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  • The Truth about the Moon

    The Truth about the Moon

    How do you take in experiences? This is a process ruled by the Moon. Learn to be free from our mind’s interpretation of our experiences. How you can awaken and surrender to what it is to be you.
  • Triple Split Definition

    Triple Split Definition

    Learn about the strongest conditioning force for Triple Splits. What does it mean to have three different parts working autonomously with their own agenda? Why are others important for triple-splits?
  • What is Happening?

    What is Happening?

    What happens when the mind is freed from decision-making? Explore the gifts of passenger consciousness and the sharing of ‘outer authority’. Learn about the post-Kiron flowering period.
  • Where are You?

    Where are You?

    At approximately 30 years of age, you begin your true journey as yourself. When does your Incarnation Cross take over? Learn why the correct environment becomes a key in your life.
  • Who is in Charge?

    Who is in Charge?

    The key question for transformation: What would happen if the mind was freed of making decisions? Learn how the mind makes decisions based on our openness. Why our openness or “not-self” wants to be in charge.
Showing 97 to 101 (of 101 items)