanics of dying, the mechanics of death itself.

The Design Crystal

In terms of Human Design, when you start your life in the womb, you start with the design crystal and its magnetic monopole. The design crystal filters the neutrino stream, and in that filtering it begins the process of constructing the bio-chemical vehicle that the personality ultimately is going to reside in. According to Human Design, 88 degrees of the Sun before your birth, about 88 or 89 days before your actual birth date, the personality crystal is called by the magnetic monopole of the fetus into the vehicle, and you go through your life.

When the biological life comes to an end, the design crystal that resides in the ajna center drops down into the G center and bonds again with the magnetic monopole. Through the central channel system that we call the individual channels running down through the center—the 2/14, the 3/60—the design crystal and magnetic monopole drive down and leave the body, and return to the design crystal bundle within the mantle of the Earth.

The Personality Crystal

In that moment we have what is called biological death. There is no longer a design crystal connecting the consciousness field to the organic potential of the body, there is no monopole to hold it in place and give it its geometry to coordinate its existence. And yet, there is still flesh, there are still neurons left that are firing and remnants of oxygen in the brain. And there is still the personality crystal, which does not leave the body at death; it leaves the body through stages. These stages traditionally have been known as Bardo stages.

When I was in Germany several years ago, I gave a course on the mechanics of death and dying in order to lay out the actual mechanical steps, the actual Bardo sequences. But what’s really significant and what I want to talk about today is that lingering personality crystal. The Earth has a crystal polarity; We have a vast design bundle crystal in the center of the Earth, and we have a consciousness field of personality crystals that surround the Earth.

The personality crystal field that surrounds the Earth is made up of tens of millions of bundles of crystals, each with innumerable numbers of crystals. The personality crystal of someone who has gone beyond biological death is waiting to be picked up. And yet, so few actually are.

72 Hours

The reality is that it takes up to 72 hours for the crystal to be able to return to its proper place. That is, 72 hours in which the human body is not disturbed in anyway—no autopsy, no removing of organs, no placing of the body beneath the ground. Three days, oh, I know that it’s difficult, but we no longer live in the age of fire. Most concepts of immediate burial arose out of countries that were very hot. You couldn’t leave bodies for days because to do so was to bring disease and plague, and so forth.

But that’s simply not the age that we live in now. It’s something very important to keep in mind: there is a correct way to be in the world, and there is a correct way to leave the world. If you have to deal with the death of loved ones, of friends, of family, it is something to keep in mind. Give the body at least 72 hours; give that personality crystal an opportunity to return to its source. There truly is a correct way to leave the vehicle, and it makes a difference.

Ra Uru Hu

Ra Uru Hu was the Human Design System’s founder and messenger. Ra dedicated 25 years of his life to the development and teaching of the System around the world until he passed away in 2011.


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