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  • Basics for Beginners

    Basics for Beginners

    A thorough introduction to Human Design, includes: The basics of the BodyGraph. The Four Types & Major Inner Authorities.
  • Being Right

    Being Right

    What does being “Right” mean? Join Ra in a thorough exploration of Right Variable, and how it determines the 4 steps to transforming the Brain, Body, Perspective and Awareness.
  • Cognitive Architecture & Transference | Day 3

    Cognitive Architecture & Transference | Day 3

    Each of us is designed to view the world in one of six ways. Ra explores how the mind is motivated to conceptualize, and how to live a balanced life by recognizing when transference distracts us.
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  • Conditioning, Love, Mind

    Conditioning, Love, Mind

    Is wholeness only achieved through others? Join Ra as he discusses how Mind affects the potential well being of each Type as individuals and in relationships.
  • Death & Bardo

    Death & Bardo

    The body and Personality go through different processes at the end of life. Learn about the stages of death and Bardo that can be mapped with a Chart created at death.
  • Design Concepts

    Design Concepts

    Your Next Step in Understanding the Fundamentals of Human Design | Key subjects include General Mechanics, Strategy & Authority, and how to live your Design.
Showing 13 to 18 (of 185 items)