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  • The Voice
    Ra Uru Hu General

    The Voice

    The Voice for me—and again, I assume as we move along I will talk about some of these things because they‘re pertinent—the Voice was very powerful.

  • Lines Live Through the Holistic Life
    Ra Uru Hu General

    Lines Live Through the Holistic Life

    Everything to understand about these Lines is to understand it in the context of an audition, where you’re going to audition for a part in a film.

  • Sequencing Larger Cycles
    Ra Uru Hu 2027 and Global Cycles

    Sequencing Larger Cycles

    I was given a lot of information about many things, but larger cycles have always fascinated me the most. I’m much more interested in the organic whole or in large components of the organic whole than I am with the individual.

  • Aloneness
    Ra Uru Hu The Four Transformations


    What it begins with is aloneness. Aloneness isn’t something that you’re educated to and I think that aloneness is something that is so important in this process.

  • Insects
    Ra Uru Hu The Design of Forms


    The thing that's so incredible about the insect world, is that they are so unbelievably existential. I mean, it would shame Buddha...

  • Plants
    Ra Uru Hu The Design of Forms


    The thing that's fascinating to me is the possibility that is there for us to benefit from our relationship with plants in an entirely new way.

Showing 7 to 12 (of 155 items)