You ever see a cat toy with a mouse? It’s not a pretty sight, but it's an evolutionary mechanism to make sure the stomach of the cat produces exactly the right mixture in order to digest its prey.

One of the most extraordinary things about the knowledge of Human Design is understanding that each of us have a unique way in which we are designed to take nutrition into our body.

There are specific conditions or circumstances for each being to make sure the nourishment you take into your body serves you to the optimum by providing you with all the essential ingredients you need to maintain the possibility of your differentiation.

It is a wonderful thing to enter into the experiment of Human Design, to enter into the experiment of making decisions beyond the mind through your unique Strategy and Authority. But the process of differentiation, the process of fulfilling your purpose and potential on this plane, depends on the perfection of your form.

Each of us have a way that is very specific to us to treat our forms correctly; it is part of what provides us with the foundation for our uniqueness, both in the way we live our lives and the way in which our intellectual, our mental apparatus, operates.

In Human Design we have something called PHS, Primary Health System, and it provides anyone with the map to the correct way to take sustenance into the body.

Don't be fooled by concepts around this kind of food and that kind of food, good food, bad food, diets, all of that. That is the not-self way, the homogenized path to a body that doesn’t function correctly.

You have a design, and inherent in your design is a pathway to nourishing yourself correctly. Find out, it's important for you.

Ra Uru Hu

Ra Uru Hu was the Human Design System’s founder and messenger. Ra dedicated 25 years of his life to the development and teaching of the System around the world until he passed away in 2011.


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