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There are four different kinds of human beings on this planet. Manifestor, Generator, Projector, and Reflector. These names were given to describe the essence of the Aura Types and the way these four different types of humans operate.

The Aura IS you.

How you function in the world is based upon this one essential quality that you cannot control, and that is, the way your Aura operates.

There is a way for each Type to function correctly.

Manifestors practice the art of Initiating - considering the impact of their decisions and informing those others who are impacted so that peace is experienced in their world.

Generators practice the art of Responding - waiting for that unmistakable response of their sacral center that knows what it can commit to and when to find satisfaction in doing.

Reflectors practice the art of Sampling - patiently waiting while sampling different people and environments throughout the moon's cycle to make a decision, and experiencing the surprise in life.

In this article, I want to discuss the art of being a Projector.

That art is the Art of Recognizing.

Like all of the Arts, the key to perfecting is to practice. And in Human Design, we all have in common something to practice.

Do you know what that something is? Yup, you guessed it. Following our Strategy and Authority.

For adult Projectors, this is one of the most difficult things for us to do.

Because we are designed to be conditioned, and our waiting is primarily about the big things in life - it takes a focused determination and dedication to live our designs. As much as we've worked on ourselves and studied every system on the planet, it really takes seven years of deconditioning to live life as ourselves. Cellular renewal takes time.

Projectors are very complex beings, with so many different arrangements of possible definitions that can combine to make us who we are in the world. Being the “youngest” or “newest” of the Types, as we only started appearing on this planet in 1781, we are here for a very particular purpose.

We are here to Guide. Recognizing what guidance and when by waiting for the invitation and checking with our Authority first, protects us from the deep bitterness that we experience when we act prematurely and are failed to be properly recognized for our gifts.

A Projector’s Aura is the only one that penetrates into the core of the other, and in this way regularly exposes itself to the deepest kind of conditioning. Within this functioning lies the source of our Projector gift - to recognize how energy should be applied.

This gift of Recognition moves in two directions. Not only are Projectors gifted with the ability to recognize, we are given attributes that are designed to be recognized. We are magnetic beings, designed to attract attention. It is the frequency of our Aura that draws someone who sees and recognizes us for the particular qualities we carry and thereby invite our guidance into their lives.In fulfilling that recognition, we find our signature of success.

When we are operating correctly, we'll be recognized  correctly and find that success. How do you know when you are operating correctly?

The key for a Projector to find success in life is to have a mastery of a system. In Human Design, it is important for you to recognize the “signposts” or clues that you are either on or off your path to fulfillment.

Are you consistently feeling bitterness or success?

Do you know what your motivation is or the signs of transference?

Are you watching for the signposts of your mind's control over your decision-making process?

These are tools Human Design made available to us that are invaluable for informing our Projector process of Awakening to our true nature.

The trouble with most adult Projectors is, we have been deeply homogenized and conditioned from birth. Highly susceptible to the pressures to act like the Manifestors or Generators that our parents wanted us to be, we don’t know how to let go of all that and allow ourselves to be Projectors.

So how do you "be" a Projector? Many of us are deeply enmeshed in a life we are not well suited for, on the edge of exhaustion and burnout, bitter about the jobs, mortgages and commitments that drain us. How do we live our designs?

It all comes back to Strategy and Authority. Only you can take this journey, when you are ready, and you take it alone. As Projectors, we need to learn to wait for the recognition that we are designed for.

Projectors have the gift of being able to master systems, and are perfectly equipped to Guide in accordance with the particular characteristics unique to their chart. So it follows that Human Design would be an excellent system to master for those Projectors who are invited and follow their authority to study it.

As a Projector, I downsized my lifestyle and let go of everything extraneous to study Human Design. Why? Because I recognized it as an accurate, powerful and practical system that  helps people to realize their unique potential. I hope to develop a mastery of Human Design because I’ve tested it and found it to be correct for me. I know it to be rewarding, revitalizing and renewing.  I see the hope it's brought to myself and the people I know who've experimented with it, and I want to share that hope with the world.

As Projectors, we are recognized, of all the Types, to need to study more than anyone else. That's why Jovian Archive offers an endowment for Projectors to get a discount on products that we feel give you the benefit of information you most need to know.

There is no one more needed to be awake and aware than the Projector, as the guides of our energy.

Projector or not, I invite you all to begin or continue your study of Human Design in earnest, to share this knowledge with those who are ready to live out their true nature.

Everyone deserves a chance to live out their uniqueness. Regardless of Type, Human Design shows us the way home, to perfect “The Art of Being" ourselves.

Andrea Abay-Abay

Andrea Abay-Abay, a 3/5 Emotional Projector on the Cross of Contagion, enjoys sharing her discoveries and feelings as a creative role model.


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