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  • You and Love/Sex/Friendship

    You and Love/Sex/Friendship

    How can we experience fulfilling love, sex and relationships? Join Ra for this new release, and discover how to free yourself of conditioning influences and remain uniquely yourself in relationships.
  • Sex and the Generator

    Sex and the Generator

    Generators (70% of population) are a great energetic force that conditions how we experience sexuality. Discover the impact this has on your life.
  • Type Sexual Signatures

    Type Sexual Signatures

    Discover your potential for sexual fulfillment. In this lecture, Ra Uru Hu humorously reveals how we are each capable of achieving a sense of well-being in our sex lives based on the nature of our Type.
  • The History and Future of Unrequited Love

    The History and Future of Unrequited Love

    Join Ra as he explores notions of love through themes of tribal support, mutation and Individuality, and desire.
  • Neo-Narcissism


    NEW | Rules ensuring survival of the tribe have dominated our developmental process as a species. Now that approach is coming to an end. Join Ra in exploring the relationship between living correctly and self-love.
  • Conditioning, Love, Mind

    Conditioning, Love, Mind

    Is wholeness only achieved through others? Join Ra as he discusses how Mind affects the potential well being of each Type as individuals and in relationships.
Showing 7 to 12 (of 13 items)